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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode10


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode10

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


The kiss was becoming intense and I couldn't help but pull away . I can't let this get to the best part of me, not after I rejected Adrianna ....

She's such a desperate fool, I knew she was no difference from those ladies out there ...

" Is there a problem baby " she asked as I slightly push her off me

" Not at all babe, I mean we can do this some other times " I replied huskily while she grumbled

It's time, for Sophia to be so foolish to have entered here. She has to pay..

I snapped my fingers and in no time three of my guards appeared ..

The image of Olivia's scars on her stomach flashed in my head. Maybe it's all over her body..
Only that was enough to rise my temper.

I roughly pushed her to the floor with a slap ..

" Eth..Ethan d..did you just slapped me? " She asked holding her cheeks while I chuckled loudly..

" You don't know I slapped you right? Maybe you need another to reset your memory " I slapped her again and this time around she stumbled and fell down .

" Ouch... W..why are you doing this ?" She asked with tears in her eyes.
I just began and she's already crying ..
In her next life, she should stop being so desperate and inconsiderate.

Didn't she have a conscience? Trying to take her sister's fiance?

" That's just a start Sophia, you were so easy to fool. Anyways when I'm done with you, you will learn how to be nice to people especially your sister Olivia. I will make sure you have those scars she has on her body "

" Take her away, lock her in one of the rooms. Torture her, deny her food, seal her lips, infact tie her to the wall. Just deal with her till I say otherwise " I instructed

" Yes sir "

" No, please don't do this to me.. I'm sorry , I will apologize to Olivia for all I have done. Just let me go please " she pleaded while I smirked..

If I should touch her, I'm sure going to kill her with all the anger boiling up in me ..

" And lastly, make sure you safeguard the room and don't let Olivia go in or knows about this understood?"

" Yes sir "

" Take her away "

" E.. Ethan please " I heard her faint voice as they dragged her along with them.
Now it's time for Emily and her mother. I want all of them here before I decide in what to do with them and thank goodness! All the guest rooms are soundproof. No one will hear her  shouting



" Please don't hurt me I beg you " the guy pleaded

" I am not hurting you handsome guy. I just want you to do something for me and you will be free to go. Simple " I said smiling at him .
He's not my problem so why would I hurt him?

" What did you want ?"

" Well, I only want you to bring out your phone and call your girlfriend Emily " I said while he stared at me confused .

I learnt Emily loves him so much that sh can do anything to make him has forever

" W..why "

" The reason is simple, we want her. Stop asking silly questions and bring out your phone " Jack my personal guard said sternly.
He's always serious and straight forward . That's why I like him

He brought out his phone with his hands shaking in fear

" Now, dial her number and tell her to meet you at here at number 16 avenue city "

" P.. please are you going to hurt her ?" He asked nervously

" Why should we hurt her, we aren't. We just need her like we needed you to get her " I replied simply.
Lover boy!

" I ..I can't bring her here " he said and shook his head. Why is he adamant?

" Are you crazy? Call her now or I kill you here. I give you 2sec to choose "

" If we don't get her, I will cut you into pieces, feed my dog with your body and throw your remains in the sea " I said and he fearfully dialed her number.

Good! He was beginning to piss me off

" We want to hear her speak " I said and he pressed the speaker
It began ringing and soon enough, her tiny voice echoed

" Neo " she called over the phone. She must be happy to hear his voice

" H..how are you Em " he said and glanced at us

" I'm fine, are you okay ?"

" Y... yeah but uhmm I want to see you right away " he said to her

" You sound worried what's wrong?"

" I will tell you when you come "

" Okay, I will be at your place immediately"

" I'm not home Em, meet me at number 16 avenue city "

" Avenue city? What are you doing there?"

" With a friend just meet me right now please "

" You know what, I was going to the mall but I will just turn to your place. I will be there in a jiffy, it's not that far "

" O..okay thank you and I...I'm sorry  " he said and I collected the phone from him and hung up
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
What the hell! Did he want her to suspect something?

" You've done a good job boy " I said .... He might have loved her to be so worried.

" P.. please don't hurt her "

" Shut up , don't talk again else I will lock you up here " I snapped and he kept quiet

I shouldn't hurt her? When I see she's the most arrogant and spoilt? Only God knows what she have done to my Olivia.


After some minutes, the gate keeper announced her arrival and I told him to direct her here.

" She's here sir " he said and left leaving us ..

" Look who we have here " I said mockingly

" Oh my God! E.. Ethan? Neo? " She called unbelievably and frightened

" Lock the door jack "  he pushed her in and got the door under lock and key

" W..what is happening? Neo? You tricked me here? "

" I... I'm sorry Em, I was left with no option please forgive me "
Aww. Love....

" Anyways, you can now leave Mr neo. Make sure you keep all this to yourself if you don't want to die . Get out "

" Neo please don't leave me here "

" I'm sorry Em" with that he walked out.

" E.. Ethan why?"

" Momma's baby, I brought you here to Join your sister and enjoy the fun " I smirked

" Fun? Which of my sister?"

" Sophia of course, did you consider Olivia as your sister?" I laughed mockingly

" Y..you have Sophia here?" She asked fearfully..
That's what I want, I want her to be scared

" Of course, I want you both to enjoy what Olivia enjoyed in your hands "

" W..hat? "
Before she could say another word, I made her inhale the chemical and she passed out...
Yes, I can be dangerous when you mess with my loved ones

" Take her to where Sophia is" I said to jack who nodded and took her away ..

Yeah! Their mother! She will be left with no choice than to bring herself here.
Arg! I so much dislike her.
Its her I want to see suffer and cry in pain. I wish to strangle her with my bare hands.
I wish to kill her because anytime I remember the scars, the fear in Olivia's eyes when I persisted her to tell me . I'm sure she want through a lot in her step mum's hands.
I will make her pay, she will have no option than to beg. She will learn how to love people with force.
I will torture her, I will make them have those scars ...

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