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Only You - Chapter Twenty


Only You - Chapter Twenty

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I pushed a strand of my hair back and wore a small smile directed at Darren, Erwin who was chewing down on bacon dropped it and even almost choked on it. Seth on the other hand stared at me for a couple of seconds, I pretended I didn't notice him and Erwin and stared at Darren's direction who was the only one displaying his honest reaction.

"Your eyes..." Erwin slipped out a chuckle in a deep husky tone, he didn't smile after that he just stared at me caging his palm on his face..

"They are contacts, how do I look ? " Darren sneers a bit at me.

"You look like Dory from that finding dory crap." Erwin says wearing an irritating snarl that annoyed the shit out of me, he had his head bent after that. "You look amazing Quinn, Maria did a great job." Darren comment my cheeks burn red a bit.

Erwin gets up and says. "I'm going out to smoke." he shuts the door behind him before anyone could reply him leaving me with Seth and the rest.
"What do you think Seth? " Darren questions while I awkwardly waited for his reply.

"I liked her better in brunette." his words are not supposed to hurt me right? but why does it hurt?
"I think she's okay." Haven said tapping my shoulder.

Seth looks me in the eye. "I didn't say she looked terrible, she could go blonde for all I care I hate the contacts." he say.

"What's your problem with the contacts? " Haven asks
"It hides her brown eyes..." he replies lowering his gaze down a bit and returns to what he was doing not sparing me a single look again.

I brace my arm and turn away, Erwin walks back in eyes focused on me he has a cigarette stuck on his lips.

He walks over to my direction. "You actually dyed your hair." he started off. "I know what you're going to say I look stupid right? "
"Of course you look stupid but you're cute so you look stupidly cute." he commented.

"You were the one who said if I dyed my hair I'll look pretty." I yelled but didn't notice this weird smile on Erwin's face, he usually smiled but it was different.

"You do....." he concluded done with his end of his cigarette, I had to stop and stare at him whether he was playing games with me.
"I didn't know you were head over heels in love with me? " he smirked, I recognize that smirk anywhere. "In love with what? " I ask.

"Why did you decide to dye your hair ? " he questioned waiting for a reply he twisted the ends of my hair, I backed away from him.
"Because I wanted to, you're the last person on earth I would ever think of falling in love with." I yell.

"So there is still hope after all, you do like me how can you betray Seth like that? " he sneers at me and I was ready I choke him.
"Fuck you.." I yelled.

"In front of the guys ? how about later." he teases, I took out my hand to slap him but he caught my wrist and held my hand up high and looked into my eyes for a few moment.

"Let me go..." I yelled, all the way he enjoyed it it just fueled my rage towards him.

"Will you guys stop acting like children and come over." Seth orders us both, Erwin let's go of me and walks over to the guys, we both walked over to see the guys as Darren was on his laptop.
"Done, I sent the email we just need a few minutes before it's accepted." Darren uttered.

"I'm lost, accept what? "

"We discovered one of the most popular multimedia company C.O.E sent an early request to have an interview scheduled, Diego hasn't accepted it..." Haven started off.

"Darren already hacked his companie's email to make it look like he accepted it but all he has, when he goes through his schedule in a few minutes he'll send a message that he accepts that only us knows.." Erwin said, I nodded paying attention.

"So if he accepts it what's the big deal? " I ask as Darren laptop rings.

Seth stares at me. "You are going undercover as a journalist as your first time of meeting him if he accepts." Seth says looking away from me, I looked down at the side of his neck there was a tattoo there. Erwin elbow me I turned he just glared at me. "What Dory ?" he flares.

"Will you stop calling me that? " I mumbled under my breath loud enough for him to hear me.

"You started it." he breaks into a smirk, I just looked at him unbelievably I was minding my business looking at Seth's tattoo and he's just being a dick and acting up.

I ignored him, I'm tired of keeping up with his shits. "Quinn you should eat.." Haven handed me breakfast I nodded, my mind went back to what happened yesterday, something happened I just don't know what, maybe I'm being paranoid because of the mission.

I put a peice of bacon in my mouth slowly chewing it. "He accepted." Darren alarmed, I almost choked but didn't. "The location is at his company, that will be In a few days so you have time to prepare Quinn." Darren says and I nodded.

"What will I do in a few days? " I asked.

"We can still look round New York? " Haven insisted. I nodded going off to sit down and eat slowly thinking about the mission.
"The hotel has a pool.." Erwin spoke quietly to the guys, maybe I'll check it out during the mission for now I have to prepare for the mission.

"We have a mission to take care of Erwin forget it." Seth explains.
"Quinn, there's a carnival tonight wanna go tonight." Haven spoke up, all eyes glued on me waiting for my reply, I hate being the only girl.

"I'm not sure, carnivals are not exactly my thing." I yelped.
"That's more of the reason we are going, Darren can tag along." Haven says, Darren looks surprised being called. "Sure if nothing comes up." Darren explain.

"Fine, I guess I could go." I say finishing my my breakfast, I put away the empty plate and just went in to practice a bit.

Seth and Erwin left a few hours later leaving me with Haven, I was reading about the company with Darren's tablet, I looked up his fiance and she was successful, her parents were from a wealthy background and the next thing she's missing.

"What if she was kidnapped, just look at her she's beautiful." I gaped gawking at her headshots, she didn't need her fiance and but she stuck to him even when he had admist cheating rumours that were never confirmed.

"Kidnapped by who? " Haven asks.
"Maybe like my case of the
Cunningham's? " I said.

"If she was kidnapped we would know, it's weird she disappeared honestly." Darren answers going through his laptop.

I looked at her pictures. "What caused her to be missing, her fiance isn't even bothered." I muttered under my breath.

Few hours later I was getting ready for the carnival, I was kinda excited I just didn't know what to wear because I didn't pack for it, I dressed up in a blue top, a jean mini skirt and black flats.

I did a bit of makeup and went out to meet the guys, Erwin and Seth came through the door with bags I didn't bother to ask or talk to them, Erwin went over to the couch and sits down tossing the bag away.

"How did it go? " Darren asks showing up from my back, he was going through his tablet.

They were talking, Haven shows up with his phone, he finally noticed me and walks to my direction. "You ready? " he asks I nodded.

"Darren?? " Haven calls Darren who turned to face him. "Oh yes I forgot I'm sorry but we can take Quinn another time, me and you have to do a count in the other side of New York." Darren says.

"Seriously you're telling me this now, we were supposed to take Quinn to the carnival.. " Haven persisted.

"Seth and Erwin can take her, they are done with their missions." my eyes widened on Darren's suggestion. "They don't have to." I insisted, I would rather stay locked in rather than go to a carnival with Seth and Erwin both of them together is like playing with fate, I always manage to get myself in some kind of shit.

"I'm bored, so I'm down taking Dory to her shitty Carnival." Erwin says wiggling his brows at me mischievously. "You can't go alone with her Erwin unless Seth chooses to." Darren ordered.

"I'm not sure Seth wants to waste his time babysitting both me and Quinn... "

"I'll go..." Seth says shutting Erwin up. Haven turns sharing me a smile. "Maybe some other time." he roughs my hair while I put on a fake smile excited in going to the carnival with Erwin and Seth.

Darren and Haven takes off leaving me with Erwin and Seth.
Since it dusk we had to take a taxi, surprisingly the guys were quiet, it kinda scared me though because the driver didn't know he had a gangster at the back of his seat, it makes me think how many criminals have I come in contact with?

We got down, Erwin paid we walked in the park where the carnival was being held, I liked the colorful lights and the smiles of people it looked so normal I envied them for that.

"Hey Dory which game can I beat you at? " Erwin sneers at me.
"Is that a challenge?? " I scoffed.
"If you are too coward to play I'll understand." he grins. "I don't want to play your childish games." I scoffed, Erwin ignores me which I appreciated, I looked over the carnival and saw a the prize booth it was a snow globe with lights in the house of the snow globe.
I walked over to the counter and odrered to play, Seth paid obviously.

"What prize do you want? " the man behind the booth ask. "The snow globe." I mouthed.

"That's a dumb prize." Erwin comment. "You're a dumb mistake." he shrugged not minding my comeback.

I was supposed to hit a couple of bottles down from a distance, I got one but I couldn't get the remaining two.

"You suck at this game to be honest." Erwin mocked. "Like you could do better." I hissed getting back to the game but I kept missing.

"You really suck." Erwin commented again and I snapped, I clench tight to the ball and tossed it at Erwin, he dodged, I was furious using all my balls but he kept dodging and running away, my mind was yelling telling me to stop but I didn't.

"What Dory? Why the frown ?" he teased.

"Suck this you dick...." I tossed the the ball at him unfortunately he dodged and hit Seth who was about to stop our childish game.
Few people stopped to see what happened.

"You're dead Dory..." Erwin mocked.

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