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Sochina - Episode 16


Sochina - Episode 16

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

TIMI watched in fright as Cynthia approached them, what was she gonna do now?
She looked at Fred, he was watching her every move

She decided to act normal, to take the bull by the horns
Cynthia got to them and she turned to face her

"What are you doing here Cynthia?", she thundered

Cynthia looked at her and laughed, she had seen her trying to seduce Fred, she had seen the way her fingers were roaming his face, she had seen everything, only that, she didn't know what they were talking about

"You are asking me?", she said, "I am here for the same reason you are here. I should have known you are nothing but a lying bitch", she spat out

"Pardon, I don't know what you are talking about", Timi said, looking at her with disgust

Fred just stood, watching the drama unfold, it was a good one

Cynthia laughed
"You don't know right?", she turned to Fred, "hey Freddie, how're you doing?", she smiled

Fred sighed
"I'm fine, why are you here? What do you want?", he asked

Cynthia looked at Timi then she turned to Fred
"You, I want you. Oh come on, you should have known I always did", she winked

"Well, if that's what you want, sorry it's not available"

At the instant Cynthia became visibly angry, she was panting in anger
She turned to Timi

"I thought you said if we have the girl put out of the way, Fred would become mine. So what's going on?", she asked

Timi's face changed in surprise
"Me told you? When?", she looked around, like she wasn't sure she's the one Cynthia is referring to

Fred was flabbergasted, watching the two girls
What was going on?
So they had planned it together, and Timi said it was Cynthia

"Timi here told me it was you Cynthia, who planned the whole thing", Fred said

Cynthia was taken aback, shocked and she turned to Timi
The almighty Timi lowered her face to the floor in shame, she was speechless

"My goodness! I can't believe this", Cynthia said
"So you tricked me into planning evil, so you could go behind me, get Fred and use me to cover up, is it?", she shrieked, almost in tears

The girl had really tricked her and used her brain, not only had she done what she just said, she had also used her to pay the bill charged for the job, both in cash and otherwise, thereby deflowering herself
Ohh God, her brain has really been washed

Fred on his own part couldn't believe what he heard, that both Cynthia and Timi planned it
But why would Cynthia do that to her friend, Annette was her friend and he knew that
Jeeze, what nonsense

"But who even told you guys that Annette's my girlfriend?", he asked

Cynthia was stunned, Annette? Oh my God! Was it Annette, no, she hopes it wasn't the Annette she knew

She looked at Fred
"Please which Annette?", she asked

Huh? Does it mean she didn't know? No wonder, Timi must be a genuis plotting the plan

"Annette, our church member", he said

"Oh my God!", Cynthia exclaimed, her hands on her mouth, "oh my God, I didn't know. What have I done?"

Timi was astonished, what has happened? Does she know Annette?

"Fred", she managed to call, "I....I'm sorry", she stuttered

Fred looked at her and stiffened a laugh, he turned to Cynthia

"So you didn't even care to know who the person was, and you went ahead and joined Timi in her evil plan. How do you think Annette would feel when she hears you are behind this?", Fred asked

Cynthia shook her head slowly, tears already running down her face
"I didn't know..... I didn't", and she turned and ran away

They watched her as she ran and then Fred turned to Timi

"You know I can easily apprehend you now as one of the perpetrators, you know?"

Timi knelt down immediately, pleading
"I'm sorry Fred please"

Fred laughed
"I don't have the intention, I would have done that. Let me use it as a bait, if I ever see you around me again, the police station is where you will find yourself, understand?"

She nodded, though against her wish, ohh what loss
She has losed virtually everything, when she was thinking she was gaining

"Fred please", she pleaded, but it was of no use, Fred had already gone in, leaving her crying and pleading

How the mighty has fallen!

Cynthia got home few minutes later, she was still silently whimpering, regretting all she had done

She didn't know at all that the victim was gonna be Annette, oh. Hers is gone once her mother finds out
The worst part of it now is that, Fred wasn't even interested in her, she was just forcing him

She entered their compound to see a car parked in front of the bungalow
She was scared, huh, her mom was already back?
Though the car wasn't her mom's, but for a visitor probably visiting her mother

She decided to take the back door to get into the house. It was a normal prank used by her to escape punishment at times

She got to the back verandah, opened the door quietly, and strolled in
Then she took the kitchen and straight to her room

Just by the door, she heard voices talking, it must be her mom and whoever visited
She wanted to walk pass but she heard something of interest from the sitting room and she instantly stopped, to eavesdrop

In the sitting room were Mummy C, Cynthia's mom and Sarah, Fred's mom, they were chatting

Apparently, Sarah was just arriving and so, their discussion was just only kicking off when Cynthia arrived

"Mummy C", Sarah called


"You guys weren't in church on Sunday and I came to know why. I hope it's nothing serious"

Mummy C smiled and shook her head
"It's nothing too serious, but serious"

Sarah looked at her inquiringly
"What do you mean?"

Mummy C sighed
"You are very close to me, so I shouldn't hide this from you"

Sarah looked more dazed
"I'm listening"

She sighed
"You see, about two days ago, yes on Saturday, my daughter Cynthia, came home very late from the store. I was worried about that, I just decided to let it go, but something so serious hit me, and I decided to find out more", she paused
"I looked at her closely, and found out that her clothes were bloodstained, I was flabbergasted and then I went further to ask her what happened. She was raped"

Sarah flinched
"What! How? At the store?"

Mummy C shook her head
"She was raped in an uncompleted building for some overzealous reasons, well it was all these information I was trying to get from her, that we couldn't make it to service. She on her own part, wouldn't even be able to make it, she was in pains"

"This is serious, have you gotten to the root of it?"

"I'm on it. From what she told me, she and one Timi were......."

"Wait", she interrupted, "this Timi again? You said two days ago right?"

"Yes, on Saturday"

Sarah fell into thinking, does it mean it's the same Timi she's talking about, and it happened on the same day??
It might be

"Actually, something similar brought me here, regarding your husband is in the police force, so I came to see if you could help me, so we can do it together"

"My husband is handling the case as well, what's your problem?"

She sighed
"On Saturday night, you know mummy Annette right?"
Mummy C nodded

"Her daughter was attacked that Saturday night, by some hoodlums. It was my son who rescued her and from what she said, she was asked to keep off Timi's boyfriend, who probably is my son. Because I asked my son who this Timi was and he told me she's his ex. That means this Timi is solidly behind the whole thing. So what I'm now saying is, we should find out who this Timi is, and everything would be worked out"

Mummy C looked on in astonishment, what nonsense

"I see sense in what you said, I will do just that. I'll tell my husband about it"

"Yes please do, before it escalates. You never can tell what's in the mind of the young, they are very desperate"

Mummy C laughed
"You are right. Let me get you something", she got up and walked towards the kitchen

As soon as Cynthia noticed her mom was coming that direction, she abruptly turned and stealthily escaped into her room

She heard everything that was said
Aunty Sarah, Fred's mom said that, Annette was asked to keep off Timi's boyfriend
Does it mean Timi also likes Fred, of course
She just tricked her

She groaned, Timi almost succeeded in everything

Timi sat in their shop as usual, but she couldn't go anywhere, her mom was around

Her mind pondered on what happened days ago between Fred, Cynthia and she
Her mind hadn't been on rest since then, she's been worried

Then she noticed a group of people clustering about in front of the shop, and she got up at once
Fear gripped her

It was the police!


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