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Sochina - Episode 18


Sochina - Episode 18

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE ringing of the doorbell stopped Annette in her tracks, she was about going into the kitchen when it rang

"I'm coming", she replied and walked to the door
She opened it to meet Cynthia, she frowned
What was she doing there? She closed the door and came out

"Annette", she called with a weak smile
Annette made a face

"Yes? What do you want?", she asked as she folded her hands and leaned on the door frame

Cynthia's face fell
"Look Annette, I'm sorry for what happened okay? I'm very sorry, it's not like I knew you were gonna be the victim, I didn't know it was you. Please I came to ask for forgiveness", she pleaded, her voice was breaking down in tears

Annette sighed
"Hmm, you didn't know I was the one?"

"Yes, I didn't. I'm sorry"

Annette laughed
"So even if I wasn't the one, does that mean you can still go ahead and plan such thing?"

Cynthia shook her head in negotiation

"Yes, that's what it means", she said

"No Anne, I was..... I was brainwashed, and I didn't know what I was doing again. Please I'm sorry"

She waved her head in both sides
"Who even told you guys that Fred is my boyfriend, who even?"

Cynthia looked to the floor
"Timi did, she told me you are his girlfriend and..... and I also wanted him for myself, I didn't know she tricked me, she lied to me that she had nothing to do with Fred, whereas she also wanted him", she cried
"And now I've realized my mistake, please I beg you Anne, forgive me"

Just then, a car drove into the compound and they turned to look at it, as it slowly drove in

Annette instantly knew the person, it was Fred
She just doesn't want anything to do with that guy anymore, why is he disturbing her?

She turned to Cynthia
"Okay Cynthia, I've forgiven you, go and do it no more", she smiled

Cynthia's eyes widened
"Are you serious Anne?", she asked

She nodded
"Very serious, I've forgiven you"

"Ohh, thank you", she embraced her

"You are welcome, it's nice having you at my place today"

She smiled
"Thanks for forgiving me. Thank you"

By now, Fred was already out of the car and walking towards them
Annette looked at him and hissed

"Okay dear, I'll see you in church, bye", and she opened the door and entered

Fred saw the way with which she rushed into the house, leaving her guest outside, he knew it was because of him
What was he gonna do? How would he win her heart?

"Hey! Fred", Cynthia exclaimed

Fred halted in his tracks, he didn't know it was Cynthia, what was she doing here?
He looked at her and then went in, without saying a word

Cynthia turned and left

Fred opened the door and entered, he looked round there was no one in sight

"Anyone home?", he asked, "Anne? Sochi?", there was no answer

Then he decided to look for Anne's room, she must be in there

He walked to the dining and to his utmost shock, he saw her  she was sitted and just staring into space

For a moment he was scared, he thought it was a ghost
He shrugged it off and walked to her

"Ohh Anne, you are here", he tried to touch her

"Don't", she said

He was startled
Why won't this girl see reasons with him? With all these her behaviors now, how's he sure he was once her crush

He sighed and sat opposite her

"What do you want? I mean what you doing here?", she asked, she wasn't looking at him, she still stared into space

Fred sighed
"Anne I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Forget the past please, let it go, just let it go okay", he placed his hands on the table, "you are my life, do you want me to die first before you accept me?"

Annette turned to look at him, her eyes were shimmering with tears

"There's a time in a woman's life when she craves for attention, and there's a time when she needs no attention, and this is the time Fred. When I needed you, when I craved for attention from you, where were you? You were busy looking elsewhere, okay I accepted my fate with heartbreak, saying maybe you don't love me, so I withdrew my love. I'm not a coward that fights over guys, I should have done that, but I didn't. Instead I was being beaten up and almost raped, all because of the same you", she pointed at him and got up, "excuse me", she said and walked out on him

"Anne?", he called holding back her left hand
She angrily forced her hand away and walked away

He groaned and followed her, determined to make her see reasons, he knew she loves him, he could see it in her eyes, but why was she holding back?

He caught up with her in the sitting room, he pinned her to the wall, thereby preventing her from running away again

She was now resting on the wall, while he held her down
He looked into her eyes, the tears were already coming down

He brought his lips to her eyes, and kissed the tears on each eye

She wanted to object, but he still held her down, he was too strong for her
The kiss was more stronger, it sent sparkles going down her spine, she cringed

"I'm the cause of this tears Anne, allow me kiss it off", he whispered softly, she could feel his breath

Annette cringed
Why was she falling again for this boy? Why?

"Anne?", he called and looked into her eyes

Her eyes flickered, she was shy and she turned away from him
Fred smiled

"Look at me", he said and she slowly turned, their eyes met
"I'm sorry for the pains I've caused you, pardon me I didn't notice you when you needed, but believe me there's time for everything", he paused for a while

Annette looked at him in surprise, she was shocked.
Was this really Fred? Her first love?
She never expected she would one day stand close to him like this, and hear him mutter sweet words to her
God! She felt so happy, but she never showed it

"You are special to me", he continued, "and I want you to give me the chance to be part of your life, part of every of your affairs"

She just stared at him, still unable to believe he was the one talking
She lowered her gaze to the floor

He cupped her chin and raised her head, so she could look at him

"I'm serious Anne, what do you have to say?"

She turned her gaze elsewhere again, she was shy

"I.....I'm speechless", she stuttered

He smiled
"I expect you to"

She looked at her fingers as she played with them, he took her left hand in his, brought it close to his lips and he kissed it

Annette was dazed, what was happening?

"I love you Anne", he said

Was she sure of what she just heard? Fred?
She looked at him inquiringly

He smiled and nodded, revealing that handsome face that has captured a lotta hearts
Talking about that, she shook her head, no, she doesn't want his features to be captured by any other girl again, she wants only her in his life
She immediately hugged him, cuddling him to herself, like someone was gonna grab him away from her

"I love you too Fred", she said in-between tears

They disengaged from the hug and he cleaned off her tears

"Weep no more, I'm here for you", she smiled, revealing her thirty two

"Thank you"

"I will like to take you out to the cinema tomorrow afternoon, do you wish?"

"Of course, it will be my pleasure"

"Come here", and they embraced so passionately

Annette put on her shoes in readiness for her outing while Sochima packed her hair into a ponytail

"I can't believe this bug sister", she said

Annette smiled
"Me too, like I'm dreaming"

Sochima laughed
"At last, you are good to go", she looked out the window and saw a car driving in
"I think he's here", she said

Annette got up, took her bag from the bed and sauntered out
"Take care baby sis", she waved at her

"Bye", she waved back, smiling

Fred came out of the car and walked up to Annette, he extended his right hand towards her
She placed her left hand on it

"My queen", he smiled, "looking good as always"

She blushed
"Thank you"

Still holding onto her left hand, he opened the car door and ushered her in
When she's entered, he closed the door and then went over to the driver's side, he entered and soon they were driving slowly towards the gate

As soon as they got outside the compound, on the road, the car went off and stopped

Fred turned to look at Annette, she also turned to look at him, and their eyes met

"What happened?", Annette asked

Fred laughed
"I know you are scared, I turned it off. Want to check on something", he took out his phone from the pigeon hole

Just then, Annette saw someone bypass their car, what! It was Peter

She strained her neck to look at him, Fred noticed and followed her gaze, he saw him too

"Peter?", Annette involuntarily said
Fred was stunned, does she know him?

"Do you know him?", he asked

She turned to him and nodded
"Yeah, he was my classmate in secondary school"

He sighed
".....and Timi's boyfriend too", he added

She looked at him, how did he knew?

"How did you know?", she asked

Fred laughed
"He was the one that made me see Timi was no good, anyway, let's wave that off"

"Hmm", she sighed

"I just got message from my school, my department would be resuming soonest. Which university would you like to further your education?"

She turned to look at him
"Same as yours"


"Yeah", she nodded

"How would you tend with the girls in my department who wants to get into my panties at all cost?", he winked, he was pulling her legs

She smiled and shook her head
"I don't care. Stop scaring me"

He laughed
"That's my baby girl. So are you ready?"

She nodded
"Always ready for you", they laughed as he revved up the car and zoomed off.  ©️


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