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Only You - Chapter Twenty-one


Only You - Chapter Twenty-one

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

She looks so fragile but yet she unintentionally tries bruise me.
I palmed my forehead trying to recover from the hit, I glared at her which probably scared her she stepped back looking at me in terror, they were not the same look she had when she gave me a black eye, that time she was really scared for some reason I probably triggered something that made her act that way.

"Where are you going Dory? " Erwin smirk holding on to her.
 "Let me go." she yelled trying all her might to escape.

I heaved a deep breath watching her trying to get away from Erwin, if they kept this up I'm going to get more than a hit.

"Erwin let her go.." I ordered, Erwin stared at me with his signature smirk, I glared at him confirming I wasn't playing his games.

He stared at Quinn and then back at me, then a mischievous smirk worked up his lips. "You don't always have to hide my hickeys." he said letting go of her but his hand trailed up to the side of her neck, she pushed him away confused. "You didn't give me hickeys dickhead." Quinn yelled giving Erwin the satisfaction he was looking for.

"Hickeys from me aren't that bad, I can give you one right now.."

"Erwin..." I yelled getting both attention. Erwin looks at Quinn and then me and let's out a tiny chuckle. "I was joking jeez you don't have to be possessive with her." he puts his hands behind his head wearing a wicked smirk, Quinn on the other hand wore a confused look.

"Possessive?? " Quinn voiced quietly.

"I'm going to get myself some cotton candy." Erwin said sharing me one of his wicked side glare leaving me with Quinn.

I sat down touching the part that stings, Quinn stood next to me she was holding an ice pack she was about putting it on my head but I held her hand she froze but then breathe pushing her hand admist my lock on her wrist.

She place the bag on the side of my forehead, still held on to her hand staring at her while she slowly massage my head with it, my left hand slowly crawled up to the ice pack and held on to it as she quickly let's go of it.

"My hand..." she muttered out immediately I let go of her hand as requested, she sat down next to me looking over at a stand it was different from the last one, she smiled watching a kid who could be nine or ten play, he barely won anything but kept trying.

She quickly got up slowly walking over to the stand and watched the kid play I just let her be and just stared at her.

Erwin sat down next to me chewing down on his cotton candy. "You finally got that ice pack, where's Dory? " I ignored him, he noticed and traced my stare to Quinn, I looked away and back at Erwin who manages to pull off a bored look we both remained silent until Erwin finishes his cotton candy and tosses the stick away.

He gets up and walks to Quinn's direction but walks past her heading to the stand where that kid was playing games and paid to play he won eventually, the prize was a giant teddy bear which he gave to the kid.

"Thanks Mr..." he told Erwin and I rolled my eyes at him, he walked back to where we sat, so did Quinn, they both sat down.

"That was really nice of you Erwin to win that prize for the kid." Quinn commented.

"Thank Seth..." he grinned mischievously slowly getting up again. "I only did it so he would stop staring at you, you know I don't like sharing you babe."
Erwin says sharing me a smile. "Bastard.." Quinn hissed at him but he just rolled his eyes.

"Enough carnival today let's head back to the hotel." I said. "Can't, I have plans..."

"Erwin..." I called. "I'll be back in the morning besides you guys have time to fuck before Darren and Haven gets back." He teased.
"What is wrong with you? " Quinn yelled, she was already red. "Don't worry babe I don't mind if you share your... " before he could finish his words Quinn punched him three times in a row which made him chuckle.

"Later Dory..." he says before leaving me with Quinn.

I put down the ice pack, she already got up but stared at the stand for a couple of seconds and said. "They have a snow globe too." her smile after that was subtle.

"Why do you want a snow globe ?"
 I asked.

"It's just a habit, I just like it no good reason." she didn't spare me a single look. "My dad got me one just like that for my 13th birthday after our school cancelled our winter trip." she said probably not realizing she was talking ouloud.

"What happened to it? " I asked she appeared startled but then bowed her head. "I lost it..." her expression told me she was lying, the pain in her eyes reveal it was more than a clumsy mistake. "I was always clumsy.." she mixed her fake smile with her pain disguised in her eyes.

Why was she lying? If she lost it what stopped her from getting a new one ?

"How did it happen? " she looked up to me baffled probably shocked why I would ask further I just wanted to read her further expression. "Well I don't really want to remember, let's go back to the hotel.." she said begging for not to ask but managed to settle her words calmly. "Let's go." I held on to her wrist taking her to the stand.

"How much for the snow globe? " I asked the owner of the stand. "If you want it you have to play." he said.

"Just tell me how much for the fucking globe we don't have to be in anyway bickering." I half yelled.
"I don't mind playing..." Quinn spoke up. "You heard your girlfriend, she doesn't mind.." I paid anyways for the darts, she was supposed to pop like seven out of ten balloons.

Her aim was terrible, she almost toss one at the man. "Shit..." she hissed managing only pop one.
"Why don't you let your boyfriend help? " the man suggested I just glared at him.

"He's not my boyfriend.." she said shyly while I paid again but this time she was slowly trying to balance her aim, I went behind her holding her right hand guiding her dart towards her direction, she tilted her head as both our eyes met. "Focus on your aim, it's like using a gun you have exactly nothing but focus, just breathe and take your aim..." I advise she turned her focus to the balloons. "Now..." I ordered, she popped about eight one after the other. "I did it..." she rejoice, I smiled too she tilts her head to face me, her smile fell but still stares at me. "What a cute couple." we both came to our senses, I got away from her while she staggered forward a bit.

"Here's your prize.." the man handed her the snow globe, I couldn't fathom her excitement when she held it. "Let's go.." I gripped hold on her, we both took a cab back to the hotel, during the cab ride, she took off her contacts and laid them and the snow globe on her thigh, she slowly slept off on my shoulders gripping on to my shirt, I took her hand to keep her away from me, I tilted my head to face her both our faces met, I pushed her head down a bit and turned to look out the window.

"Your girlfriend? " the driver spoke up, he was probably in his late forties. I didn't reply him.

"Oh I see she's just some fling..." he grossly pestered. "You know if you don't mind can you spare her number, probably when you're off I can have some fun.." he grinned, he looked at his rearview mirror to see my frown on my face, if he wasn't driving I would have shot him.

"Don't be greedy."

"How many children do you have? " I asked, he looked startled.
"Excuse me? "

"You are married but you hide your ring in the glove box and probably put it back on when you meet your children and wife, what they don't know is that is you're a retard who'll do anything for cunt." he looked scared but kept his eyes on the road. "How do you k.. "

"Know? Just a guess..."

He went quiet after that, I had my head bent I looked over at Quinn who snuggled up to me.

'What is up with me ?' my thoughts alarmed.

I looked back at the window picturing her smile back at the carnival.

I sat down quietly at the passenger seat next to Haven, he was dropping me in front of Diego's house since he changed the location of the interview to his house, the guys didn't like the idea not only because they couldn't keep an eye on me, they also wanted me to get close to his office and fish out some files.

At this point my heart was pounding so loud from the fear I was going to be alone that I could hear it. "You shouldn't be nervous." Haven advise.

It's easy for him to say he's not a woman who risked her life just to get enough information from him. "How many minutes left..." I said dreading the as the minutes pass by.

"Ten.." I didn't expect it to be that close.

"How did the carnival go? " Haven asks. "Fine except I hit Seth with a ball thanks to Erwin." I hissed under my breath. "You had fun Ehh."

"Maybe, that was after Erwin left, me and Seth played one last game, he helped me win." I added. "Win?? What did you guys win? "
"A snow globe..."

"I guess I have to step up my game."

"What?? " I asked.

"I'm kidding... " he chuckles to himself I laughed too we both went silent. "Quinn..." he started off. "You need to know something." I looked at him puzzled. "What? " I asked, he opened his mouth to speak. "Re..." before he could finish his sentence he was interrupted by the loud signal coming from his ear piece.

"Your ten minutes is up, goodluck." he smiled, I nodded getting down from the car and went up to the mansion, I pressed the intercom. "I'm here for the interview.." I voiced to the intercom.

"Name? "
"Ambre Tenn..." I called out, the gates automatically opened by themselves, I slowly strut in admiring the surrounding, a figure came out of the mansion, it was the Diego Vans, he folded his arms and bit his lip, his eyes stuck on my body I pretend not to notice it's my mission after all to get close to him.

"Ambre Ten, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman." I swallowed my own vomit when he said that, what did his fiance see in him, he took my hand and kissed it.
"Diego Vans, thank you for accepting our interview but I don't get why you picked here instead of the company? " I asked acting like Noemie when she was disappointed.

"Something came up and I'm rather much comfortable doing the interview at my humble abode." he gloated, I tried so hard not to roll my eyes. "Ladies first.." he led me to the front door, unnoticeable I turned on my ear piece so Darren and the gang would be able to communicate with me, he led me to the living room I sat down on one of the couch cushions bringing out a notepad and pen.

"Mr Vans, you run a multi billionaire company am I correct? " I asked.

"Yes, I do.."

"How long have you been running the company, did you start the business all or your own or is it just an inheritance? " I asked confidently.

"I've been running for four and a half years now, I did have a little help from rich family members and build it up to what it is now." he replies why I managed to take down some of his words. "Impressive." I stated calmly flipping my notepad.

"You're engaged right ? " I asked. "Not at all." he replied bluntly, I looked up to him to see his eyes lustfully stuck on me.

"But it's all over the news, you're engaged to Heloise Paign until she went missing..." his expression changed on the last part, he was mad at first but then mustered it into something related to despair.
"I wouldn't say she went missing." he said.

"But?? " I spoke up, he got up walking up to me, he took up my chin. "Between you and me can I tell you something." he said I just nodded. "The day before she went missing I caught her cheating on me, I wanted to end things there but she threatened to leak all my information since she has access to them, the next day my account was hacked, it said something about a transaction I had nothing to do with." he said.

That could explain the transactions.

"Something is off with this story." I hear Darren's voice speak through the ear piece, I would have gave myself away but luckily I had my head bent after escaping from Diego's grasps on my chin.

"I'm so sorry about that but if this happened why can't you tell the press or the authorities about this information, they could track her down and clear your name ?" i asked.

"It's not easy like you think, Heloise is a very brilliant woman she can find ways to blackmail me, she was always mischievous as of now I don't know where she is or her next target." he says.
"Then why are you telling me all of this? " I asked. "You seem like a trustworthy person." he smiled and I just nodded.

"May I ask my questions? " he added I just nodded. "How long have you been working for C.O.E ?"

I went stiff at first. "Quinn breathe and focus.." Darren warns while I recalled my fake back story Darren came up with incase I was confronted about it and I'm glad.
"Two years, I've always wanted to be a journalist ever since my elder brother had a job at 'The Times' I basically read the news because of him even though he was just an editor." I chuckled. "Oh you have a relative at the times? " he asked intrigued.

"Yes but he's no longer with them anymore..." I had my head down.
 "He was promoted? " he asks.
"No, he died I got a call that he was dead, he wasn't bleeding he was working overtime and he just didn't open his eyes anymore, he had so much passion to start his own publishing company, he just didn't have time." I sigh thinking about a dead brother I never had.
"I'm so sorry for your loss, what's his name? " he asked and I heard a loud thud.

"Is there anyone else living with you? " I asked looking at him straight in the eye. "Not at all." he awakardly replied giving me the chills something was up.

His phone rang, he looked down at it excused himself, I sat down adjusting myself. "Did you guys get that information? " I said under my breath, glancing round for any cctv cameras.

"Yes, but I don't understand his point, why would you keep quiet when you know you've been framed." Darren says.

"He did say she could blackmail him, she must be very notorious because he claims she was the one doing all the transactions, we are supposed to be after her not him even though he's a bit retarded." I hissed under my breath.

"That doesn't explain why the other woman went missing." Darren says and again I heard that loud thud. "Where is that noise coming from? " I whispered under my breath.

I slowly head to the direction where the thud was coming from, I got a bit louder and led to a particular door down to the basement, the thud was getting louder but suddenly everything went quiet. "What's behind this door? " I whispered to myself.
"Miss Ambre...." I turned to see Diego, I heave a sigh of relief. "Did you go in there? " he asks.

"I wanted to but you stopped me before I could try, is there something in there I should know about? ." I asked.

"It was exterminated, I don't want you taking in the poisonous gas." that was his only reply.

I wanted to bring up the thud, maybe it was just my imagination. "I better get going." I nodded walking past him, he grip on to my wrist. "I'm hosting an upscale ball in a few days I don't think this should be the last time we meet." he says. "I feel the same way but I'll have to think about your offer I don't joke with my work Mr Vans." I said flinging my hand away from his grasp. "I would love to know much about you, but I hope you accept but in case you do I'll have you settled as a VIP." I nodded and walked away from him.

I picked up my bag and notepad and again I heard a thud but it was weak, I sighed and left the building and went out to meet Haven.

To be continued

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