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Sochina - Episode 24


Sochina - Episode 24

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE doorbell rang and Sochima ran to answer it, well it was the visitors they were expecting

Fred, and his parents were at the door, and they were ushered in

Mr Chike had already been informed of the latest news by his wife, and he had rushed home instantly

As soon as the visitors entered, they settled down on the sofa, and the matter was brought up

"Sarah?", Vera called

"Yes dear, why the urgent call?", she asked turning to Fred

He had been worried at the instant Sarah called, and he instantly knew all wasn't well
Though he couldn't place his hands on it

Vera sighed and folded her hands
"Well, it's about Annette. She's with a child for your son"

"What!", the visitors screamed at the same time, looking at each other

Fred couldn't hold it anymore, he got up and walked towards Annette's room

"When was that? I mean how?", she heard his mom asked

"This is serious", his father, Dr Kingsley chipped in

Mr Chike sighed and looked at all present
"I'm surprised at the news myself, this matter is a very delicate one and that's why we decided to inform you as soon as possible", he said

"We need to put our heads together and find out what to do", Vera said

They all nodded in agreement, delay was dangerous

Fred used his fingers and poked into his ears, the words coming from the sitting room were irritating to his ears

He knocked on the door to her room and opened it
He saw her sitted on the bed crying, he sighed and walked up to her

She looked frail and tired, her hair was disheveled in no good condition, her mood was too bad, he was sad

"I heard the news dear", he said as he sat beside her

She raised her head and saw Fred sitting beside her
He tilted his head and nodded

"And I must say I'm sorry", he wrapped his arms around her

"This is no good news, I'm still very young what am I gonna do now?", she asked

"I understand your plight, it's okay"

She shook her head in side ways
"No you don't, you don't. I'm the one pregnant here", she cried

"Stop this, when you say such words it looks like...... you're the only one involved or the only person affected, I'm also affected and I do understand your plight"

She cried the more
"We were careless, yes, we were too careless", she said

He shook his head
"Don't say that, don't"

"But it's the truth, we were careless and I was naive. I was so stupid to have done that"

"Oh come on stop saying trash, stop", he took her hands in his and looked into her eyes, "Anne, you weren't stupid to have done that, you were brave I must say, to have given me your virginity out of wedlock and out of love, that was bravery and I commend you for that", he nodded, "yes I do"

She looked at him, she was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe what he has just said, she had had a different thought about him already
She really loved him for this

She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him

"Thank you so much, thanks for.....for believing in me"

He smiled
"It's what I owe you", he caressed her cheek, "you don't deserve to suffer, we should share the pains..... together"

She looked at him, surprised
She shook her head, was she dreaming?
The tears flowed

He brought out his face napkin and cleaned it off
"It's okay, stop crying so you won't stress our baby"

Does he mean he had already accepted it?
She looked at him inquiringly

He winked
"Sure, it's our life, it needs us", he placed his hand on hers

She bowed her head
"Thank you very much Fred, I really love you and I was scared you would leave when you hear I'm with a child"

Fred was shocked, he laughed to wave it off
"Am I such an ingrate? I just hope our parents understands us"

She cleaned her eyes
"What were they saying?"

He waved his head
"Well, I wasn't paying attention, the news was shocking for me to"

She rolled her eyes

"But I have no other option, well yes we were careless, but that doesn't change anything or the fact that I love you"

She smiled
"Thank you"

Then a knock on the door interrupted them, it was Sochima

"It's Sochima big sis", she said

"Come in", Fred said wrapping his arms around Annette's shoulders

Sochima opened the door and went in

"Sorry to have disturbed you, well, I was asked to send for the both of you, in the sitting room now", and she turned and left

Fred turned to look at Annette
"Hope you aren't scared?"

"I'm only scared of my dad"

He smiled
"I'm here don't worry, it's gonna be fine. Now up", he stood up and helped her get to her feet

Then they walked to the sitting room, their parents were putting on gloomy faces

They walked to the empty sofa and sat
"You sent for us", Fred said

Mr Chike cleared his throat
"Yes we did. It's just so shocking that what you should have prevented had happened, and that's why we sent for your parents. Anyways, we've discussed this issue and had come up with a plan"

Everyone listened with rapt attention

"This is pregnancy, and we can't go for an abortion", Vera, Annette's mom took over, "we're strong christians and so, we abhor it. But before we say anything do you have anything to say?"

Fred nodded
"Well all I have to say on behalf of Annette and I is that, we're very sorry. Very sorry for our carelessness"

They all nodded
"Well son, it's okay", his father said, "just as mummy Annette here has said, abortion is out of the way"

Annette made a face. Who would even go for that? She's so scared

"And so for that reason, Annette has to drop out of school, have the baby and look after it properly before proceeding back to school again", Sarah said

"Well the main issue here is that, we your parents have looked into the matter and have come up with a plan. Annette can't have the baby still in her father's house, the both of you will be getting married"



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