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Sochina - Episode 23


Sochina - Episode 23

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

ANNETTE stood in her position stunned and shocked, hospital?
But who told her she's sick? She looked at Sochima

"Mom....mom wait", she called her mother who was already opening the door to move outside
Her mother turned to her


Annette sighed
"But I didn't remember telling you I'm sick or something, why hospital then?"

Vera didn't utter a word, she just looked at her and went outside
Sochima followed

Now she knew she has no say, she just had to go with them, she reluctantly went outside and joined them in the car

Annette, her mother and sister sat in the doctor's office as they waited for the results

They had arrived earlier and had the doctor take her blood for test, now they're waiting for it

The doctor opened the files on the table and fished out the result
He looked into it and suddenly his face losed it's colour

The three of them sat tenterhooked, what was wrong?

"Doctor? What's the problem please", Vera said, "tell us"

The doctor sighed and looked at her
"I'm sorry to say this ma'am"

For the first time since her bad feelings saga, Annette was scared
Sorry? What was the problem? Hope it wasn't a big deal at that?

Vera looked down
"Is it something big that we can't solve?", she asked

"Well, it's just that your daughter here is two months and a week gone, she's pregnant"


They got home all petrified and shocked at the news, tears filled Annette's eyes, what was she gonna do now?

She flopped herself on the sofa and cried
No wonder she hadn't seen her period for the past months, and she had kept mute about it, thinking it was nothing

She covered her face in agony and cried

Her mother walked up to her and sat
"Annette why did you do this? Why?"

"Mother I don't know..... I didn't know it's gonna result like this, I'm sorry"

Vera sighed
"What would your father do when he hears of this? It's too shocking"

"I'm sorry, I'm very sorry", she cried
How careless she had been

"It's okay", Vera said as she drew her closer to her side, and comforted her

"Well, let me call his mom, then your dad we need to figure out something"

Annette nodded, and went into her room

Vera picked up her phone and dialed Sarah's contact

Sarah, Fred's mom stood in the garage, an auto mechanic was checking out the cars

That was done usually every three months to ensure the smooth running of the cars at every interval

She was still there when her phone rang
She looked into it, it was Vera

She smiled and picked it up

"Hello Sarah", Vera called

"Hello Vera, how are you?"

"I'm very much fine, and you?"

"Same as well. The family?"

"Fine. Please Sarah, there's an urgent need for your family at my place now"

Sarah became perturbed
"Any problem?"

"Not until you come, you and your husband, and your son. The matter concerns him, please you guys should be here in a jiffy"

Sarah looked round
"O..... okay. We'll be there soon"

But it was useless she had already ended the call.


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