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Sochina - Episode 13


Sochina - Episode 13

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

FRED woke up the next morning and the first place he went was the guestroom, to check on Annette

Throughout the night, he's been pondering on what could have happened to her if he hadn't come by, and wondering who the boys were and why they attacked her

His mind was never at rest, and he wondered why

He opened the door to the guestroom, and went in, hoping to see her awake. But much to his disappointment, she was still sleeping

Goodness gracious!
Since yesterday? She's been sleeping soundly
How's he even sure it's sleep?

He walked up to the bed and looked at her, checked out the drip, her bruised body and the sewn part
He groaned, whoever did this needs to be executed with immediate effect

He went ahead and placed his right ear on her chest, she was still breathing

But even at that, he was still worried, he decided to go and ring the nurse that promised to come back that morning

He walked out of the room and headed upstairs for his phone, the doorbell rang, suddenly making him to stop in his tracks

"Who could that be this early?", he muttered to himself as he walked to the door

He opened the door to behold the nurse smiling into his face

"Good morning", she greeted

Fred smiled
"Oh thank God you are here, I was about to call you, come in", he made way for her

"How's she now?", the nurse asked as they walked to the guestroom where Annette was

"She's still sleeping? She hasn't been awake since yesterday, I hope nothing is wrong?", he asked, panicking

The nurse smiled
"I can see you are sacred", she said

Fred sighed
"Absolutely, but I hope......"

"Nothing is wrong", she interrupted, "she's expected to be sleeping, we gave her drugs so healings could take place", she explained

"Oh", he muttered as he opened the door, they entered

The nurse removed the drip fastened on Annette's left hand and replaced it with a new one
She changed the plasters that needed to be changed and then injected her
Annette remained asleep all the while

Fred stood by all the while watching her, and helping out in the ones he could

Soon the nurse was done and packed her instruments into a bag, she turned to Fred

"She would be awake by afternoon", she said, "and once she's awake, give her something to eat"

Fred nodded
"Okay, is that all for now?"

"Yeah for now. I believe she would be strong by the time she wakes up"

"Thank you", he replied looking at the patient

"So I would be leaving now", the nurse turned to leave

"Okay, thanks again", he followed her out, to the door
After she was gone, he decided to go freshen up

He went into the kitchen for a glass of water, and he met his mom over the counter trying to turn on the electric cooker

"Hey Mom, good morning", he greeted walking to her

Sarah turned to look at him
"Morning son, how was your night?"

"It was.....not fine", he pecked her on the cheek

His mother laughed
"Because of Anne I guess"

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair
"Why not? What would have happened if I didn't appear? What those boys would have done to her is something......."

"It's enough Freddie, I know all that", she interrupted
"How's she now?"

"Absolutely fine, but still sleeping", he walked to the rack, taking out a glass cup

"I expect that", she turned on the cooker and placed a kettle on it

"Hmm mom?", Fred called


"I won't be able to go for service today, I need to look after her", he winked

Sarah bursted into laughter
"This boy, you. That's not a problem anyway", she paused and looked at him, "if you like, go beyond your limits"

"Ah momma, you know I can never do that, you know"

"I know, but around Annette, I don't know. You behave like a drunk whenever you are around her"

Fred looked at his mother with mouth wide open

"I don't know what you're talking about mom", he lied, smiling mischievously

Sarah scoffed and looked at him over
"I have something better to do if you don't mind"

"Me too", he went over to the sink, placed the cup under the tap and turned it on
When it was full he turned it off, and headed to the bathroom

e on her ears as she locked up the door to her room looking around, it was Emenike calling and she needed to be sure no one was around listening

"Hello Timi", Emenike said

"Yeah, Emenike. How was it? Has it been carried?", she asked, trying her best not to be loud

"Yes, it was done yesterday"

Timi sighed, she had been worried whether or not, they had done the job

"Hope you guys didn't sell yourselves out?", she asked

"We didn't. We only warned her to keep off your boyfriend"

She gasped
"Hope you didn't mention my name?"

We did. We said she should keep off Timi's boyfriend, that's all", he paused, "come on, you scared? How's that a problem?"

"She can use that as a bait don't you know?", there was a tone of panicking in her voice

Emenike laughed
"It's never possible. Look this is not the first time I'm doing things like this for people, so I know what I'm saying"

She sighed
"Okay. How about the girl that brought the money, how did you handle her?"

He laughed
"That one that was behaving like a water leaf, anyway she didn't agree so I forced my way"

She shook her head
"As far as the work is done, thank you"

Yeah", the call ended and immediately, the door opened

Timi turned back in fright to behold her mother standing by the door and looking at her suspiciously

"Who were you talking to?", she asked


Fred looked at the big wall clock hung on the wall, it was almost twelve, and the rest of the family would be back from church soon

He turned off the TV and stood up, then he walked to the guestroom

He entered and she was still sleeping
What's wrong with this girl?

Sleeping beauty, no more falling beauty but sleeping beauty
He smiled

He walked up to the bed and stared into her face
At that instant, he realized that a beauty was really before him, and he hadn't noticed

His wandering eyes wandered to her breasts, as it moved up and down in rhythm to her breath

Then he took hold of her right hand and stared at it
He was about taking it to his lips and her eyes flickered open at once, she was awake!

Annette opened her eyes to see someone she never expected, even in her wildest dreams to see him standing by her side and holding her hand

It was Fred, yes it was him

He held her hand close to his lips like he was about to.......
No, she shook her head and with all the force she could muster, withdrew her hand from his hold.


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