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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Two


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Two

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I sat down having a snack after reporting everything about what happened at Diego's yesterday especially the loud thud, Darren seemed skeptical about the whole issue while Seth on the other hand remained silent.

"So what now Seth ?" everyone looked up to him for answers, it makes me wonder why everyone follows his orders besides the fact he's the leader, maybe it's something i don't understand.

"He said he's having an upscale ball ?" I nodded at the question, he stared at me unusually, wait ?? Does he think I'm not prepared or ready for this mission i made it alive without getting into any trouble give me credit for that at least.

Erwin who was holding his frame by leaning against the wall probably he was bored and walks up to me and snatches my snack.
"You don't mind do you Dory ?" He smirked taking a bite of my sandwich, he winked at me while i glared at him, i picked up a plate i used to keep my sandwich before Erwin took it, i lifted the plate about to give him a whack in the head. "Quinn ??" Seth's voice makes me freeze i stop while Erwin wiggles his brows at me, i look back at Seth who focused his entire gaze on me.

I gulped down hard ready to take in what ever he had to say. "Seth..." Darren called we all paid attention to him, i heave a sigh of relief thanking the Lords. "I just got an email from Diego's company, he request to see Ambre Tenn for private interest." Darren paused sharing me a quick glance and then stared back at his laptop. "He wants to have lunch with you Quinn.." he stared at me slowly waiting for my reaction, my eyes widened in shock.

"When ??" I asked stunned.

"Today apparently." He replied quickly. "He sent the address you both could..." before he could finish Seth yelled. "No.." he looks at me and then back at Darren. "Reject the offer.." he commented.

"What?? " I spoke up. "You did your part and interview him, your job is done the guys will take care of the rest." he said.

"But.. But.." I stuttered. "You're not going."

"Seth, we haven't gotten enough information on Diego, him requesting for her service means he has already developed an interest on her we could use this to our advantage." Darren advised. "That's the thing I don't like.." he said I didn't know if to be shocked or confused. "we could be putting her in danger, we don't know what Diego have in mind for her, why would he request for her? " he stated.

"If he had something up his sleeves he would have done it the first time they met when he ordered they meet at his house away from our watch, what could he possibly do to her now?" Darren says.

"Quinn can take care of herself if you think she can't and also we'll be watching her this time if that put your doubts at ease.." everyone nodded at Darren's conclusion.

"I'm pretty sure by now Dory can take care of herself, right Dory? " Erwin turns to face me stings my forehead with a tick of his fingers.

I massaged my forehead easing out the pain and totally frowning at him which excited him the more. "What is wrong with you? " I yelled, he shrugged leaning closer. "Just a reminder even if you have lunch with Diego you still belong to me." he wiggled his brows.

"I rather play cards with death.." I gave a brutal reply. "You know you look cute when you are mad at me it makes it more enjoyable to mess with you." he grinned I tried punching him but he didn't feel a thing. "Will you guys stop acting like kids, Quinn get ready you're going to have lunch with Diego don't mess up." Seth warns while Erwin pulled back and yawn.

"You better not mess up so I can still mess with you Dory." he smiled and walked away with his hands to the back of his head.
"Dickhead..." I muttered under my breath, Darren walks up to me. "Quinn I need to talk to you after the mission it's important." he says I nodded he smiled back at me which made me blush. "Don't be nervous we'll be able to watch you this time." he stated.

"I know I trust you guys, I just wish Seth didn't give me a hard time." I mouthed.

"Wanna know something? " Darren ask planting seeds of curiosity in my thoughts. "What? " I asked.

"Remember when I told you about Erwin likes you and he does it his own way by making fun of you any chance he gets." he said I just nodded, what does Erwin have to do with Seth being mad at me beside him being the victim of our dispute..

"Yeah? " I said. "Well Same goes for Seth, he's hard on you because he cares about you."

He's joking right ?
"You're joking right? " I asked while he looked down at his tablet and quickly back at me. "It's hard to believe but you'll get there, I need to take care of something." he says and leaves me to my thoughts.

"He cares..." I muttered quietly trying to peice out everything in my thoughts, I shook my head sideways, forgetting about it.
"What are you thinking about? " I looked back at Haven who was the only one left in the room with me, I didn't even notice.

"Nothing.." I walked over to him. "Haven, you wanted to tell me something, you said it was important before you got interrupted." I said sitting down next to him with my head down.

"Oh... you remembered.." he chuckled nervously while I patiently waited for him to reveal his information. "Yes is it important? " I asked he looked down running his fingers through his hair. "No, you shouldn't be bothered it's silly anyways." he gets up while I nodded.

"Get ready I have to drive you to the place anyways." he smiled but I could make out pretty well it wasn't genuine it was a bit sad.

"Sure.." I said and went in to change.

I don't know what's worse the fact I had to wear this godamn dress which expose my back and part of thigh or the fact all eyes were on me because I was sitting at the VIP section Diego reserved for me while I waited for him to show up, I could hear indistinct chatter and they were all about me, I just paid no attention and looked down at my table, I looked up and took a glance round to see Haven he was at the end of the restaurant holding up a menu, he winked at me all I did was chuckle.
"Bored??? " he mouthed from the distance.

I nodded putting my elbow on the table. How long is it going to take before he eventually arrived, I'm starting to pick Erwin annoying the shit over me than this. "Come dine with me.." Haven mouthed again from the distance.

I shook my head gracefully which made Haven chuckle, the door swing open revealing the man I was waiting for, his eyes strolled round the restaurant everyone was in gasps, I on the other hand wasn't as stunned as the others I was even thrilled.

Diego's eyes wonder over to mine, he put on a gentleman smile and stride over to my table and sits down, now the mumurs turned into an uproar of whispers.

"Miss Tenn thank you for accepting my invitation I'm delighted the company let you off for the day." I nodded palming my dress.

"I take my job seriously Mr Vans so kindly don't waste my time why did you request to see me? " I went straight to the damn point.
"To see your face of course and to ask if you'll be attending the ball? " he says.

A waiter comes up to take our orders I didn't pay attention to who it was. Diego takes my hand and plants a kiss on my forehand I just pretend to be startled. "Will you attend? " I take away my hand trying to get myself together. "I don't know, since you're hosting it, it will be all about rich snobby civilians, I'm not well grounded or should I say I'm not going to fit in with your guest you're better off without me." the waiter taking our orders left since Mr Diego signaled him to go, two men in black came in with a bottle of bubbly champagne and two silhouette china glass.

"Now don't say that Ambre I'm very sure you would fit right in beside I'll be down if you're not invited." he stated and I nodded.
"Infact I'll like to know you much better and if it's okay I could recommend you a spot at my company I could triple your pay, think about it ?" he insisted. "Thank you Mr Vans but journalism has nothing to do with your company and I'm very much satisfied with my position at C.O.E like I said I don't joke with my work." I muttered trying my best to refuse his invitation. "I understand suit yourself." he nods and opens the champagne pouring it into the glass.

"I've never mentioned this but I admire your hair, it makes you stand out." he complemented I guess, I gave him a blush reaching out to my glass. "Don't mind me asking if it's anyway personal? Do you have a boyfriend? " I almost choked slowing chugging down the champagne.

"Oh you do..."

"I don't, I'm not seeing anyone I'm pretty much focus on my career." I blurted. "That's good I don't like competitions." he muttered I just managed to smile, the door went open revealing Erwin but he had a baseball cap hiding a bit of his facial features, he smirks at me and walks over to Haven.

They both got up and went over to the restroom, Erwin nudge me at the shoulders when he passed by, I didn't look back so I couldn't seem suspicious but I know they wanted to talk to me.

"May I be excused? " I didn't wait for his reply I quickly picked up my purse and went straight to the way to the restroom to see them both discussing. "What happened? " I asked both the moment I entered the restroom.

"Darren sent us a warning he didn't say who or what he just said we should get out of here." Erwin spoke up. "Wait what's coming? " I asked. "Before he could give me the information the signal went down it has to be something important if Darren purposely drown the signal, who or whatever made Darren do so is enough reason to get out of here." Erwin said while I looked at Haven confused.

"Darren always drains out the signal incase someone who is a potential threat sees us and tries to track us down after." he looks down at me. "What about me? " I asked.

"With that blue hair of yours don't worry they'll loose interest faster than the way I lost interest in watching Finding Dory." he teases I just rolled my eyes at him. "You need to leave too we don't know if you could get recognized." Haven warned.

"How do I do that? " I asked. "We need to go..." Erwin warned.

"Just come up with some excuse the bastard believes any shit that comes out of your mouth." Erwin said as they both went ahead and left, I heave a deep breath and followed returning to the table.

Few minutes after that I was glancing over at the clock, I made him notice but he didn't say a word, I picked up my purse. "I need to go." I quickly threw off, Diego seem slightly taken aback.

"Work? " he questioned. "No my roommate, she needs help with her aptitude exam I promised I'll help her." and like that he simply believed. "I shouldn't keep you waiting, should I give you a ride? " he offered.

"No thanks I already decided to call my uber thanks for the lunch mr Vans sorry to cut it short." I humbly apologize.

He quickly pulled out a business card and hand it over to me. "In case you change your mind about going to the ball or you're less busy give me a call." he said, I nodded quickly picking my purse and the card. "I'll keep it in mind." I stated calmly and got up and went straight to the door but suddenly someone opened it, nothing could prepare me for who I saw.

I was stunned, I clenched tightly to my purse as the person took details of my figure.

"I like your hair..." he shot me a smirk, I just smiled hoping he doesn't recognize me. "What's your name? " he asks.

"Ambre Tenn.." I quickly addressed and he nodded. "We've met before." my heart almost stopped when he mentioned that.

"I don't think we've ever cross paths sir.." I quickly defend myself. His eyes lingered down my necklace. "Hmmm you're correct maybe it's just a thought I don't think I've seen you before, maybe it's just a mistake." he played with his words like a melodious chorus.

"Maybe.." I stated looking down at his attire and over to the two body guards that stood outside the restaurant. "Do you know who I am? " he asks but I just giggled shaking my head. "Strange, everybody knows me." he said.
"I'm Shane Cunningham..." he spoke up. "I have a feeling this won't be the last time we meet." I hope it's the last time.

I nodded and just about I was about to exit the restaurant he stopped with these words. "I like your necklace." he chuckled softly before finally walking to the restaurant.

At least he didn't find me familiar.
After that Haven picked me up after I'm sure no one followed me, the guys weren't happy I came face to face with Shane mostly Darren he was worried.

I told them the same thing I was sure off he didn't recognize me so I'm pretty much safe.

The guys were out except Seth, they had something important I guess, I was going through Darren's laptop stalking Calvin's facebook account, I was going through his past pictures with mostly me in it and some with Mandy, most of them were only me my gut churned hard realising the way he looked at me in almost all the pictures.

'Arghh, stupid how could I not realize my best friend was in love with me.'

"You know you're not supposed to be active with any of your accounts." Seth stood beside the couch cushion breathing against my neck, I didn't move. "It's not my account, it's Erwin's he was logged in earlier, he didn't log out so I decided to use it anyways." I replied calmly withstanding the warm breath that race against my skin.

"Your boyfriend? " he said noticing me and Calvin in one frame, for a second he came off jealous. "No, he's my brother or you could say best friend who in the end turned out to develop feelings for me." I said staring blankly at the laptop. "What makes you think that? " he asks, I turned to face him and tried to remain calm, he didn't have a shirt on.

"he told me a day before my cousin's wedding, I just wish he didn't honestly." I said shutting the laptop. "Why? " Seth asked.

"Because maybe I knew he did have feelings for me but I just didn't want our bond to be broken and I ended up almost miserable." I muttered thinking about the Terry thing.

"Maybe if I dated Calvin I wouldn't be in this shit..." I thought out loud convincing myself it was my fault for dating Terry, the bastard was at that underground club and had something to do with me getting sold to the Cunningham's, if only I acknowledge Calvin's feelings maybe I won't be here.

I clenched tightly to the laptop as tears roll down my cheek, I didn't notice Seth next to me when he took hold of my chin, our eyes locked on each other for a few seconds.

"Maybe life has his reasons, if you dated him there's a possibility we could have never met and you wouldn't have helped me that night, I could have died don't beat yourself too hard." he advised leaning towards me his lips gently link to mine, I didn't answer to the kiss he pulls away pushing my hair behind my ear lobe, he looks straight into my eyes before pressing his lips back on mine but this time I slowly answer to it, my body almost went limb when he ran his palms up my thigh.

I climbed on top of me putting away the laptop as he swipes his tongue against my bottom lip, my eyes went open when he moaned and gripped tightly to both my thigh.

"Stop..." I whispered in between the kiss but he wouldn't heed, I struggled trying to push him off me but still he didn't heed until he slides his hand under my top.
"Stop.." I yelled pushing him away and taking deep breaths, the door swung open revealing the guys, I ran inside so I couldn't answer to any of them.

"We didn't find anything on Ambre Tenn, her information is invalid Mr Cunningham."

I looked back at him and the rest of my team who I had to dig information on her.

"And about her facial match? " I asked

"She's 97.5 percent a match to Quinn Fields the same woman your parents want."

I smiled looking down at her documents.

"Should we alert your father sir? "
"No, it's not necessary for my father to know for now take tommorow off, all of you that's the only information I need." I said as they all nodded and left me.

A smirk worked up to my face. "The moment I saw your necklace I knew it was you." I sipped a slur of my drink. "I found you."

To be continued.

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