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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Nine


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Nine

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

It could be four in the morning I had no idea Seth just woke me up saying we had to go without argument I quickly got ready and followed him, we took a route to the subway waiting for to get tickets for the next train which is thirty five minutes from now, my glance remained in a fixed position I was scared to death someone would recognize me and would take me to the Cunningham's, earlier I saw the stitch I did for Seth it swelled a bit my heart kept beating thinking how somehow I messed up stitching that particular place and some pressure could rip it out causing him to bleed.
I focused my attention to the floor since my head was bent and went stiff, what if someone did recognize me and is waiting for the right time to act, I can't do anything right I can't do a simple stitch, I can't do anything right without recalling a single memory of that dickhead Terry.
I couldn't even protect Seth when he got shot I should have taken the bullet not him, my hands went up to my necklace I gripped on to it, this necklace has something to do with my misfortune but why would dad will it to me was it some clue to something I was supposed to find out. "Quinn.."
I was focused in my thoughts now I was hearing voices, great just great.
I felt a cold tap on my shoulder, I breathe without looking back frozen in fear. "Why are you so quiet? " my breathe eases when I heard Seth's voice. Without turning I just breathe out a warm breath. "Nothing." I remained quiet he didn't believe me with my side vision I spot him put his hands down his pocket and bring out a red wristband he takes me by my hand twirling my body to his direction.
Bewildered I tried struggling away but his lock on my wrist had an advantage. "Stop it." he ordered dominantly taking my right hand and knots the red wristband on. "I won't be next to you when we take the train In case Shane's men are looking for both male and female together we'll be highly suspected." I looked at him puzzled what's a red wristband going to do ring an alarm if a creep from the station tries shit with me ?
I looked at the wristband hoping to know it's purpose. "If you feel uncomfortable pull your wrist up I'll be watching you from a distance and come get you." I'm so glad my head was bent because I was blushing hard.
"You don't have to do that you know.." I spoke softly. "I can protect myself." I was expecting him to laugh at me because of my naiveness I haven't prove I can protect myself without one of the guys coming to save me.
"That should not stop me from having an interest in protecting you." I didn't bother looking back at him I was red enough the train made a squeaky stop, I quickly turned about to get in. "Wait.." I heard Seth's voice bounce in a whisper as few people made their way into the train, they were not that much like thirteen people. "Let's go." Seth whispered walking ahead of me with his head down, I adjusted my cap and hid my necklace tucked under my shirt and followed behind till we entered the train, I sat down in the middle while Seth stood at the farther end, I didn't look or dare avert my gaze to his, my fingers fondled nervously as the train moved roughly I just had my head down the whole time.
Bored I decided to have a look around, either few were busy with their phones or some looked another direction to avoid my gaze, my hand played with the wristband as a way to pass time until more than twenty minutes later the train came to a stop, I looked at the door to see a few people come in and some get up and leave, a few men in black caught my attention they harassed a guy who wore a black nose mask and let him go after realizing he wasn't the guy they were after, they looked into the train, I tilted my head sideways to meet Seth who was staring down at me, in my eyes he could see I was scared, he looked away and I traced it to the door they were shut, before they could think of getting in the train left.
I was put at ease and didn't notice a guy sat down next to me, he had blonde hair that concealed his eyes, he wore a dull grey shirt and sawdust colored jeans, I noticed he kept staring at me I scoot a bit a little away from him. "Are you afraid of me? " I heard a dry raspy whisper which sent chills down my spine, I decided not to look obviously scared.
I didn't reply him but looked him straight in the eye he smirked unevenly, I didn't answer him I just thought if I didn't give him attention he'll leave me the hell alone. "Hey... " he put his hands dominantly gripping on to my shoulder I was traumatized from his forceful grip. "Leave me alone... " I whispered but he didn't heed, he chuckled to himself letting out a cackle, I punched him in the face gaining attention from onlookers and unknowingly putting my hand in the air. "Fuck.. what the fuck is wrong with you? " he hissed in pain holding on to his nose, his teeth gritted in anger just as he was about to act on it I felt a tap on my shoulder. "If you touch her I'll do more than just a punch, I'll keep hitting you till you cough out your own blood." Seth whispered to him as the train made another stop.
"Let's go." Seth says yanking me out of my seat as we both got down from the train we were speed walking at first until we slowed down. "Are you okay? " I heard Seth whisper as we moved. "Yes." I answered following behind him, I didn't pay attention much all I know is we took a route through the subway expecting to come out of the subway instwwe we burst out to some place that looked abandoned.
"What is this place? " I asked.
"This used to be part of the subway but it was abandoned after a massive shooting done by some underground group of serial killers there was a war here between gangsters and the groups claiming the tunnels." he stopped getting me anticipated. "Who won? " I asked.
"Can't really say it was bloody I doubt anyone remained after the fire a few who valued their life escaped without knowing who won." he sounded like he was recalling everything.
Was he there during the war?
We both stopped as Seth quickly took out his bag and took out a flashlight, there were three tunnels he stared intently at them I walked ahead of him. "Why don't we take that one ?" I asked pointing at the last one as he went mute, he took out something from his bag and hands it over to me. "A taser? " I arched a brow without argument, he yanked me into the middle tunnel. "What will I do with a taser? " I asked swirled in confusion as we walked into the tunnel, the flashlight was dim and suddenly went off my heart skipped a beat at the sudden circumstances.
"What happened? " I asked already knowing our unlucky predicaments. Seth didn't reply he was quiet and he stopped I was confused at first why we stopped until I heard it.
Loud and clear, my stomach dropped imagining who owned them, I don't know what Seth was doing but suddenly our flashlight dropped and somehow it's light shone across the floor, Seth kicked the flashlight a bit back quickly yanked me into a tiny rectangular space at the wall, we both squeeze in to hide, I put my hand over my mouth as the footsteps got louder and louder until it stopped.
"A flashlight? " a voice mummered.
"It doesn't belong to us, that means whoever it is they're not far off."
I heard a chuckle the only thing that could make this worse is if they found out we hid at the small space or they long around waiting for us to get back our flashlight, many things possibly happening cross my mind.
"Who would come down here this place is the last place any sane person would want to go unless they want to die? "
"They could be teenagers exploring the tunnel."
"How do you know it's not more than one person? " a voice asked asked his tone was dominant maybe he was somehow the leader.
"It's just a hunch I guess.. " this one sounded at ease and doesn't seemed to be bother that much with anything.
"Too bad we have to kill them." I almost choked on my silava. "Can't we just play with them a bit longer before we do away with them? "
"You know not every human is a toy right? "
"That's your own perspective, we are going to kill them anyways what's the point of not playing with them if we are going to anyway." the voice said quickly changing to a grave tone and cracking his fingers. "Let's play." the voice muttered and I heard footsteps thumping away to the direction we came for?
Are they really gone?
How long are we gonna stay here to know they actually are ?
They can't be the only people here, they sounded like two what if there are more ahead?
I was extremely quietly but a lot of things went on my mind.
"Quinn..." Seth whispered. "I need you to do me a favor." I heard him say in the darkness.
"If we ever get outnumbered I'll create a path for you, I want you to run and don't look back." he said. "What will happen to you? " I asked but he didn't reply. "I'm not leaving this darn place without you." I tried to muster with all seriousness in my voice. "Yes you will..." he added. "It's the only thing you can do for me." he said.
"I'm not even helping you I'm just running off leaving you, I won't leave... " he claps his hands over my lips. "Just shut up and do it okay." I halfheartedly agreed since he had his hands over my lips.
Then I thought about his scar if he gets shot again I'll be probably leaving him to die without even fighting for him. "Okay..." I whispered as his hand leave my lips, a groan left his mouth. "Let's go... " he said without giving me time to worry we slowly got out of the space and continue creeping toward the tunnel since our flashlight was confiscated by the two unknown voices and we didn't want to bring attention to ourselves anyways, I heard Seth panting heavily all I could was hope he didn't give into the pain so we could make it alive.
It made me think the more what was at the end of the tunnel anyway. "Are you okay? " I asked hearing Seth groan a bit. He didn't reply probably thinking his reply will make me worry. I want to act I don't care but I couldn't, I traced him in the darkness somehow and gripped hold on his arm around my shoulder supporting his weight on me. "What are... "
"Shut up and let me help you...." I yelled in a whisper and from there he didn't bother to utter a word while I tried my best dragging us both a bit farther, my left hand was against the wall tracing the route in the tunnel all I could hear was my heart beating, my fears came through when I heard a gunshot shot I stopped confused if I should go back or go ahead, Seth noticing I stopped gripped hold on to my arm and held on to my shoulder.
His head rested on my shoulder as a flash of light came ahead from the tunnel, Seth's grip on my shoulder tighten my hand traced to my back pocket where I kept the taser.
A flashlight stared at me. "What do we have here? " I hiss turning away from the flashlight.
A light came from the back and my stomach dropped, why did we pick this tunnel?
"How could you let them pass Samuel and Iro? " a deep voice yelled, from the sound of the voice only I was scared. "It wasn't our fault we thought they ran away when we were checking out the tunnels we apologize." they both went on one knee bowing.
"An apology isn't enough if they were a much bigger threat then we could have lost our territory and for that you both will pay the cost with your lives." Suddenly a bullet went through their heads and they both pronounced limb, I stared back at the group of seven people, Seth still rested his head on my shoulders. "State your business."
"We don't want trouble we just need to pass please..." I plead hoping they'll soften but they kept their eyes focused on me, Seth's grip on my shoulder loosened my heart raced when he pushed his head away from my shoulder and back up, the men gasped.
"You... It can't be..." they muttered pointing the flashlight at Seth's, I didn't like the sound of that at all.
They all pointed the gun at us, was this the reason he said I should run? Did he do something terrible and didn't want me to get involved. "It's between me and you all let her pass..." Seth whispered.
"No not after all those blood spilled you deserve to die for what you brought? " I looked back at Seth to see a mischievous sneer.
"You should talk you just wasted blood for foolish reasons." he said pushing his mouth against my ear. "Run..." he finally let's go of me and pushes me away roughly that I stumbled to the floor I quickly picked up myself and suddenly Seth shut three people at once creating a path for me, one of the men tried to grab me after but I used the taser and he went limb shaking, I quickly looked back to see Seth bleeding from his arm, the man walked up to him and kicked him in the stomach, my heart felt it was stabbed, it look exactly like a mirror version when Terry kicked me several times and I didn't do anything about it, he kept kicking Seth making every hair in my body stand.
"Stop..... " I whispered picking a gun from one of the men down and with all my might shot him twice at the back of his head, the gun drops from his hand and he falls backwards to his death.
I dropped the gun away in disgust of taking away a life even though I knew I didn't have a choice, I crawled over to Seth who was bleeding, it was dark and I'm sure a few of the men were unconscious and some dead.
A gun butt over my head, I slowly turned with eyes red as our eyes met.

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