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Sochina - Episode 21


Sochina - Episode 21

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE sounds of the cries of little children and walking feet across the marble floor filtered into Annette's ears and her eyes flickered open

She was at daze about her surroundings as she looked round, everywhere was white
White walls, white curtains on the window, white ceiling and white bed she was lying on

For a moment she was confused and she racked her brain, trying to recollect what must have happened

Thanks it dawned on her, she remembered being attacked in her house, the door opening and then it was Fred

She didn't know whatever happened afterwards, because she passed out

She must be in the hospital, she thought
She stirred and turned her head and she saw Fred, he was sitting on a couch close to the door

Fred noticed Annette stirred and he looked towards the bed, a smile played on his lips
At last, she was awake

She had passed out as soon as he entered the house, and he had immediately rushed her to the hospital

He stood up and walked to the bed

"Hi, you are awake", he said

She sighed and nodded

He smiled and took her left hand in his

"You will always be mine, no matter what happens", he said softly

Annette was confused to hear that, she waved it off anyway
What she needed to know was how had he known she was in danger to have come to her rescue?
And what has become of the perpetrators?

She looked at him, the questions filled in her mouth but no idea on how to start it

Fred looked at her and smiled, he knew what was going on in her mind, he didn't want her to bother herself about it, at least not now
He bent down and pecked her lips

"Don't bother asking, all you need now is rest", he whispered

Annette shook her head, she needed to know

"I must know, please tell me. How come you knew I was in danger, to have come and saved me?"

He sighed
"That's really nothing for you to worry about", he said

Actually there was no big deal on that, he had only just woken up that morning feeling uncomfortable bad
He decided to go check up on her

She shook her head
"Well what about the Timi and the rest? I'm now getting scared of her, no one knows what she's up to. I just feel like leaving the cause of all these problem", she looked up at him, "leaving you", she said

His face changed
"You don't solve a problem by running away from it okay? Anyways as regards them, they've all been expelled from the school, and apprehended by the police"

She heaved a sigh of relief
"That's really good news, I want all these to be over"

"Of course it has. If only you don't run away from your problem"

She looked at him and smiled, she knew what he meant. If she doesn't leave him
Why would she?

She shook her head
"I won't"

He smiled
"Now you are talking. Er.....", he paused, scared to ask what he had in mind

"Go on", she nudged him

He sighed
"Well I'm really sorry this has to happen to you, not only had it happened, it happened just three days to my graduation"

She smiled, she got what he's trying to say
"Well, it's....it's nothing though, I'll be fine soon"

"Of course I know that. But would you be able?"

She was confused
"Sorry, able to what?"

"As regards what we discussed. My special present, would I be able to get it that day?"

A smile played on her face, she nodded
"Of course, for you"

His eyes widened
"You serious? Are you sure you can?"


He couldn't believe his ears, he was so happy
"Thank you", he kissed the back of her palm


"So, I think I should go get you something, you must be really famished now"

She laughed
"Yeah, please do"

"Sure", he pecked her forehead, "I'll be right back", and he turned and left the ward
Fred walked up to Annette as she sat on the sofa, her legs crossed and watching TV
She was sipping wine along

"Hey dear, bath ready", he said and then bent forward to peck her on the cheek

She smiled
"Thanks Fred", she looked at herself, "I can't believe I'm still on my party dress", they laughed

"It was really weary, I mean the day", he waved his head

"Yeah", she nodded and got up, they walked to the bathroom
"Well I can't believe you've finally graduated today Fred", she winked

He laughed
"You have to believe that baby"

They got to the bathroom
"Well I think you should leave now, let me have my bath", she laughed

"Sure, just wanted to make sure you got here safely", he winked

"You must be insane"

"Insane whenever I'm around you", and he left

Annette got into the shower, and the water began pouring out

Fred walked into the kitchen and began dishing out the food he had earlier bought

It was his graduation day, the day he graduated from the higher I, and so they had just been no time even for cooking

He smiled as he remembered seeing his parents and little sister all hale and hearty, Annette's mom had joined them in coming to celebrate with him

As for him and Annette, they would be returning home for the holidays the next day

After dishing out the food, he placed it in a tray and carried it to the dining, then he returned to the kitchen
He opened the refrigerator and brought out a can of tuna and two packs of juice. Then he took them to the dining

By the time he got to the dining, Annette was also coming in, finished bath, and was putting on his t-shirt

"Finished bathing?", he asked

Annette looked at him
"No, I'm still bathing", she shoved back a chair and sat

"But you look sweet in that t-shirt of mine"

She smiled
"Thanks. Wow, we have a lot for dinner"

"Yeah", he sat down

"I can't wait to devour these", she made to take a plate from the piled up, and he stopped her

"You are my guest aren't you? Let me do that", he said

She shrugged and allowed him
She watched him serve the food onto the plates, poured some juice into the cups, and they began eating

Silence reigned as they watered their gullets

Suddenly the event of yesterday night, came playing in her head, how she was almost raped and then the sudden appearance of those boys, and her escape

Who were those boys? And how had she escaped without them knowing?
She looked at Fred, she wanted to tell him, but decided against that

"Hope you enjoying the food?", Fred broke into her thoughts

She looked at him and replied with a start
"Oh yeah, very well", she smiled

"I wanted so", he took a piece of chicken from his plate and put it in hers, "so tell me what's going on in that young mind of yours?"

She was shocked. How did he know her mind is really troubled at the moment
She sighed, as she played with her cutleries

"I'm all ears", he pressed on

She looked at him, should she tell him?
"Well, I..... I was attacked yesterday night on my way home"

Fred nodded
"I know that"

She looked at him, eyes widened
"You know that? How do you mean?", she asked startled

He sighed
"I mean I know. He wanted to rape you right?"

What! She was flabbergasted, how did he knew?

"How......how did you know?"

He laughed
"I had you followed. I mean you can't go home alone on such hour"

He had her followed? She was pissed off now
She dropped her cutleries

"You mean you did that?"

"Yeah, because I know very well that you won't let me do that if I asked you, so I took you unawares, I sent those guys"

Huh? Those boys were sent by him? How interesting it sounds
She was speechless, all she could do was watch him in awe

"My God", she said, her left hand on her chest

"Well I'm sorry for not telling you, but it saved you"

She nodded in agreement, it really did saved her

"Yeah it did. Thanks", she looked away in shyness

He smiled, he dropped his cutleries and stared at her
"Anne?", he called

"Yes?", she looked up at him

He sighed
"I'm really sorry for all the things you were going through because of me, yeah, I'm really sorry"

She smiled, he was sorry? That was good to hear

"Um.... thanks anyway"

He nodded
"Don't worry about anything again ok?"

She nodded
"I'm only worried how I'll be staying alone in school without you, now that you've finally graduated", she twisted her lips

He lowly laughed
"That's no problem Anne ok? It's no problem. Come on", he took a spoonful of rice and directed it towards her mouth
Annette watched in fear as Fred advanced towards her, his shirt off
She really wasn't sure if what she's to do, she only knew she was giving him the present; the special present

He made her lie her back on the bed and then he laid on top of her

"I'm gonna be easy on you ok?", he whispered softly into her ears, then he began bitting at it

She nodded, she was heavily panting like she ran a marathon

He slowly took off the t-shirt she was putting on, and she wore no inner wears
She's gradually becoming nude in front of him

She closed her face with her hands in shame, he saw her did this and smiled
Then he removed her hands and brought his lips closer to hers, their tongues rolled against each other and she felt the moisture in his tongue, it tasted of apple juice

He stopped the kiss and moved his mouth to her left nipple, she cringed as he suckled at it

He took his hands to her v area and instantly slipped two of his fingers through the panties

"Arrgh", she screamed, it was painful

Gosh! She was too tight
Then he began thrusting his fingers in and out
She gasped

So this was it? This was the feeling? Pains and nothing else

His tongue rolled all over her body, her eyes, her ears, her mouth, her contours and she couldn't help but cringe at every of the sensitive touch

These all went on for almost an hour or so, has she thought, then he abruptly stopped and looked into her eyes, they're closed

He sighed
"Should I come in now?", he asked

What! Was he asking her?
She kept mute, she didn't say anything

And the next minute she felt him inside of her, as he slowly penetrated
Gosh! It was painful as he found it difficult in entering

He gently rubbed against her v area, a moan escaped her lips
Then with all the force he could muster, he penetrated into her

He couldn't ride her throughout the night as he had wished he could
It was her first time and all she needed was rest

He tucked her properly into the duvet and she slept off instantly.


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