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Sochina - Episode 22


Sochina - Episode 22

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE ringing of the doorbell made Sochima abruptly looked up from the novel on her laps
Who could it be? She hadn't heard the hooting of a car nor were they expecting anyone

She shrugged as she got up the sofa and walked to the door

To her utmost surprise, Annette and Fred were at the door

"Ohhhhhhh!", she exclaimed and jumped on her, "big sister", she shouted

"Baby sis", Annette called. They disengaged the embrace

"Oh my goodness I've missed you so much", she hugged her again

Fred left them hugging at the door, and rolled Annette's box into the sitting room

"Uncle Fred, welcome. So happy to see you all", Sochima said as she left the door and walked up to him

He smiled
"And so I am. So anyone at home?", he sat down

"Yeah, where's mom and dad?", Annette asked as she sat down beside Fred

"Only mom's home, let me go get her", she rolled the box along with her as she left the sitting room

"It's really good to be home", Annette said as she placed her head on his shoulder

He smiled
"Of course, really good"

Just then her mother entered

"Dora?", she called, "dora is this you? Look how big you've grown", she opened her arms

Annette laughed
"Momma", she called as she stood on her feet and embraced her

"Ohh my baby, you're looking sweet", she pecked her forehead

Annette was surprised
"Mother? You saw me last three days you know? You came to my school actually. This is not the first time you're seeing me since I went to school", she reminded her

She smiled and nodded
"Yes, I did. But now, seeing you now looks different, totally different"

They all laughed
"Oh come on Anne", they hugged again

Then she turned to Fred
"Our husband?", she called

Fred laughed, it always made him laugh. He got up and embraced her

"Welcome", she said

"Thanks Mom"

"Wow! So you're now a graduate", she winked and went to sit on the sofa opposite him

Fred laughed
What was it with all these graduate, graduate? He rolled his eyes

Annette stood up
"Well mom, let me go freshen up while I leave you two", she winked at Fred and left

"I saw that Anne", her mom said and they all laughed

"Well, yes I am", Fred replied her, rushing his words

She turned to him
"Of course I see. So when will you commence your youth service?"

"Ahh mom, that's so fast. Not yet, but soon"

She sighed and rested her back on the sofa
"Well, how are my in-laws doing?"

"Ah very fine. Actually we went home first, before coming here"

"Oh really?"

"Yes Mom", he nodded

"Anyways, I've informed Sochima to prepare something fantabulous for you guys, she will be done soon"

"Ahh mom, you.... you shouldn't have bothered"

She laughed
"Not when you're involved now"

He laughed
"Let me check on Anne", he stood up and left for her room
"Oh, okay", she said
Sochima watched as her sister tripped and fell again for the third time
It was Saturday and so, they were carrying out the day's chores

Sochima was cleaning the window panes, while Annette was moping the floor

She had tripped and fell the first time, she had thought she slipped

But this was more than slipping, she continued falling until now, which was the third

"Sister", she called as she instantly abandoned her work and ran to hold her sister from falling

"Sorry ok"

She nodded
"Thank you", her eyes dimmed

"Um sister? Are you okay?", she asked

"I'm fine, I'm very fine"

Sochima shook her head
"You don't look fine to me sis, how're you feeling?"

She thought for a while
What was she even feeling? Dizziness, frequent hunger, fatigue
But she wouldn't tell her that, she's fine

"Sochi I said I'm fine ok? Thank you", she continued her work

Sochima shook her head in negation, she sighed and walked back to the window
She knew all wasn't well, she knew her sister wasn't fine

But why's she not agreeing to that? Why?
She shrugged and continued with her work
Annette emptied the cup of milk into her stomach and shoved the cup into the sink
She had thought everything happening as just being stressed out from school work

So she had gone into the kitchen and made herself a cup of milk

Earlier in the day, she had taken stew rice, and just minutes later, it was as if she hadn't eaten anything

Then she went to the kitchen and fried herself some eggs. Only to also eat that, and still feel hungry

So she had went into the kitchen and made some milk

After shoving the empty glass of milk into the sink, the bad feelings came again and she bent over the counter, holding her tummy

It was as if she wanted to throw up, but she never did

Sochima watched her sister in that position from the door, Annette hadn't realized she was there looking at her

She just bent over the counter holding her tummy, as the urge to throw up kept coming and going

She hoped it wasn't what she's thinking

Annette regained herself soon and tried standing straight, but her body just couldn't let her, she felt more comfortable bent a little like an old woman

She turned and Sochima pretended like she was just coming into the kitchen

"Hey sister", she called

Annette slightly nodded in reply, she tried to look normal
She didn't want to bug anyone with the problem, it was just like every other sickness

Sochima looked at her wrist watch and turned to Annette wide eyed

"Sister? You forgotten? You are almost late", she said

Annette was confused
"What you talking about?", she asked

Sochima looked on surprised and shocked
"If it's other things you should forget,fine but not when Fred's promised to take you out", she rushed her words

"Oops", she said, her hands on her mouth
"My goodness, I've forgotten. Let me go get dressed", and she ran out of the kitchen, almost tripping

Soon Fred arrived and she went out to meet him
She didn't want him to come into the house, else Sochima as she well know, would tell him about the way she's been behaving
And she didn't want to bug anyone at all with minor sickness

"Hey babe", he greeted as he opened the car door

"Hi", she smiled and instantly the feelings came again, she held her tummy abruptly

Fred looked at her inquiringly
"Are you alright?", he asked

She managed a smile and nodded, entering the car
"Yes I'm fine. Very fine"

He shrugged and closed the door. Then he walked over to the other side of the car and he entered
Soon they had hit the road

Suddenly Annette jerked forward, like she was gonna throw up, and as usual, she didn't

Fred looked at her again, he drove to the side of the road and stopped the car

"Tell me you aren't sick or something"

She looked at him
"I'm not. I've told you"

"You look worried to me, let's go see the doctor", he made to continue driving but she stopped him

"Em Fred no, don't bother. I'm okay. Take me to where you wanted to"

He shrugged
"Well, if you say so", he revved the car and they zoomed off
Annette got home and met her sister and mother in the sitting room looking both apprehensive

She was at lost. Besides when had her mother returned?
She's been leaving the house nowadays as at will, because of Fred anyway

But what news have they heard that's making them look this apprehensive? Was father in some kind of danger?
She was at lost

"Good evening mom", she greeted

Her mother looked at her
"Evening", she replied after hesitating

"Mom what's the problem? Why you all looking like this?", she asked as she walked up to them

Vera looked at her again, giving her that creepy look
"You are the problem", she said

Annette was confused. She looked at Sochima, and then back at her mother

"I the problem? How?"

Her mother stood up and walked to the door
"Just turn back and come with me, we're going to the hospital"



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