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Only You - Chapter seventeen


Only You - Chapter seventeen

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I sat down looking over at Darren who was going through his tablet, Erwin sat at the other end slouching his entire body on the couch cushion I had to sit down on the floor because of him.

Erwin was on his phone scrolling through it while I sat down and wished I wasn't some run away ransom all because of some mafia family.

Erwin put his phone away I assume since he pushed his legs down, I felt someone play with my hair, I turned to Erwin and wore a growl. "Cut it out..." I yelled, he chuckled to himself. He didn't let go knowing very well it irritated me, he folded my hair in his grasp putting up above my neck. "Let go of my hair will you? " I yelled which he did and again chuckles to himself. "I like playing with your hair." I cringe at his reply slowly scooting away from his direction.

"You know you'll look pretty if you had it dyed." Erwin said with a hand up his jaw, he wasn't smiling, his expression alone gave me chills.

"What's wrong with the color of my hair? " I asked. "Everything, I don't like it." he replied bluntly. "Well I don't care if you give shit about it, I like my hair brunette." I scoffed.

Erwin looked me straight in the eye and with a smile he said. "Did Seth tell you that ? " immediately I blushed.

"What's your problem? " I yelled which amused him the more. "Why are you acting up it's just a question there's no need to get flustered." his smile widens to a smirk.

"You're impossible..." I hiss, it did nothing but made my face more red and Erwin enjoy making fun of me, Erwin's eyes diverted away from me to Darren, I also looked over to Darren, there was a video of a young man who was escorted with men in black suits a few people ran after him to ask questions.

"Funny, he kind of looks familiar." I thought I said it to myself but Erwin and Darren eyes landed on me. "Familiar? " Darren echoed.

"Yeah, he looks familiar but I've never seen him before." they both looked at me intensely and then at each other. "What ? is it something I said? " I voiced.

Darren held his tablet in front of me. "Did you ever come in contact with this man once? " Darren asked inquisitive, neither him nor Erwin looked thrilled they both look worried.

"Am I supposed to know him? " I replied. He withdrew his tablet going through it. "Is he bad or something I'm lost."

"He's Shane Cunningham second offspring of the Cunninghams." Darren spoke up I didn't know how to take in this information.
"Wait he's the second son of the family that wants me? "

"Since you find him familiar it somehow explains the connection with you and the Cunningham's, maybe you guys met and he grew an interest in you." Darren said, Erwin scoffed uninterested. "It's absurd, if she finds him familiar, it doesn't mean anything it probably reminds her of someone." Erwin lamented.

"Can you probably recall who he reminds you of ?" Darren asked, I tried recalling but I couldn't clearly identity him. "No, I'm sorry, he just looks familiar though I've never met him before." I said as Darren nodded.
"Maybe it could be a description stuck in your mind, maybe that why you find him familiar.."
Darren said.

"Is that even possible, knowing someone without actually seeing them? " I asked.

"If the description is detailed then yes." Darren said I just nodded. "So if he's the second son, then there's the eldest right? " I asked.

"There is, he's private and wants nothing to do with his family even though he's the heir, the last thing that was public about him was he studied business administration abroad just to get away from his family, I think he's back he just hides away from the press." Darren says.

"Why would someone with that much influence want to escape his family he literally has everything at his stool, he just have to asks and he gets it." Erwin stated.

"Maybe he's a good guy and wants to work for his money instead of having anything to do with his family dirty money." I cooed at Erwin who rolled his eyes.

"Sadly that's not the reason, he doesn't want to be controlled by his family, once he's the heir he won't be allowed to fool around or have control over his life anymore, he has to live up to his family legacy." he said
"Who doesn't want a little freedom that doesn't make him a bad person." I mentioned.

"The Cunningham's are famous for getting into numerous scandals, every single one of them and they have the money to keep the people quiet and want things to go their way it runs in all their blood no matter who it affects they are only out themselves." Darren voiced.

"But you guys took care of things for them." I asked, both Darren and Erwin went mute.

"We never said we were good people." Erwin replied bluntly staring blankly at me and looking down on his thigh.

"So what do they want from me that could possibly benefit them ?" I asked only staring at Darren.
"Who knows, maybe you were sold or something? " Erwin says getting up.

"Sold?? " I awe. "It makes sense now, someone with connections must have sold you to the Cunningham's, this is our first clue." Darren said looking over his laptop again.

"So it's possible for me to be sold without my consent? " I said.

"With or without your consent you can be sold and from the looks of things it must have been a long time ago now that the Cunningham's are taking actions to get you for themselves." I didn't know what was more absurd, the fact that I was sold by someone I probably know or the fact that it wasn't recent, it could be six or seven months ago.

"I can track down the transaction but it will take weeks or days if it was made online." Darren said getting up.

"You do that I'm going to bed."
Erwin says putting both his hands behind his head, Darren followed he stopped once he noticed I still stood in my position thinking about what they said. "It's late you should go to bed too." He says I shake my head.

"I don't feel like it, I'll just want to stay late a bit." I said Erwin turned just to take a glance at me. "She just wants an excuse to climb into Seth's bed without any of us knowing."

"Are you high ?" I yelled at Erwin, he grinned wickedly at me getting under my skin. "Why are you red all of a sudden it's not a secret anymore." he teased further I just wanted to kill him.

"Fuck you..." I cussed. "Sure my bedroom is open for you." he turns his back before I could diss him. "Dickhead..." I muttered under my breath focusing my gaze on Darren.

"Don't stay up too late." he leaves, I sat down back on the couch curled up in a fold thinking about what the guys said..
Why is the Shane guy so familiar, someone described him for me, but who?

And who the freaking hell sold me to the Cunningham's?
It could be Noemie but if she did she wouldn't wait until she got married when the Cunningham's started looking for me, she hates my guts she would have sold me and gave me out the next day.

"What are you doing up this late ? " I quickly turned to see Seth, his hair was the hot kind of messy, he dug his hands down his pockets.
"Can't sleep.." I stated. His brows furrowed, a glimpse of concern shimmer in his eyes.

"You still have Insomnia? " he asks.

"No I just don't feel like sleeping it's different I'll get tired soon." I replied he looked away, I did the same and slouched back on the couch.

The atmosphere was awkward, I could feel a burning stare on the back of my head I'm sure they belong to him. It's being a week now after the night stone scenario.

I guessed it was him that got it for me, it couldn't be Erwin I asked if he did the only reply he gave me was Seth woke him up just to get me the stones.

I never really thanked him and he wasn't bothered he still acted the same, cold, aggressive, rude and intimidating but I know I changed somehow or I changed my mindset of him.

I heard a lighter spark, I looked over to see Seth with a cigar plugged in between his lips, the way he lit it up made him look hot.
He stared back at me puffing out smoke. "Have you ever smoked before ? " he asks directly, with no smile, not even a beam I shake my head he walks over to me smoking I kept my eyes oh him until he made his way to me.

"Smoking is bad for your health." I said a sneer worked it's way to his lips and I couldn't help but find the way he smoked sexy I was suffocating literally because of his presence or the inhaling of the smoke he puffed out.

He takes out the cigar and points it at me.

"no thanks ..." I bluntly replied him, he shrugged and sits down next to me, I focused my gaze on my thigh.

"Thank you... " a tight feeling of knots stops slows down my breathing the moment I said that, I looked over at Seth, he held up his cigar stick. "Why are you saying thank you? " he asks. "For getting me those stones, it was really kind of you to get it for me." I said.

"Don't thank me..." he muttered under his breath. "I only got you the stones so you would stop fucking up yourself with a blade and pills, you're no longer a kid stop being naive and seeing everyone as a friend until they fuck you up, we're not good people but suddenly you're comfortable around everyone like you've known each of us for years." he said

"It's not my fault I ended up here was it ?" I argued turning to face him, he held on to the end of the stick he was halfway through, he tapped the end on his thigh taking out the remains.

"Somewhere along the line your naive nature made you a victim." he said and left me in the living room in my thoughts, pondering on nothing but his words.

I dailed the number slowly each time a voice was telling me not to but I did it anyway, my back against my door dailing the complete digits. I stopped hesitating whether to call the number or not.

I snuck Erwin's phone when he wasn't looking this morning at the kitchen.

I dailed Calvin's number patiently but hesitated to call, I know I'm not supposed to reach out or contact anyone but after Seth's blunt pep talk I couldn't focus anymore, I felt mad, upset and hurt but I don't know why.

It wasn't supposed to hurt me I don't like him and suddenly I'm sulking over someone who doesn't give a damn about me but blames me for my predicament like I wanted to be hunted and kidnapped.

I heave a deep breath, if I called Calvin and told him my location he'll alert the police and the Cunningham will forget trying to get me.

I dailed the number and waited for it to ring.

"Hello.." I froze on hearing the voice over the phone. "I'm busy right now but you could fill me on voicemail...." I heard a loud ring signifying me that I could record my message on voicemail.

I ended the call and toss the phone to the other side of the room.

I dug my fingers in my hair. "What the fuck is wrong with me, endangering Calvin just because I want to talk." I muttered out loud, I heard a knock, I stride over to the door to open it. "Hey, have you seen Erwin's phone? " Haven asked, I bit my lip trying to remain calm, I drew myself back in my room to see the phone on the floor.

"No..." he shrugged and took a second look at me. "Are you okay? You didn't eat much this morning." Haven questions.

"I'm fine I've got to go do something." I slammed the door against him, I felt bad though it should have been Erwin or Seth I should have done that to.

I quickly picked up the phone and hid it under my desk drawer, I'll return it later let Erwin learn I can be shitty too.

After that I went out the door and slammed it shut behind me and caught up to with Haven.

"Are you done with your thing? " he ask.

"Yes." I replied as we both went down the stairs to see Darren, Seth and Erwin murmuring..

"Maybe we could use Maria, she's smart, tough and sharp." Erwin spoke up which got me curious what they were talking about.

"We can't use Maria, we don't know what if we are correct and if we are, we are putting her in a big risk we need someone who is at less risks, besides Maria just started living a normal life." Darren muttered.

"Why can't we use Quinn? " Haven spoke up.

"What??? " I looked at the guys confused.

"She did help a bit in the last mission and she's a police officer it won't be hard for her." Haven added.

"You're forgetting she's a walking ransom, she almost ruined the last mission, we've managed to hide her this far what good would we do putting her in the position." Seth argued not even sparing me a single glance.

"Can I at least know what I'm supposed to stick my neck out for? " I asked.

Darren held out his tablet, everyone turned to the TV since he connected his tablet to his TV.

A picture of a beautiful woman appeared, she was black and looked beautiful in several pictures she appeared. "Heloise Paign, 27, engaged to billionaire Diego Vans, she went missing six days ago with no trace what so ever." Darren explains why I lost In awe people are missing on a daily scale and I was just this little Portland girl who was safe.

"Her Fiance Diego wants answers on his missing Fiance but just a few days when she was declared missing he shows up to an event with another woman claiming she was his sister."

"So, it could be his sister... " I said.

"I found a confidential video of him making out with her and after he show her off she also disappeared and his transactions a few days ago is a total of 5 billion dollars."

"So how do we find them? " I asked.

"Those girls are the least of our problems, we just need to get close to Diego, there are some illegal transactions made but we need him distracted while we work to uncover the whole truth, we need someone who will be able to get close to him and if everything backfires we can count on her that she will be okay." Darren says.
"I can do it.." everyone gave me shocking looks. "I can get close to him and I'll be able to protect myself." I said.

"No you won't, may I remind you that you have a bounty on your head? " Seth warns.

"Diego don't know anything about her and she won't be exposed, she could wear disguises when she's out such as mask and when she's alone with him she could appear normal in front of him." Darren suggested.

"Even if she was able to go through this mission without being suspected as a bounty, how would she overcome Diego if things get dangerous, she's too Naive." and with that I snapped.
"I'll take the mission."

"No you won't.."

"I don't care if you don't want doing it, I'm the only one capable of it, I'm not naive or stupid or weak stop treating me like one and I don't care if you guys out vote it, let me prove I'm more than just a burden." I said and immediately Seth shut up.

"And even if I screw up you guys have nothing to loose."

To be continued

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