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Sochina - Episode 20


Sochina - Episode 20

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

ANNETTE picked up the hairband from the dressing table before her, she packed her hair with it
She looked into the mirror and a smile played on her lips

Why not? The best thing that has ever happened to her, was being with her first crush, and eventually, her love

Kosi, her roommate walked in, and stopped behind her, also looking into the mirror

"K babe, where does it look like, that the almighty Annette is heading to?", she placed her left hand on her waist

Annette laughed
"I told you Kosi, I've"

Kosi rolled her eyes
"Really? Oh I couldn't remember. Do you mind telling me?"

Annette nodded
"I'm going to visit boo", she rolled her eyes

Kosi hit her head
"Oh I remember now, sorry to have forgotten"

"Not your fault dear, when you've got one thousand and one things in that little head of yours", they laughed

"You know? You have to be really careful o, I must say", she folded her hands, still standing behind Annette and looking into the mirror

Careful? Why hearing about careful and careful all the time?
She's always been told to be careful

She turned to Kosi
"Please, can you explain well for me? I mean, a lotta people has been saying same thing on being careful, what....why do you say that?"

Kosi sighed and walked to the seetee

"Well, you are Fred's girl, a lot of other girls are hot angry with you", she sat down

Annette was confused
Angry with her?

"Emm, because of what exactly?"

Kosi laughed
"I learnt from the old students, especially those in his department that Fred, he's a goldmine in this campus. Can't you see? He's no doubt the most handsome, he's the money to spend, he's the only student who owns a car he could call his, a car as big as that", she adjusted on her seat, "besides, every girl wants him at all cost, so they will all be as expected, angry with you when they hear you are now his"

Annette flickered her eyes, she was astonished and confused as well

"I'm still.... confused. Explain please"

Kosi sighed
"Just be very careful Anne that's all I can say"

Hmm, it was surprising, she nodded
Now she got what she's trying to say, she smiled

"Oh now I see, I get you now", she got up, "but I.... I can't possibly fight over a guy, I can't. If he doesn't loves you then he doesn't, even if you fights, can you fight all the girls you see around him or suspect?", she began walking to and fro the room

Kosi laughed, she rested her head on the headrest

"You don't seem to know, probably because you've been loved by everyone's dream guy already", she rolled her eyes

Annette laughed
"That reminds me, you know he'll be graduating out of college soon?"

She nodded

"Good, he asked me to......to present a gift for him that day, and you know what? It has to be special", she winked

Kosi laughed
"I understand"

She smiled
"Good, so what do you suggest?"

Kosi sat up and thought for a while
"Special right?"

"Yes", she nodded

Kosi got up
"Well, if you so love him, I suggest you give him your virginity"



Timi turned the leaflets of her book again for the fifth time, sighing
She wasn't concentrating

She's been like this for days now, worried and just worried

Why not?
Annette was also in the campus, where her Fred is

As soon as she left the prison, after being bailed out by her father, she immediately began all necessary things and resumed school
She had vowed to get him by any means, nothing can stop her

And so she had arrived the institution with the sole intention to get him, and now Annette came into the limelight, when she wasn't expecting it

Why was that girl always coming in her way? Why?
So, she's been worried, thinking on what cautious step to take

Elena noticed how worried she's been, she felt worried and concerned

"Timi?", she called, "what's it? Tell me, what's the matter with you?"

Timi glanced at her and kept mute, silence reigned for a while
Elena then broke it

"Are you ready to talk now?", she asked

Timi looked at her? She felt she should tell her, she might help probably. She sighed

"Well, it's about the girl you talked about, Annette", she said

"What about her?"

"She's the one I told you about who made me be in the police custody for over two months, before my father then came and bailed me out"

"What a small world!", she exclaimed, "so?"

"She's probably come back for Fred maybe, and you know I want this guy too"

Elena rolled her eyes
"So what you gonna do now?"

Timi thought for a while
"What's the name of that girl again?", she hit her head with her hand, trying to recollect

Elena was confused
"Which girl?"

"The one you said she's in his department, I mean Fred's department. That girl you told me you thought she's his girlfriend because of the way she behaves"

"Oh! Serena?"

"Oh yes, Serena. I'm needing her"

"Why? For what? You forgotten she also wants him?"

"And that's the exact reason why I want her, so we could put this Annette out of the way", she waved her hand

Elena looked at her
"Then how you gonna deal with her after it must have been done? I mean Serena?"

Timi laughed
"Oh she's gonna be an easy fix, I'll be able to handle her. Just give me her address, I need to go see her now", she stood up

Elena watched her in stupefaction
"I never knew you can go this length for a guy"

Timi waved her hand
"Ohh please, that is the main reason I'm in this campus, give me the address"

Elena took out a sheet and a pen, jotted down the information, and gave it to her


"Thank you, let me get down to work", she took the paper, glanced at it and at once.

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