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Sochina - Episode 12


Sochina - Episode 12

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

WITH the speed of light, Fred rushed Annette into his car, and straight to the hospital
He forgo taking the petrol to the church, life was important

He got to Marvin's Hospital, a private hospital, being run by their family doctor, Dr Marvin

As soon as he carried Annette into the emergency ward, she was taken from him by the nurses around, they all knew him

Dr Marvin came in immediately and rushed into the ward where Annette was kept

Fred waited in the waiting room, pacing about and panting

What could have gone wrong? And who were those boys?
How did she got into their trap? He was full of questions, none of them he could provide answers

The thought of calling his mother, so she could inform her parents came to him, but he waved it off
He knew that if his mom informs Annette's parents, they would take her home, and he didn't want that, he didn't want anyone to take Annette from him at this moment

He sat down on the couch and sighed, running his hands through his hair
The thought of his girlfriend Timi came to him, and he hissed

He checked his wristwatch, 6:43, it read. Her parents would have been sitting on hot bricks, worried by now
He hoped the doctor would be fast so he could take her home, thank God it was just a minor incident

About forty minutes later, the doctor and a nurse came out of the ward

"Dr Marvin", Fred called as he got up from the couch and walked up to him
"Dr Marvin, please how's she?", he asked

The doctor sighed
"It's nothing too serious, injuries on her body and some little cuts that requires sewing up", he explained, "nevertheless, she's okay"

Fred heaved a sigh of relief
"Please doctor, can I take her home? So she would be on home service", he asked

The doctor nodded
"Sure, though she's on drip, but since you wants home service, no problem. One of my nurses would go with you, so she could put her on drip"

Fred smiled, that was awesome

Dr Marvin turned to the nurse with him
"Go get Nurse Funmi, to join you in carrying the girl to the car, then you will be the one to go with them, and put the patient on drip"

"Okay sir", and she left

"Thanks doctor", Fred greeted and followed the nurse

They got to the ward, Annette was sleeping. There were bandages all over her body
On her forehead, her wrist, her shoulder, infact everywhere

Fred walked to the bed and looked at her closely, there was a little patch up on the side of her lips, meaning there had been a cut on it
He sighed

Immediately the door opened, and the nurses entered. Then they removed the drip fastened on her left wrist and they placed her on a stretcher and then straight to the car, Fred led the way

They got to the car and after placing her properly at the back seat, one of the nurses rolled the stretcher back into the ward, while the other joined Fred, and they zoomed off

Annette had been taken to one of the guestrooms and placed on the bed, the nurse had already done the necessaries and had left, promising to come back the next day

Fred stood beside the bed looking all over her. It was already late and had wondered what her parents would be doing about looking for her now, he needed to tell them

Sarah, his mother walked in
"Freddie, what did you say that really happened?", she asked

Fred sighed
"On my way to the church, to deliver the petrol dad asked me to, I got to Sunshine street and there, I saw some boys bent over something. They seemed to be doing something bad, and I heard the low screams of a girl. I had wanted to ignore them, but the boys suddenly took off as soon as they saw me approaching, and then I knew it.......it must be something serious", he paused, heaving a sigh, "only for me to get there and find out the victim was Annette"

"Hmm, this is serious", his mother said turning to look at Annette, she was still sleeping
"I need to call her parents, they might be worried sick now", she turned to leave
Fred stopped her

"But mom.....", his mother turned to him


"It would be late for them to come carry her home"

His mother laughed
"I know where you are heading to. Don't worry I will only tell them about her, that she's safe. I won't let them come carry her ok?"

Fred nodded
"Thanks Mom", he said

Sarah left the room to go get her phone
She met her husband in the sitting room and she explained everything to him

She got her phone and dialed Annette's mom
She picked it up

"Hello mummy Annette", she said into the phone

"Ohh Sarah, how are you?", Annette's mom asked

"I'm fine Vera. Er your daughter Annette......",

"Yes my daughter, we've been looking for her, we can't find her", she interrupted, the panic in her voice could be identified

Sarah sighed
"She's here with us"

"What! Oh my God I can't believe it. Why would she go to your place without first informing me?"

"No Vera, she didn't come to my place, she was actually attacked", she dropped the bombshell

There was silence for a while, as she digested the information

"Attacked?", she finally said, "by who? When? At where?", she reeled out questions

"On her return from church, it was my son who rescued her. She was taken to the hospital and she's presently here with us", she explained

"This is too much for my ears. Thanks for everything, thank you so much. I dunno it's so serious to the extent of going to the hospital"

"I'm surprised at the whole thing too, it's Fred that would be able to explain more"

She sighed
"I will be there in a jiffy, let me inform her dad and get the car ready"

"Oh Vera forget about that we're up to the task, she's safe with us here", she spoke in a persuasive tone

"You guys have done much already, let me just take her home ok?"

Sarah laughed
"Did I complain to you Vera? Annette is like my daughter, she's very fine with me. Besides she's asleep, we don't need to disturb her"

Owing to the fact the family's so close to theirs, moreover Annette don't really need disturbance, it was already late and Sarah had so pleaded, she decided to give in

"Okay Sarah, you win. I know she would be fine", she said

Sarah laughed
"Very fine. After service tomorrow, you all can drive down with us to come see her"

"Sure. Thanks once again"

"Don't mention, goodnight"

"You too", and the call ended

Sarah smiled and made to walk back to the guestroom

"That was really a good convincement", Dr Kingsley, her husband said
He was sitting on the sofa and going through a magazine, he had been listening to the conversation

Sarah looked at him
"I'm good at it dear", she laughed

"Very good", he hissed

She rolled her eyes
"Whatever", and she left the sitting room

She got to the guestroom
"I've told her Freddie, they would be coming for her tomorrow", she said

Fred turned to look at his mother
"Wow! Thanks Mom"

She smiled mischievously
"I can see my son falling in love"

Fred smiled and kept mute

"You only keep shut when I say the truth", she said

"Maybe you are right mom", he said

"Tricky boy", she said and slapped his shoulders, laughing


Cynthia laid on the bed, wincing and tossing about in pains
Her v area was really on fire

So this was the criteria to have Fred?
She had met with Emenike as Timi had told her to, and she was told to make out with him

In astonishment, she told him that Timi never told her about it

"Don't you want the guy again?", Emenike had asked

Yes, she wanted him but not through sleeping with this pig

She told him plainly that she would never do what he wants, and he had dragged her into an uncompleted building and had forced his way into her
Since then, she wasn't herself

She was still in thought when her mother walked into the room
She looked at her with angry eyes, full of disgust

Cynthia shivered as her mother walked up to her

"Are you now ready to tell me?", Mummy C, her mom thundered, Cynthia kept quiet, tears running down her face

"I ask for the last time Cynthia, who did this to you? Who had you raped and deflowered?", she shouted

Cynthia still kept quiet, not able to talk, she just cried

"Hmm, I think I will have to force the words out of your mouth", she said and walked out

She returned seconds later with a pressing iron
Cynthia wondered if it was already heated, she knew her mum to be very daring, and she dared not try her

Who knows? She must have heated it in preparation

Mummy C brought the pressing iron close to her skin
Cynthia felt it, it was hot. She cringed

"You see it? Very hot", Mummy C said. "you know very well that I can use this on you if you don't tell me what I want to hear", she brought the hot iron close to her laps and looked straight into her eyes

"Now tell me, who raped you? Who?", she shouted

"Mummy please.... mom please", she pleaded, the hot iron so close to her skin

"Who.....", and she placed it on her laps

"Arrrrghhh", Cynthia shouted in grief and pain, she winced. Tears flowed
"Okay I'll talk, I will say who?", she said

Her mom removed the iron from her legs and fixed gaze on her
"Yes?", she said

"It's a guy and I..... I don't even know him", she said

"What! You don't know him? And he raped you? Where had you been to? Because you can't be in the store and someone would come in there and rape you, you have gone where I haven't authorized you to go, so where have you been to?"

As expected, Cynthia hesitated and her mom brought the iron down on her skin

"Mummy let me talk pls", she said

Her mom removed the iron from her skin
"I'm listening", she said

"I had gone to an uncompleted building to.......to see him"

"Oh you were even the one that went to see him. For what?"

"For...for the execution of another girl"

Her mother looked at her in disgust
"I should have known you are now this heartless, why do you want to execute a fellow girl? And who's this girl?"

"I don't know her. I wanted her executed because she....... she's been blocking my way from getting my boyfriend".


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