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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Three


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Three

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

Instead of waking up to a glimmer of sunshine I wake up to with the memory of what happened between me and Seth I'm not sure I even slept at all, I sluggishly got off my bed looking down at my palms. "Did Terry mess me up that much ?" I asked gravely, I didn't even let Seth touch me not like I wanted him to. My cheeks flushed immediately when I thought about it, I whacked my head gently shaking off the thought but blushed even harder.

"It's just a kiss it doesn't mean anything." I sold the idea to myself and thought about Calvin, that's the same thing I said about Calvin until he kissed me and confessed his feelings to me. "Seth can't have feelings for me, this is different... I guess." I concluded not really sure what else to say to convince myself, I shook my head and head out of the room to get a morning snack, Erwin was on the couch going through his phone he took a side glance at me and looked away, he had a while top and cargo knickers he was able to pull off.

Erwin is really handsome, he had blonde messy hair that usually shades his forehead, tanned skin and green eyes there was just one disadvantage he's a dickhead and a pro at that.

Darren walked in, he waved over to me and sat opposite Erwin, he sat down quietly in a daze, he's handsome too with his raven black hair and black orbs that glowed in his eyes it made him look tempting not to fall for, it's kind of surprising he's the calmest of the group, I smiled and looked away before he noticed I was staring at him like a creep.

I turned to see Haven, my God he's hot, he has a muscular thin frame that made him irresistible, he had snow white hair and dark brown eyes which everytime stared into mine makes me want to dive in and swim in them, I may have a little crush on him it's only a little.

"You're up.." he yawned, I nodded. "You looked upset yesterday, everything okay? " I immediately nodded, from the look in his eyes he knew I was lying I just pretended he bought it long enough for him to just give me a quick nod and walked past me, my head was bent I looked up and froze on seeing Seth, my hands were by my side, my breath was steady but for no reason my heart was racing.

His cold gaze stuck on my body, I tried to remain as calm as I could even recalling our encounter yesterday, like nothing ever happened between us he walked past me and went to sit down with the guys.

I went over to where Darren kept the stash for snacks and pulled out a bag of chips, the noise coming from it irritated me, I immediately opened it to see all eyes on me, I froze.

"What? " I voiced immediately feeling nauseous from their vivid stares, they all looked away and back at each other.

"Shane Cunningham is in New York even though he doesn't recognize Quinn for now we have to suspend the mission." Seth started off not sparing me a look. "If we suspend the mission all what we need will be out of reach, who knows how long Shane Cunningham plans to stay or what he wants I suspect it won't be good but we can't abandon the mission." Darren worded.

"we can't wait for Quinn to be recognized before we actually do something can we, we would be endangering her and us all if we keep this up." Seth advises and even though everyone was against it they didn't have a choice. "So we should leave New York? " Erwin asked not even sparing anyone a single look. "This could be our only chance to get the information we need, if you all are against it and willing to risk your lives for this then I have nothing better than to go with your decision." Erwin looked up but straight at me, I gathered all courage within me and spoke up.

"I'm okay resuming the mission, if it means risking my life and you guys getting the information you need then I'll do it...."

Darren stared coldly at me with his sharp gaze lingering at me. "Quinn you don't have to risk your life.."

"I'm okay with it as long as we find Heloise his fiance I'm okay with it at least I'm risking my life for a good cause." I spoke up they all look convinced except for Seth, I don't know why he cares about my decision but he wasn't going to change my mind.

"Okay then get ready." he threw at me while I appeared lost. "Get ready for what? " I asked.

"You're visiting Diego today at his company uninvited, you're going to distract him at the same time insert a flash drive at his company laptop. Darren is going to lend you the flash drive later, don't mess up." he warned got up and left. "Is it me or is Dory and Seth acting odd than usual." I cringed at Erwin's observation.

"What's that supposed to mean ?" I asked, both my cheeks flushed. "You're already red, something did go on." he teased.

"Why can't you be normal like everyone else? " I yelled. "Normal? What's that ?" he smirked at me.

"You know the opposite of you dickhead." I yelled clearly frustrated. "I like me, I'm not boring like the guy you used my account to stalk..." I froze when those words crawled out of his lips, how the hell does he know that?

"How do you know that..what are you talking about? " I yelled poorly managing my words.

"You know what I'm talking about Dory, you used my facebook account to stalk what's his name.." he mocked trying to recall Calvin's name, both Darren and Haven paid attention to our bickering. "Yes, his name was Calvin." he grin while I wished for the ground to open and swallow me up.

"Shut up..." I yelled. "What, he's good looking I see why you stalked the guy."

"I didn't stalk him..." I yelled. He smiled and purposely spoke loudly. "Don't worry Dory, I'll keep your undying love for him a secret cause I know you love me.." he wiggled his brows and left me with murderous thoughts flashing across my mind.

Later that day I wore the shortest dress I could get my hands on, I looked confident as all eyes stopped to admire me, I pranced towards the direction to Diego's office, the dress I wore went up my thigh, my sides were open I heave a deep breath trying to ignore what I wore made me feel uncomfortable.

I quickly took permission from the secretary who shared me looks of kindness and pity, she even asked me if someone as beautiful as me my business with Diego, mostly from the movies the secretary mostly despised women who dressed up to see the ceo, she was kind to me and even advised me to change my mind in seeing Diego while I waited, I decided to chat with her to while away the time since Diego wasn't around.

"So how long have you worked here? " I asked, she looked shy adjusting her glasses. She just smiled finding it hard to reply. "I like your glasses." she smiled again but stopped working on something with her computer staring blankly at it, she started crying I was lost she glanced over me took off her glasses and cleans the tears away. "Are you okay? " I asked.

She puts back on her glasses. "I'm fine, it's just you remind me of Heloise." my stomach dropped when she mentioned those words.

"Heloise? " I gaped at her she nodded. "She's my best friend, she use to come here all excited to see Mr Vans when he noticed her and one day she didn't come back home, I couldn't reach her and it was a few months after she got engaged." she said which made me think for a while.

"Wait she never came back how? "
"One night she called telling me she was going over at Mr Vans that was the last thing I heard from her since she went missing, I tried giving her coordinate to the police but they couldn't track her down until..." she shared me a grave look before she could speak up Diego showed up and she went mute. She got up from her seat to met Diego. "Mr Vans she wants to see you...." before she could finish her sentence he gave her a gentle push out of his way and went up to me planting a peck on my lips.
"Ambre what a pleasant surprise." my heart drummed with the information the secretary gave to me, I heave a deep breath shoving the thought away. "Mr... Van I'm glad you made it, I mean it was boring waiting here.." I uneasily muttered. He looked down at my figure I didn't like it I bit my lip nervously. "Shall we.." he gestured to his office, I nodded and went in before him, he followed behind me while I tried to remain calm as much as I can.

The office was a wide open space, there was a desk and chair in the middle I felt the strong splash of cold against my skin it was way cold in here than outside.

My eyes focused on the computer, I needed to get the flash drive to the computer, he walked over to his chair making his self comfortable he stared awfully long at me with eyes wide in lust. "To what do I owe this pleasant surprise ?" my stomach churned on the decision I was about to make, I slowly walked over slamming my hands on his desk. "Mr Vans I'm scared.." I swear I threw up in my mouth but I had to go ahead anyways.

"Scared? " he arched his brows, I nodded walking over him pulling his chair back, I threw my hands over his and leaned close to his ears and whispered. "You see I've been having sleepless nights and I think somehow you might be able to help me." I pulled away from him and stood on his desk with my legs crossed. "And how can I help with that? " he smirked, I gestured my index finger for him to come forward like a lust puppy he quickly got up from his chair and trapped me with his frame over me, I tugged on to his tie I loosened it pulling him a bit closer, to be honest it was kind of entertaining yanking his tie while he impatiently yearned to touch me.

I yanked him a bit close, my mouth was over his ears, I used a hand yanking his buttons.

A wide smile stretched on his lips, my hands let go unbuttoning, I felt the keys on his computer I intentionally opened it, luckily he was logged in thankfully he ignored it while I smirked playing with suit jacket.

"Mr Vans close your eyes.." I whispered and he did, I just quickly took out the flash drive and connected it to his laptop. "I'm in.." I whispered to my ear piece while I hoped for Darren to do his job.

I looked back at Diego and kissed him before he could realize what was happening, I tried to keep it slow as possible bit Diego wanted more, he slowly pushed me down biting down on my lip, I tried enduring when he ran his hands up my thigh. "Done..." I heard Darren from the ear piece. "Quinn get out of there..." Darren warned, I couldn't handle it anymore before I could push him away the door kicked wide open revealing Shane Cunningham and the secretary from earlier, my cheeks flushed when my eyes met with Shane, he looked somehow shocked, I quickly got down from the desk facing the two while Shane looked over at Diego. "Diego, another fling? " he asked, my stomach again dropped if they know each other it can't be a good thing.

Shane looked over to me. "Ambre Tenn..." his eyes stuck on my figure, I just chuckled.

"Just when I thought meeting you won't be entertaining enough.." he smirked at me. "Ambre be on your way." I nodded but quickly took the flashdrive when no one noticed and quickly head to meet the secretary who waited for me at the door before I exited the room Shane said. "Don't go, why don't you stay I won't be long after all I just need a word with Diego and you guys can resume your make out session." he called, I just turned and smiled. "I just came to see Mr Diego I need to get back to work." I quickly muttered, his eyes never left him he seemed amused. "Okay then suit yourself." he muttered turning his back at me to talk to Diego while I went out and left before the secretary had any word to say to me.

After the encounter with Shane Cunningham I met the guys at a cafe, it was some kind of private cafe where a Barista served us, Daren was going through the information from the flsahdrive while I sat down clothed with Erwin's jacket, he tossed it at my face like a gentleman.

"Is that all the information we need? " Seth questions but got no reply from Darren who was busy uploading the folders I guess.

"We don't have all the information." Darren speaks up. "Meaning ?"

"The rest of the files are in his house probably a private folder kept away.." Darren sighed but stares at me. "Good job Quinn for getting these at least we have a lead about the transactions, he made them not his so called fiance." a thought flashed across my mission, the loud thud at the house could be Heloise, maybe she's trapped there.

"What is bothering you? " Haven asks, all eyes stuck on me. "The secretary at the company told me the last place Heloise was before she disappeared was Diego's place but she couldn't trace the call when the police got involved, when I was at Digeo's I heard a large thud." I narrated. "Heloise might be at Diego's so is the other woman, we need to get to the Diego's without his notice.." Seth said. "And someone to release Heloise if she happens to be in Diego's custody." I added.

"Quinn can go under cover and somehow get her hands on the remaining documents and if possible free Heloise while we stand at guard." Erwin suggest. "Quinn's done enough we can't risk her, we will pay a visit to Diego instead but we need him distracted." Haven said.

Everyone went back to thinking until an idea clicked. "Diego is having that ball, if I show up and distract him you guys can sneak into his house, he can't hurt me at the ball." the guys seemed skeptical with my decision but they didn't see it as a bad idea.

"When is the ball? " Seth asked.

"Tommorow night.."

"Darren and Erwin you're both going to Diego's to get the information we need, Erwin if necessary kill anyone that gets in your way." Seth ordered. "And save Heloise.." I chipped in.

"Don't worry Dory trust me I'm a nice guy I'll spare anyone who doesn't try shit with me." Erwin smirked, I nodded showing him I took his word. "Me and Haven will come with you to the ball, something is fishy about this ball, we'll keep an eye on you and intervene if we have to." Seth says I just nodded looking down at my thigh feeling uneasy.

I suddenly feel all warm in here, I slowly took one arm out of my jacket trying to get some air, I glanced over at Seth, a barista was flirting with him with her mini short skirt and white sleeve top, I frowned at her irritating voice and how she threw herself all over him, jeez at least show some dignity.

"Someone's Jealous..." Erwin teases I blushed instantly all eyes were on me, even the barista.

"What the hell are you talking about? " I yelled at Erwin. "It's so obvious really.." Erwin mocks, I took a quick glance at the girl she tucked her hair back and giggles and leaves after leaving the table, my eyes landed back on Erwin who was nudging at Darren. "Hey Darren how much do you want to bet that the barista chick can beat Quinn for Seth."

"Oh please I can beat that stick of bones easy." I half yelled.

"So you are jealous.." he said
"No I'm not.."

"Because if you didn't you would have barfed saying shit about Seth but instead you're willing to fight for your man."

"Stop it.." I yelled already flushed. "What do you say Seth? " Erwin nudge him at the shoulder but Seth ignore him.

With a vivid stare I spat. "I hate you..." the barista gave us all our own cup of beverages, I had sweet tea the chocolate kind.

I slowly pull it close to my lips. "Jokes apart Quinn you've been here long enough out of all of us who's the hottest." I almost choked on my tea.

"What? " I jerked, all eyes were on me.

"Who's the hottest out of all of us..." I froze I don't know why all of them looked at me for an answer. "The hottest... You guys are all handsome.." I giggled. "Yeah..." Haven cuts in.

"But who's hotter..." I chuckled quietly, while they wait for my reply. "Shouldn't you guys decide by yourself." I gulped down trying to avoid the question.

"Yeah guys don't talk about those stuff it's weird, you're a girl, the only girl so it will be easy for you to pick..." Erwin argued.

"So who's the hottest..."

All their eyes lingered on me for an answer.

To be continued

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