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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Eight


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Eight

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"I can't pick up their signal..." I muttered under my breath frustrated it's been two days and we've lost contact with both Seth and Quinn after the mission. "This is so like Seth why are you even worried he went off grid for two months once two days is not that much of a deal." Erwin said leaning against the wall.
We were still at the hotel and luckily we've been careful covering our tracks making it impossible for Shane's men to find us if they tried. "I know that but Seth always left behind a clue when he do shits like this." I muttered out loud, I was alone with Erwin we still had to stay out of sight since Shane had his men on the look out, Haven is with Maria we were able to contact a few days ago they are also hiding too until everything calmed down.
"Maybe you aren't looking hard enough." Erwin suggest. "Why are you worried ? Seth can take care of himself he's gotten into worst shit before, this isn't the first and it's not going to be the last." Erwin yawned bored. "I know that, this time he's not alone he's with Quinn." I look back at Erwin who finally realize the risk.
"Dory can take care of herself she's strong." He commented getting away from the wall he leaned on. "She's not weak she's somehow messed up." he commented I stopped stare at him he raises his head up looking at the ceiling. "Messed up? "
"If you pay attention to her eyes they are hiding so many things, pain confusion and fear, who ever messed with her fucked her up big time she wasn't even supposed to go on those mission we sent her but she did anyways." he said which caught me off guard.
"You think someone hurt Quinn? " I asked recalling what she said about not falling in love again. "I guess, it's just an observation my actual point there is Quinn can take care of herself and she has Seth they'll be fine." he voiced like he could clear less but from the look of his expression he was worried, I guess he was worried about Seth since they are somehow close.
"I'll run another scan." I alerted him and turned to my laptop.

I sat down on the bed idled as Seth peeked through the blinds of the window constantly, I was glad because I didn't have to face him that much with the thought we kissed each other back there, all that came across my mind was the kiss I facepalmed myself hiding my bright red face.
'Really a research where did that come from? ' I thought to myself blaming myself for using my hunger as an excuse to kiss Seth.
'But you liked it.' I could feel my thoughts smirking at me, I shake my head trying to convince myself it was Seth's suggestion.
I felt a hand tap me from behind. "I was hungry okay? " I jerked up throwing Seth off guard, he looked confused and taken aback at my reaction. "I'm sorry I was just thinking." my lame excuse didn't seem to convince him I wasn't even convinced myself.
"We'll leave in the morning it will be easy to sneak out." I nodded my head showing I understand what he said. "I get it we'll be here for a while." I averted my eyes away from his and walked past him to get his bag, on our way back we got some snacks after the kissing scenario none of us brought it up and I didn't bother I was way too embarrassed.
I sat down at the far end of the bed away from him, he sits down at the other end we both remained in awkward silence not even bothering to utter a word. "How long have you been a police officer ?" he asked I stopped snacking and froze at first, I heaved a sigh of relief pet talking myself to say the right words.
"Three years."
"Three years ?" I could hear the doubt in his voice. "Yeah, I was assigned to small tasks like giving a car a ticket, helping old people cross the street."
"You liked it? " he asked.
"Yes, I liked seeing a lot of people happy until I got promoted and started dealing with robbery investigation and thugs, I remember competing with Zoe Fehl, we both were at each other neck claiming who's the best.. She got promoted." I said riding on memory lane.
"They didn't pick you for promotion? " he asked. "They did, I quit." I gulped down hard thinking how I quit after Terry convince me.
"You quit? " he muttered in doubts I wasn't going to tell him about Terry, not now. "Yeah but after I realized I made a big mistake I resumed." I exaggerate a bit far from the truth, Seth looked unconvinced. "Why would you quit if you love being a police officer? " he asked.
"It's personal..." I stated calmly trying to keep my emotions under control. "Personal? " he mocked, I felt him get up from his side of the bed. "The reason why you quit is it related to the person who hurt you? " I choked on my silava giving myself out.
Suddenly he stood in front of me. "Who is it? " he asked with a grave tone, he sounded like he was going to kill somebody I don't want that to happen, Terry can just die not after what he put me through, death is just way too easy. "Did they threaten you to leave? Did they blackmail you? " I avoided eye contact as much as I could.
"It was my choice to leave the force." I lied.
Seth cracked into a laugh, I stared at my thigh he pulled my chin up I still didn't look him in the eye. "Look me in the eye and tell me the truth." he requested my heart raced I couldn't keep focus with him next to him and he wants me to look him in the eye.
"I'm telling the truth." I lied again. "Then it won't be hard to look me in the eye and say it." I still didn't heed. "You're stubborn." he said and suddenly I was pushed down to the bed with both my wrist pinned down to the bed.
The room was silent and all I could hear was the beats of my heart, immediately our eyes met and again my stomach churned.
"Get off me... " I stated calmly. "Or else what? " he didn't care about letting go of me. "You'll give me another black eye ?" he sneered at me, both our eyes were still focused.
He trailed his hands from my wrist and locked them with mine still pinning me down, I was calm but suddenly the memory of Terry pressing me down on the bed flashed across my mind, the memory played like a movie my eyes welled up but not a single tear slide down. I breathe calmly since I was frozen in fear, I was my defense mechanism sometimes. Seth read my face and loosen his grip from my hand and gets off me sitting a bit away from me on his bed.
I slowly got up after gaining control of my body, I rubbed my arms nervously trying to ease out the tight tension in my chest.
"Get some sleep you'll need it for the night." he advised I just nodded and laid on the bed lost in thought until I slept off.
I was called to New York to assist during a case about Heloise Peigns, my department which included me another nurse, Zoe and a few professional officers were requested to team up with the department In New York to find her and a few missing women, suddenly we were told Heloise was found she was brought to the police station along with a few women and their dead bodies after, I was taking care of the injuries of Heloise she looked traumatized while I ran a check up for her.
"You're going to be okay sweetie." I told her a knock came in as a blonde girl on glasses ran in to hug Heloise, she was crying I supposed she was crying hugging her traumatized friend who seemed glad.
"I'm so glad you are okay.." she squeezed her into a hug all I could do was admire their love and admiration for each other, I walked out giving them time to talk to each other.
I strolled down greeting a few officers until I heard Zoe's voice when I passed through an office. I stopped and concluded on eavesdropping. "Heloise couldn't provide information on who the hell saved her she said they were wearing masks it has to be AXE-L." she whispered.
"Why would they save her and leave it for the authorities it doesn't make sense." I heard another voice it was a male, it familiarize to be Justin a part of my team. "They weren't doing it for good they needed a distraction somehow so they could kill Diego Vans he was reported dead after a gun fire at his yatch." she mummered. "But Heloise confirmed Diego locked her after she found out about his illegal business."
"AXE-L had something to do with this they could have brain washed her for all we know she's barely in her state of mind we need to investigate deeper into this with assistance if we apprehend AXE-L it's going to be a big deal." she said I was about to leave since they had nothing interesting that intrigued me.
"You're talking like we have the budget for it."
"We do if we take the budget and resources Quinn's filthy rich uncle donated to finding her instead of letting it go to waste and finding that irrelevant bitch we'll investigate on the case of AXE-L." she said, is she serious.
"You're joking? "
"I'm not, what's the point of finding Quinn she eloped with her stupid lover of a boyfriend as naive as she was and quit the force, who knows maybe she might have run off with him again." she scoffed and I was ready to get in there and slap the shit out of her.
"Don't you think you're going too far? " Justin asked.
"Did Quinn think she was going too far when she quit the force she even aborted her child because she didn't care she can go to hell for all I care." she said, I wanted to go in and fight but it's no use starting a fight in work, Zoe was loved by everyone and they always took her by her word, they'll believe her if I told them why I even tried to fight her.
"The Commissioner won't grant your request." Justin told her. "I already told her she said she will invite Quinn's uncle and talk to him about it, if we find her what difference does it make she's useless." I backed away from the door, my best friend was missing and all Zoe could think about was using the budget made to find Quinn to investigate about AXE-L so she could get promoted.
It was messed up In so many levels.
I turned around furious, I heard Azia my fellow nurse call me but I ignored her, does anyone care about finding Quinn.
"Everyone is nuts.." I muttered under my breath heading back to meet Heloise she was now talking with her friend, they both were red eyed catching up it reminded me so much of me and Quinn.
"Mandy I need your signature." Azia managed to catch up to me, I took the clipboard away from her and the pen seeing everyone sign their signature, I gave Azia the clipboard without signing it and walked out she called but I didn't bother answering I picked up my phone heaving a deep breath thinking I would never dail this number again, u went to a corner as it rang, immediately it picked up.
"You finally called." the voice chorused.
"I thought about your offer don't think I forgive you after the shit you got me into does the offer still stands? " I muttered.
"What made you change your mind? "he cooed.

"None of your business, you want me or not? "

"What about your job? You know what you're getting yourself involved if you agree Mandy." he purred my name.
"Are you trying to discourage me now? I'm aware of the risk I'm getting myself into we've fucked remember." I said with no emotion.

"I'll have my men come get you whenever you are ready, goodnight Mandy." he said.
"Yeah, goodnight... Shane."

To be continued

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