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Sochina - Episode 15


Sochina - Episode 15

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

AS soon as Annette left the garden, they prepared to leave. Her parents and sister walked to the car, and she joined them immediately

Fred's mother stood by to see them off. Annette walked up to her and embraced her

"Thanks Mom, thank you for the care", she said

"Ohh my daughter, it's nothing ok, it's nothing"

"All the same, God bless you"

"Amen my daughter"

She opened her mouth to talk more and she saw Fred approaching, instantly she walked into their car

Her father and sister were already sitted, soon her mom came in and they drove off, waving at the people who came to see them off

Fred saw the way Annette quickly went into the car on seeing him, and he knew he was the reason, he was sad

What has he done to warrant such treatments from her? What?

He sadly watched as the car drove out of the compound. His mother saw him in that mood and walked up to him

"Freddie, what's wrong?", she asked, placing her hand on his cheek

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, he really didn't know what to say, he didn't know what he should reply

Sarah heaved a sigh, and stood arms akimbo
"Is it because of Annette?", she asked

He looked at his mother and nodded
"She....... she's not treating me fine"

"You are the cause", she said

He looked at her inquiringly, Annette had just told him he was the cause, now his mother is saying the same thing, how does she know?

"Do.......do you know Timi?", he asked

Sarah looked dazed and confused, who was Timi?

"Who's Timi?", she asked

Fred was taken aback by her question, he thought he knew her, because she was the root of all these problem
He decided to wave it off

"Mom, forget that. But how am I the cause of the.........."

"Fred, who's Timi?", Sarah interrupted

Fred knew he wasn't up for a game anymore, whenever his mother calls him 'Fred', then he knows she's damn serious and needs answers

He shook his head
"Ok mom. Timi is my ex"

His mother looked at him with disgust
What was he trying to say? That he already had someone else aside Annette in a relationship?
When she was trying all possible bests to link him and Annette?
That was rubbish!

"You are a diassapointment son", she shook her head in sorrow, "how could you have dated someone else, when I was preparing the path for you and Annette, how?"

He sighed, apparently regretting what he did. Dating Timi wasn't even the best thing that has happened to him either, instead he had been left heartbroken all the while

"Mom I'm sorry ok, I'm sorry. I...... I think I was carried away by...... facial looks"

"That's your problem. As regards saying you are the cause Annette is behaving the way she's towards you, Favy had told me everything. Her friend Sochi, told her. You were once her crush, I said once because she doesn't seem to like you anymore. When she was dying to have you, all you were doing was going after her friend, now you want her she doesn't want you"

Fred looked at her in shock, he never knew or realized Annette liked him, he never knew
He was utterly shocked

"But mum, I never knew"

"Oh yes because you never wanted to"

Ohh God!
What was he gonna do now? His heart was already ripping in two

"What do you suggest I do mom?"

"Do? Approach her"

"But that's what I've been trying to do, she's not giving me her time", he complained

"Maybe you should try harder", she turned to leave, but then she remembered something
"You said something about your ex being the cause of Annette's problem? How?"

He sighed
"She told me herself that when she was being attacked, she was told to keep off Timi's boyfriend and........I'm the one obviously"

His mother was now confused
"Timi's boyfriend? But you just said she's your ex, oh! She's trying to get you back, she's obviously the one behind the attack"

Fred knew it already, he knew she's the one, but that wasn't what they were talking about

"Mom let's for......"

"I must get to the root of this", she interrupted, "goodness gracious! I will find out who this Timi is", she turned and left, leaving Fred in shock as he watched her leave

He hoped Timi never had a hand in it, else......
He shrugged and went into the house

Timi looked at her wristwatch and sighed, she was almost behind the time she has scheduled to leave for Fred's place

She locked up the house and rushed to the road to board a cab, then straight to Fred's, without even bothering to stop at the shop first, Fred was more important

She got there in a jiffy, and walked to the gigantic gate, wondering how she would go in

She knew she couldn't come in as Fred's girlfriend, following his warnings to stay off him, and there was no other way to go in, she decided to text him

She sat on the pavement guarding the flowers planted beside the fence, and waited for him

Fred walked out of the dining, he just had breakfast, so late
Why not?
Annette had been a source of problem and concern to him, he has spent a lot of his time thinking on how best to accost her

He was about going into his room when his phone rang, he looked into it and hissed
It was Timi

Wait! What does she want now?
Could it be, she is the one behind Annette's attack two nights ago?

Hmm, even if she was the one,he definitely wasn't gonna handle her, he wasn't prepared for that
Moreover he wasn't prepared to take laws into his hands

He made to ignore the call and open the door, when it stopped ringing and then a message notification popped out

He knew she was the one, he opened the text though against his wish, what he saw made him cringed

"Please Fred listen to me, come and meet me outside your house, I'm presently there", the text read

What was the she-devil doing there? He groaned and went out to meet her

After sending the text, Timi waited for him to come out, she knew he would

Soon she heard the iron gate clicking open, and she got up
The gate opened and Fred came out

"What are you doing here?", he thundered, "hadn't I warned you to stay away from me?"

Timi's face fell
"Yes you did, but I'm sorry. You need to hear me out Fred, I ..... I wasn't cheating on you as you said"

Fred looked at her in disgust

Timi sighed
"You have to listen to me okay? Peter or whatever he's called, is not my boyfriend"

"And how am I sure you aren't lying?"

"I'm not, believe you me....... please", she rubbed her palms together, pleading

Fred sighed
Was she saying the truth?
Even if it's the truth, he doesn't need her anymore, the whole incident had made him realized Annette was one in a million, a gold mine

Ohh talking about the incident, he looked at her
"You aren't only having affairs aside us, you also sent some hoodlums to attack Annette"

She freezed, jeeze!
How come he knew? She made an expressionless face

"I wasn't the one who planned that", she shook her head

He looked her over, she was still lying

"I should have known you were nothing but a blatant liar"

Timi was stunned
"I wasn't...... I know who planned it, I know who had full hand in this"

"What? You mean to tell me it wasn't you?"

She nodded
"Yes, it wasn't me"

There was silence for a while, as Fred digested the information

"Who then?", he asked

She sighed and folded her hands
"I will only tell you on one condition", she walked closer to him, covering the distance between them

He was just looking at her in disgust, what was she trying to do?
"What condition?"

She seductively placed her right hand on his cheeks, then she ran her fingers round his face

"That you accept me back", she said

"You are not serious, get off me", he pushed her away

"Ahh, don't you wanna know again?"

He was panting heavily, not because he ran, but because he was very angry, very angry

"I can't accept you back. If that's the condition then leave the matter, I don't care", he turned to leave

"Wait......wait", she called dragging him back
"Fred please listen to me. Okay I'll tell you the perpetrator, because I still very much love you, I will"

He stopped and looked at her
Love indeed, he made a face

"It's Cynthia", she said

Cynthia? He couldn't believe it
Cynthia can't do that to Annette, moreover they are friends at the church though, so how would she want to harm her, because of him?
No, he didn't believe her

"You know what? You are the devil's wife I must say, you know how to lie"

She laughed
"You think I'm lying, okay. Investigate it, I know she's your friend so find out"

Fred shook his head in negotiation
"Annette and Cynthia are friends, so why would she want to harm her friend because of me? Besides I never told her Annette's my girlfriend, so why would she launch an attack on her?"

Timi became dazed and confused, she never knew Cynthia and Annette were friends, and she never told her who the person they would be attacking is

Ohh Jesus, problem
How would she handle this now? How?

Fred just stared at her in hate, she turned searching for what more to say, and she saw her
Yes, it was Cynthia, she saw Cynthia coming towards them, and then she knew she was doomed 


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