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Only You - Chapter sixteen


Only You - Chapter sixteen

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

'Let's see how you manage to escape this one' my thoughts voiced to me again.

Seth sends me a spine chilling glare, Erwin chuckled in the background quietly.

"Dude are you okay? " Haven asked walking up to him giving me the opportunity to sneak past him slowly to the stairs and hopefully if I make it to my room, Seth pushed Haven away and gripped on to my wrist and holding my hand up in the air.

He let out a husky groan. "Where do you think you're going? " the annoyance blended smoothly in his voice gave me chills.
"Somehow you always end up in this situation ?" his eyes left my gaze and went down to my neck, his eyes squint a bit he pulled me closer towards him tracing his hand on my neck and pushed my hair back to clearly see the same place I got that injury from Terry.
The moment he touched it I flinched back and hiss it felt like I was sting by a bee but much worse, Seth's expression of anger softened a bit and if I'm not mistaken I could see a glimpse of curiosity flash across his eyes. "What happened to your neck ? " his voice mellow down it still sounded upset but it wasn't about whacking him with a broom anymore.

"Nothing..." I immediately replied without waiting a second, Darren noticed my odd behavior and walks up to me to see for himself. "Quinn why do you have bruised marks down your collar bone? " Darren asked. "Did you hurt yourself? " Seth asks

"No I didn't... I just got itchy and got rashes." I lied.

I couldn't sleep these few day, it was hard after Seth noticed the mark on my neck it made me feel like I was marked by Terry, I felt odd and recalled all the memories, I picked up a blade and tried to erase the mark but instead I got a cut and bled a bit, hiding it would have been easy but Seth just has to observe everything.

"Rashes don't look like blade cuts." Erwin says noticing the cut and now all eyes focused on me.

"Did you cut yourself? " Seth questions putting me on the spot. "I didn't cut myself I just got itchy, you don't need to worry about me." I press my palm above the cuts.

I went over the table to get my pills, I knew Seth's eyes were focused on me I just ignored it and went up the stairs and then to my room.

I watched her while she left the living room, I don't know why that was the first thing I noticed or why all of a sudden I wanted to know why she cut herself even though she was proving tough nut.

My eyes went over to Darren who slowly picks up the tampons and puts them back in the paper bag.

"Why would she hurt herself and lie I don't understand women." I said looking back at the gang.

"Maybe she has her reasons? " Darren says. "That's not enough to hurt herself." I chorused..
"I'll go see if she's okay." Darren said before leaving.

"Did you know about this? " I asked Haven who was just about busy playing his game.

"I'm not going to force Quinn to talk if she doesn't want to talk it's her business it's not like she can just sit us down and tell us every thing about her life she doesn't even have any idea what she is right now." he says getting hold on the controller of his game.

"If you care so much why don't you just talk to her?" Erwin immediately suggested. "What do you mean by that? " I questioned him.

"If you want to help or you actually care about her why don't you talk to her." Haven added.

"Why do you even care? " Erwin asks both stares focused on me. "I don't care I'm just curious why a normal human being will want to hurt their selves." I worded.

"I cut myself and you don't complain or say anything about it." Erwin grinned leaning against the a wall.

"I said normal you're far from normal Erwin.." I said he shrugged and walks away from my sight.

I stared at the mirror looking at the small cuts I inflicted on my skin, I looked back at the mirror seeing an image of me but Terry was next to me, I turned to see if he was really there but he wasn't.
I looked back at the mirror to see him again, his hands run down my the cut, he massages my shoulder putting on a smile that always scared me.

The mark was there I couldn't see the cut I gave myself all I could see was the mark without any cuts from the mirror he touches my shoulder and his smile worked up to a grin.

"You can't run away from me, no matter how much you try to get away you will always run back to me." tears roll down my cheek, I stood watching in horror as my imagination play tricks on me. His hand touches the mark "Let this be a reminder no matter how much you run or hide you still belong to me, as long as it's on you I'll find you." he said as the image of him disappears, I started itching the mark purposely blood slowly bled but I was traumatized in fear to notice I continued itching it.

"Quinn?? " Darren gripped on to my hand breaking me from my trance and bringing me back to reality.

My cheeks were wet from crying and my body went numb. He noticed the place that bled but he pulled me into a hug while I sobbed quietly on his shoulder.
"He hurt me Darren and when I thought I was over it he just shows up out of nowhere, I don't want to feel this way, I wished we never crossed parts." I sobbed while Darren comforted me. "I wish I had my night stones at least I could have felt safe." I sobbed the more.

Later that night I went downstairs to get a snack Erwin and Haven were in the kitchen they placed a few cups on the dinning the cups were filled I could smell vodka.
"What are you guys doing ?" I asked.

"Getting wasted." they both replied filling the last cup. "There is something called a bar or a pub you know? " I teased. "We know we can't drink outside we could risk our chances of getting our identity exposed it's safe to just get drunk here." they explained.

"But Maria said you guys used to visit her club a lot before you guys knew each other, there is no way you didn't have a drink or two." I said.

"We did but we only went there for missions not fun it would be dangerous if we made a mistake and decided to drink and get drunk." Haven explained and I nodded I shared an understanding.

"Wanna join or lemme guess you don't drink ?" Erwin mocked.
"I wanna join." I voiced hoping to shock Erwin but unfortunately he didn't give a damn he just only shrugged.

"So how are you guys drinking ? " I asked

"we decided to play a game to make it more interesting, you just have to be familiar with the rules." Haven says. "So how do you guys play? " I asked.

"We ask each other questions it could be personal or random and we have more than five seconds to start off if you answer the question before five seconds you don't have to drink if you don't you have to drink two cups bottom." Haven explain the rules.
"You can always give up bleach brain." Erwin teases I rolled my eyes at him. "Are you kidding I needed an excuse to be wasted anyways." I replied.

"You don't have to do this Quinn, you can back out." Haven said trying to change my mind in case I had second thoughts. "I'm not backing down from this." I said as they both looked at me, I was going first.

"Who did you give your first blow job." the question threw me off guard, I've never given anyone a blow job before I could make reply my time was up.

"Bottoms up.." Erwin said handing me my drink
I took the first cup and slowly drank it and then the other but I rushed it.

"What's your gayest moment? " Haven asked me with a brow arched. "That will be kissing my cousin we were blind folded during a game at her place she kissed me thinking I was Calvin, I swear to God I almost bleached my lip." I giggle as we both looked at Haven.

"Do you think Seth is good looking ?" Erwin teased.

"Seriously dude? " Haven says passing up his five seconds chance he sighs and drinks his two cups, we both look at Erwin.

"At what age did you kill a person? " Haven asks.

"I was 9…" Erwin answered easily.
"At what age did you get your first heartbreak? " I asked hoping to get something out of him but he quickly replied.

"I've never been heartbroken the girl that was born to break my heart doesn't exist." he boasted.
"Just wait.." I mumbled under my breath as they looked back at me. "Why are you and Seth suddenly odd around each other? " Haven asked, I didn't know how to answer the question, I tried to open my mouth but I couldn't.

"Your times up drink up.." Erwin Says and I did just so, the game went on like that until we were all drunk, cups were on the floor a few were on the table, Haven had his head bent down since we he trashed, while Erwin was out cold on the floor.

My eyes were barely open but I stumbled back and forth to get out of the kitchen, the stairs was a challenge and much worse but I managed to climb up the stairs.

I chuckled to myself thinking about a time I pranked Noemie, I giggle to myself like lunatic staggering back and forth.

My body collided against a door, sluggishly I tried to open it but I couldn't. I knocked on it. Who let me out of my room." I hiccupped, I knocked on the door once more and suddenly it opened revealing Seth.

"What are you doing in my room? " I gasped, Seth folded his arms confused on my complaint.

"What are you talking about? This is my room."

"If it's your room what are you doing here? " I blabbed gibberish.

"You're drunk." he groans trying to get hold of me but I went past him. "Get out of my room." I chuckled again, his stare focused on me. "Stop staring at me." he walks up to me bracing my neck, it sting when he touched the mark.

"Did you hurt yourself? " he asks and I went mute, my eyes were heavy and my head felt light.

All I could hear was a muffled sound, he led me to his bed I didn't have any idea what was going on, the only thing I knew I was sure of was Seth cleaning the cut with a napkin.

It sting but he calms me down and stops to look into my eyes.

"Why did you hurt yourself? " he asks, I felt drowsy and my head rests on his torso.

"It was the only thing I could think to make me safe." I breathe. "What else makes you safe ?" he asks.
"My dad but he's dead." I said feeling a bit light headed. "He used to give me a box of my night stones when I felt alone I had those stones, but now I don't have them they were the only thing that made me feel safe." I said, I could barely open my eyes.

"And you, I feel safe right next to you." I said, I couldn't keep up anymore my eyes went heavy and shut, I slept off.

The next day I woke up in my room, I could not recall what happened yesterday except drinking with Erwin and Haven everything after that was a mystery.

Maybe I was drunk but if I was drunk I would have ended with a hangover.

Yesterday I managed to sleep without the pills somehow, maybe I was tired and exhausted from drinking but it's strange I felt somehow safe.

I quickly went to the bathroom and took a long shower before changing into something more comfortable, I looked into the mirror to see my cut was a bit clean.

I ignored it and left my room to interact with the guys, there were only two people sitting on their seats. "Where is Erwin and Seth? " those two were the least I could care about but I asked anyways.
"They both left first thing in the morning." Darren said.

"Is it a mission? " I asked.
"If it was a mission I would know." Darren mouths.

"What would they have to do that important that they left in the morning? " I asked
Darren and Haven shrug while I sat down and ate breakfast anyways.

Later that night Erwin and Seth were not back yet, I was worried a bit, I was helping Haven out in the kitchen until I heard the someone come in.

"Where have you guys been? I tried calling but you guys were out of reach." I heard Darren raise his voice. "We went to get something important." Seth says but he lowers his voice.

After a few indistinct chatter Erwin walks in just in time to bug me, I just ignored him and paid attention to helping Haven.
Soon I was done helping out, I slouch back and watch a few movies with the guys, I got tired and retired to my bedroom, I stopped on my tracks when I got to my bedroom door the door was creak open a bit with revealing some kind of glow.

I went into my room to see night stones placed all over my room, I stared in awe and shut the door of my room, my cheeks heat up and I felt flustered.

Everywhere felt safe, I was able to sleep easily that night.

To be continued

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