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Sochina - Episode 19


Sochina - Episode 19

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE auditorium was indeed filled to the brim, just as predicted

Annette stood in front of the auditorium, her bag hung on her left shoulder, as she held some books on the other hand

She was marvelled at the beauty and number of students that clustered at the entrance
She looked up at the door frame, to ascertain again if this was her department, and the right class
It was and so she sauntered in, and it happened!

As soon as she brought her head down and took a step in, she collided with an oncoming student, who was so busy and engrossed on her phone, and all the books in her hand, scattered all over the floor

"Hey", she said, looked down at her books and back at the student

"Hold it there lady", the student thundered, "are you blind? Abi you drink?", she looked at Annette head to toe

Annette was shocked, what insolence!
For Christ sake, they were both at fault

"Excuse me?", she said

"Of course I'll, you better respect yourself", she made to leave

What! She couldn't take this insults, does she take her for a coward?
She dragged her back

"Now let me warn you, whatever you are called, learn to be mannered whenever you come around me ok? I don't take shit from anyone, not even you. Nonsense", she spat out and bent down to pick up her books

Elena was stunned and startled at the girl's utterances, she looked round the class, as expected all the students were watching them, they had suddenly became free cinema

She was speechless, nobody, I mean none had ever dreamt of talking to her in that manner, not to even talk of doing it

She was feared in campus, and none who did knew why, they just came and joined the students in becoming scared of her

Elena looked at Annette again, she had already packed all her books and was about to walking away, she dragged her back

"Hey...wey you, I see say you get swag, you no dy fear abi", she paused as Annette watched her I disgust, "anyways that's good to observe, but be careful, be careful in this campus", she hissed and walked out of the class

Annette made a face as she watched her dissolve out of sight
Hmm, trash
Bunch of empty vessels, making the loudest noise

In where she stood, she looked round the class in search of where to sit, all the students were staring at her

Okay now has she become an actress?
She ignored them and continued her search and found a seat at the extreme end, two rows before the last seat
She walked over there and sat, fully prepared for the day's lectures

Jide watched as Ebube, his seatmate and friend looked at the new girl, that had caused a scene walk to a seat, with his eyes and mouth wide open

He stiffened a laugh and tapped him, twice he didn't move, he busied himself staring at the girl

What would he do now?
Then he looked on the desk before them and taking the heavy textbook on it, he slapped his head with it

Everyone turned to the direction of the sound
Hahaha, it was really funny

That was when Ebube realized himself and turned to his friend

"Why did you hit me?", he asked

Jide laughed
"See yourself? Please draw back from where you are heading to", he said

Ebube looked at him, what was he talking about?

"What are you insinuating? I don't understand", he said

Jide sighed and leaned forward to whisper into his ears

"Stop looking at that girl"

Ebube looked at him, he laughed
"Men that babe get swag, see packaging", he licked his lips, "she's mine already"

Jide made a face
"She's already taken boy, draw back", he warned

"Who told you? And how did you get to know?"

"That na Fred's babe"

"What! Hope it's not the Fred I know?"

Jide laughed
"It's the Fred na, campus king"

Ebube frowned
"This Fred's taking too much o, ah. He no let us get babe, all the girls are falling for him, now na for our department he kon find babe, wetin be dah guy problem sef", he hissed

Jide laughed
"No be him fault, he too handsome"

"Whatever, I must get this babe, must"

Jide looked at him and scoffed
"I've warned you o, don't say I didn't"

Immediately the lecturer entered and lectures began
Elena got home tired and famished after the day's lectures
She opened the door and entered

Her roommate, Timi was sitted on the only seetee in the room, engrossed in surfing the net
She looked up when the door opened

"Hey Elen, you are back", she said

"Is there food? My stomach is rumbling", she flopped on the seetee beside Timi

Timi laughed
"You and food, I kept something for you in the refrigerator"

Elena's face lit up
"What's it?", she asked

Timi looked at her, what kinda question is that? Thought she's hungry?
"Is like you aren't hungry", she said

Elena sighed and got up, she remembered something and sat back instantly

"What's it?", Timi asked

"You won't believe my encounter earlier today girl", she said

Timi's face lit up, how she really loves gists
"Gist me abeg", she said

"Hmm, at the auditorium oo, on my way out, I bumped into a girl. No, not that I bumped into her, we actually bumped into each other", she explained

Timi laughed
"What happened then?", she asked

"The girl was coming in, me I was going out, and we bumped into each other and her books fell on the  floor", she stood up to demonstrate, "you know me na? I decided to show her my corocoro eyes, and this girl surprise me, she surprised me", she used her hands in demonstrating, suddenly forgetting about food

Timi nodded
"Go on, how did she surprise you?"

"Hmm, after I finished talking to her just like I'll do, she surprisingly dragged me back, hold me for cloth like this", she held her clothes with her right hand

Timi was astonished as she looked on, who could that be? Who would have the guts to talk to Elena?

"You can't be serious", she said

"Hmm, if I'm not I shouldn't be here talking na. She dragged me back and then said, I should be mannered whenever I'm around her"

"Jesus", escaped Timi's lips

"That one didn't even pain me, the one that pain me is when she na said nonsense at the end of the talk"

"Mobe! Na Elena dey do this one?", Timi laughed, "but wait o, who's she?"

"It's a new girl o, fresher like us. But e be like say, e never they when she resume"

Timi stopped to think. Fresher? Which fresher would have the guts to stand Elena?
The almighty Elena?

"You know her name? I mean describe her for me"

Elena sighed as she pulled up her jeans trousers
"I don't know her name. But she's dark, very dark. I must confess black beauty"

Dark girl? Could it be.....
No, she hope it's not

"In your department right?"

"Yes, abeg let me go and eat, before I faint here", she walked to the refrigerator

What if it was the person she's thinking? Annette
Yes, because while they're still in secondary school, she had always showed interest to study mass communication or journalism, and Elena is in journalism department

So it means she also followed Fred down here, to be in the same university with him, when she thought she has come to get him back, she frowned

But why must Annette always come in her way? She had to do something?
But first, she must find out if the girl Elena's talking about is really Annette

She turned to Elena, she was already devouring the bread and juice

"Are you sure you don't know her name?", she asked her

"I think I remember, when she stood up to answer question during the lecture", she suddenly said

Timi sighed
"What's her name?"




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