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Sochina - Episode 14


Sochina - Episode 14

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

AS soon as Annette withdrew her hand, Fred became stunned, what was wrong with her?
He shrugged, waving it off

"You are awake at last Anne", he said smiling

Annette looked round, everywhere looked strange and she wondered where she was
Where was she? And how did she get there?
She was confused

Moreover she really couldn't remember what happened, the only thing she remembered was that she was attacked, and then..... and then someone walked up to her calling her name, and she passed out on his hands, without knowing who the person was

She turned to Fred
"Where am I? What am I doing here?", she rushed her words

Fred smiled
"Calm down, you are in my house, and you are receiving treatments"

Annette was dazed, she tried to sit up but Fred held her back

"No no, you can't. See", he pointed to the wall on her left hand side, "you are on drip, just have rest ok?", he tried to lay her back on the bed, but she refused

"I don't need your help", she said

Fred sighed, what was wrong with this girl?

"Well, you..... you were actually attacked"

Annette looked at him
Who asked him to tell her? Did she say she doesn't know?

"And so?", she said

Fred was taken aback, he opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted
His eyes caught cars coming in through the gate, he saw this from the window
They were home, and Annette would be going soon, he felt bad

He turned to her
"Do you know the people that attacked you?", he asked

She looked into space, trying to recall. She obviously didn't know any of them

Instantly the door opened, and her family entered
Fred turned to them

"Mummy Annette, good afternoon", he greeted, "good afternoon Mr Chike",

"Afternoon son. How are you?", Vera asked and walked up to Annette

"Annette, how are you? What happened? Oh my God, who did this to you?", she cried out

Annette couldn't say anything, she just watched like a maroon

"Annette", her father called and took hold of her hand, to feel her pulse
He didn't say much, he just looked her over, and then walked out

"Sister, what happened?", Sochima asked, looking at her sister

Annette heaved a sigh of relief

"I know you guys have a lotta questions for me, but I'm sorry I can't provide the answers", she paused
"The only thing I have to say is that you should thank Fred for me, he was the one that rescued me", she said

They turned to look at Fred, his face was expressionless

"Your mother told me same thing too", Vera said, "thank you so much"

Fred smiled
"It's nothing ma'am, it's nothing. It was my pleasure"

Vera nodded
"Get prepared, we will be leaving with you ok?", and she left the room

"Thanks uncle Freddie", Sochima said, walking over to sit on the bed

Fred smiled
"No prob Sochi. Er Annette?", he called

Annette looked at him

"I'll be leaving now, get well soon", he winked and walked away


"Who were you talking to?", Timi's mom, popularly called and known as Iya Timi, asked her

Timi was visibly shaken, had her mother known?
Had she heard her conversation?

"A friend mother", she tried to look normal

Her mother looked her over, suspiciously

"You know I always never fail to get to the root of anything", she said, "it better be a friend", she opened the door and left

As soon as she left, Timi heaved a sigh of relief, she thought her mother had listened to her
God! She would have been a dead meat

Her mind lingered to what Emenike just told her and she jumped up in joy and landed on the bed

She was extremely happy, Fred was hers and none else
As for Cynthia, her case was an easy one, she knows how to handle that

"Ahhh", she exclaimed, placing her hand on her chest, "so he's mine at last", she winked

She was gonna pay him a visit the next day, yeah, she has to act very fast else, another girl comes in the lane


Mummy C sat down beside Cynthia on the bed, she was holding a pen and paper

"Give me the address where the uncompleted building is located", she said

Cynthia hesitated, she had been warned and threatened, never to tell anybody, except if she wants her death

"Are you deaf?", her mother thundered and she shivered

"No 12 complex city street, it's the only building on that street", she said

She jotted down the details and turned to her, probably to get more information

"You said you were there for the execution or something right?"

She nodded

"Good. From the look of things you said, you aren't the only person involved in this, I mean you said it was someone who made you do it right?"

"Yes, I was just on my own and she came and told me about another girl saying she's the one in the way, and requested to.....to execute her"

Mummy C sighed
"What's her name?"


She jotted it down

"This is enough for now, let me get down to work. I must stop at nothing to see the stinking penis of that guy cut to pieces", she got up
"But that doesn't stop you from receiving your own punishment, you will learn not to be heartless", and she walked out of the room

Cynthia cried, see what problem she had put herself into, because of a boy

She never wanted to expose Timi, because to her Timi never meant any harm, moreover she was just helping her out

She would tell her mom later on that Timi was never a problem, yes, but that would be later
Then she would try pay Fred a visit the next day, thank God her mom won't be around


Annette was now fresh from drip and walking about
Though the plasters were still on her body, but she was fit

After taking lunch with the whole family, she went outside towards the garden
They were still at Fred's house

She got to the garden and walked on the terrace, stroking the flowers her hands could reach, her mind was miles away, it was filled with thoughts of the day she was attacked

Then she felt a touch on her waist and she turned at the instant, it was Fred

She flinched and moved away from him

"Hi", he smiled

She made a face. What does he want?

"Yeah, how can I help you?", she asked

Fred shook his head, she's playing hard maybe

"I was asking you something before, about your attackers?"

Oh! She looked into space

"So what do you know about it?"

Why does he want to know?

"It's your fault, you caused it", she said pointing at him, and then she turned to leave

Fred was stunned, his fault? How?

"Hey please wait", he rushed to stop her, placing his hand on her shoulder

She abruptly turned, and slowly removed his hand from her shoulder

"What's it?", she asked

Fred sighed, her blood was so hot

"Calm down okay. But please make me understand, how's it my fault? Please tell me, I want to know"

Annette looked at him, head to toe, in disgust
She folded her hands

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because your affairs matters to me", he said

She laughed
"Indeed. Well if you must know how it's your fault, I was asked to keep off Timi's boyfriend and who's her boyfriend, you!", and she walked away leaving Fred in shock.


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