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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Four


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Four

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"Umm...." I sighed feeling uneasy the guys stared at me waiting for an answer, I looked at them one by one my hands went down my thigh and my cheeks heated up. Why did Erwin have to put me in the spot. "Ehh do I really have to answer this? " I stalled hoping the Barista would come back and flirt with Seth or any of the guys but she was busy chuckling quietly with her co workers.
"No stalling Dory speak up." Erwin stated, I stared at him furious then back at Seth, then Haven and least Darren.
I looked over at Seth he was drinking his black coffee slowly he didn't pay that much attention to me. "Is it Seth? " I jerked a bit in horror and look back down at my thigh.
I can't pick Seth, he has dark chocolate hair that streaked at his temple, darker eyebrows and dark brown eyes that always follows with a sharp sultry gaze followed with an intimidating glare if he's upset or bored and his lips...... 'What the hell? Why am I thinking about this' my thoughts bounced back and forth in my head. "Why are you blushing? " Erwin raises his voice I looked back at him startled, he looks back at Seth and me.
"Oh I see..." he smirks. "You're going to pick Seth because you like him, you're even red for him.." Erwin tease, why can't he just be normal.
"What's wrong with you? " I yelled at him, I took a side glance at Seth who stared at me for a while but went back to drinking his coffee. "Then answer who's the hottest? " Erwin wiggled his brows, I stared at Erwin, I'm definitely not picking him he'll suffocate me with his stupid remarks, I'll not be able to live peacefully, I looked at Haven he was talking to the Barista, I blushed a bit I can't pick him he'll know I have a tiny crush on him it may be a silly reason I can't handle being red in front of Haven.
Erwin sighed. "You really don't t..."
"Darren..." I muttered as they all looked at me in awe. "Darren?? " Erwin looked confused.
"Yeah..." I muttered under my breath I didn't bother to look at them again I just had my head bent. "That's a big lie.." I looked back at Erwin with my face fully flushed. "What?? " I gaped at him. "Like hell I'll believe that crap." he hisses.
"Are you jealous? " I chipped in, Erwin sneer at me and roll his eyes. "Why would I be jealous with your unrealistic opinion."
"You're the one who brought it up so you practically asked me for my opinion on who's the hottest and my answer is Darren." I teased sticking my tongue out, Erwin scoffs "Your opinion sucks anyways." he hissed and get up heading to the counter, it felt so good to piss him off.
Later that day at the hotel Darren gave me some papers that I was taking to Haven I only agree because I felt bad using Darren's name to save myself but he's been acting weird, I shake off the thoughts about it, it's not easy living normally like he is, he's different from the guys but he fits so well and plays a part, each of the guys play their part in different ways and that what makes them stronger and invincible unlike me, I'm just a confused soul who's more like a burden to them.
I stopped at the door slowly unlocking it to see Seth taking off his shirt, I jerked in forward pushing myself in the room all I could think was the horror of seeing him like that. "What do you want? " he straight up asked glaring at me, I stepped back a bit and then it hit me. Haven and Seth share a room.
"Haven... Where is Haven? " I managed to raise my voice. "He's with Erwin." he replied tossing his shirt on his bed, there were two beds in the room. "Darren said I should give this to him I'll just leave it on his bed." I shyly squirmed he paid no attention to me, I walked past him and quickly dropped the papers on the bed next to Seth, I quickly turned exchanging only a quiet glance with Seth.
I slowly took my steps until I heard him let out a groan, I focused my gaze on him while he placed a palm at the side of his abdomen, he quickly retreated to his bed while I awfully stared at him for what felt like two minutes until he noticed. He looks up a snarl crawl up his lips. "Get out..."
I froze and didn't move he breathes softly, I finally walked up to him. "Are you deaf? " he yells.
"You're in pain why should I leave? " I squatted focusing my gaze, I took away his hand from the place he felt pain or uneasy. "That's a huge scar..." I awed at the scar that was maybe stiched it looked deep but it barely healed, it looked probably recent like a month ago.
"This looks recent, how did you get it ?" I asked trying to touch it but he held my hand before I could. "None of your business." our eyes met his glare followed trying to hide his pain.
"One time a guy at the station was stabbed badly, he got stitches, my best friend who's a matron taught him how to perform a particular massage to help ease the pain, she kinda taught me too in case I eventually got stabbed." I said quietly. "If you want..."
"Do it..."
I didn't know why but my cheeks heat heat up.
"Are you sure? " I asked he nodded letting out another groan of pain. I stood up and asked him to lie down on his bed which he did, I climbed on the bed trying to lay on his bed without forcing my weight on him, my hand slowly reach to the stitch, I gently placed my palm on it and got a bit distracted by the tattoo on the left side of his abdomen inked with the image of a phoenix, I looked away from his tattoo slowly bracing my right palm on the scar. "Does it hurt? " I ask not sparing him a glance. "No..." he replied in a husky tone, I went at a steady pace faster than usual.
"Let me know if it hurts.." I said going a bit faster until I heard a moan escaped his lips I quickly withdrew from the massage in horror.
"I'm sorry, did it hurt? " I asked, he shakes his head and pulls up his upper body brushing his palm against his scar. "No, here feels a bit at ease..."
"That means it's working, it works better with olive oil. I can get the .." I grinned, he puts his hand behind him and on his bed. "Go on without it..." he muttered staring at me straight at my eyes, they weren't intimidating they were kind of sexy.
"OK..." I placed my palm against the scar keeping the same pace I was trying to ease out the pain, I felt Seth's lean a bit closer he rest his heads on my shoulders slowly breathing at my neck, I ignore the fact that he's this close and continue with the massage.
Out of nowhere Seth takes my left hand and places it at the other side of his abdomen. "You can touch here too? " he whispered a chill spiral down my spinal cord.
"Does it also hurt ?" I asks he didn't reply, I massage that part anyways with my face red, I'm so glad he's resting his head on my shoulder so he can't see it.
He let's out a few hiss of breaths, my stomach churned I tried all my might not to think how close we are right now. "How do you feel? " I asked he let out a dry grunt as a reply, my hands felt shaky from all the silent thoughts I slowed down trying to process everything he breathes uneasily for a reason it felt as if he was trying not to come as nervous.
"Have you ever done this to any guy besides me? " I almost choked at the question but managed to calm down. "Could you be more detailed? " I asked.
"The massage, who else have you done it to? " I stopped, now I was really red. "You're the only guy I've done it to."
"Really? " he ask I just nodded. "What? You think I have psychos as friends who get stabbed everyday? " a silent chuckle escape from his lips, I just went on massaging.
"I like your tattoo..." I complemented. "Which one? " he asks.
"This one at the lower end of your abdomen, it seems new." I stated as he nodded. "You like tattoos? " he asked.
"On others yeah, on me no..." I replied shortly.
"Why ?"
"I was 16 until I got my ears pierced, it was horrible if I can't go through that pain how am I going to get a tattoo, the only tattoo I got was a sticker tattoo...." I recalled why he let out a laugh, my heart skipped a beat, this is probably the first time I heard him laugh genuinely.
"What's funny? " I wanted to sound furious but it came out a disappointed whisper.
"It's funny you can't bear the pain to get a tattoo but you can cut yourself with a blade." he whispered, I froze at first recalling the memories, tears roll down my cheeks. "I wonder.." he hoarsed pulling away from me and met the tears rolling down.
"Why are you crying? " he asked, I shake my head trying to brush it off. "If it's nothing you won't be crying." he said like he cared when he didn't. "Stop acting like you care." I yelled letting the tears flow. "You don't know how it feels to be broken and destroyed, you don't care because you don't have feelings, people rather pick inflicting pain on themselves than actually feeling the emotional trauma, you don't know what I've been through so don't act like you're the only sane one." I cried out with tears rolling down my cheeks.
"Give me a name..." he muttered, I looked up at him confused. "Give me the name of the person who hurt you..." he muttered out loud this time cupping both my cheeks. "And I'll make them regret ever hurting you." I swallowed my saliva hard, again our eyes met. "Why are you acting like you care, you don't so you can stop pretending." I voiced.
"Do you want me to prove it to you? " he asked pulling his face closer to mine, I could hear the loud beating of my heart, he leaned closer my eyes focused on his lips. "I care about you." he whispered about to lock lips with mine until the door went wide open revealing Erwin and Haven.
"What the hell ?" Erwin yelled at the top of his voice. I crawled away from Seth, I was redder than a tomato.

"What are you doing here? " Seth asked.

"This is Haven's room and we came to get something what were you both doing? " Erwin raises his voice suspicious.

"We were talking.." Seth explained.

Erwin walks over to me gripping on to my shoulder and pulls me in for a kiss, I pushed him away brushing my lips hard and coughed like a maniac. "What the hell Erwin, what is wrong with you? " I said trying to puke.

"It's not a big deal." He sighed.

"Not a big deal you just kissed me.. " I yelled at him. He rolled his eyes at me. "We didn't kiss we were just talking."
To be continued

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