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Only You - Chapter Nineteen


Only You - Chapter Nineteen

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

After the makeover Maria gave me some tips on how to maintain my hair and also gave me some clothes she went out on her way to buy..

It was time to go to New York so we were saying our final goodbye.

"Be careful okay, I know you will do well at the mission." she hugged me and then pulled away to face Haven.

"Tell the gang I said hey." she said to Haven.

"I will, take care of yourself okay.." Haven pushed a strand of her hair back, she startled a bit but suddenly kept it cool and just giggled uncontrollably, she looses her stare off Haven and landed them on me. "And Quinn I got something for you." she quickly went back in and brought back a silver plastic bag she handed it over to me.

"Thank you." that was my only reply I took out a tiny black box from the bag. "You didn't have to get me jewelry Maria I already have my necklace." I said showing it to her.

"It's no jewelry." she instantly replied, I dropped the paper bag and opened the box to see a pair of contacts. "Contacts ?" I questioned.

"They are spring gray contacts to disguise the color of your eyes, try them out." she insisted I took out the lens and put them on and blinked till I felt I had it right.

"This feels weird." I blinked some more turning to face Haven who just stared at me longer than he should. "She looks unrecognizable right Haven ?" Haven wore a smile similar to that of admiration.

"She's still Quinn no matter which color.." Haven commented, I turned to meet Maria.

"Thanks for getting me this."
"Don't thank me, just don't screw up this mission, you guys better start going before I get my gun." She syrup her words but that sounded like a threat. "Of course..." I replied heading over to the car.

I buckled up with Haven and waved Maria a goodbye before we left for New York.

We first took a stop to change the plate number, I helped In changing it and almost insisted in doing everything.

Haven was done and I handed him a bottle of water, it wasn't easy taking off the plate number.

"Where did you learn how to use a drill, most girls I know would rather attend parties and get wasted than to learn how." he explained.

"You're just full of surprises." he added. "My dad was an engineer, I loved the way he worked with cars one time my mom signed me for ballet lessons, I would sneak out with Calvin to just watch him work." I explained.

"I got into trouble after Noemie that witch found out she snitches like a snake, I really miss him." I said holding on to my necklace.

"Maybe one of these days you'll meet him." Haven said I looked at him slowly and quietly until he figured out my stare. "I didn't know." he said.

"It okay, you didn't know anything about me anyways so you shouldn't get mad." I muttered under my breath clenching on to my necklace.

"I'll be in the car if you need me." I quickly got in the car and shut it breathing heavily so I wouldn't cry, Haven didn't come in probably giving me sometime to grieve before he let himself in.

The drive after that was quiet than ever.

Several hours later we checked out of an hotel that we spent the night to rest, I was wearing a plum striped blouse which expose my abdomen a bit, patterned overlap skirt it's length was above a bit of my thigh and coral wedge sandals, just to be on the safe side I had my contacts and my mask on, Haven was signing out while I had our bags by my side.

A group of men in black walked in, I stepped back giving them way to walk past me and suddenly I felt strange all of a sudden.

"Let's go.." Haven silently took both the bags, I followed behind as we quickly got to the car and drove off.

We made another stop at another hotel in New York, Haven got our stuff and we checked in one of the rooms but this one was bigger, I sat down on one of the couch exhausted from sitting in a damn car all day.

"Where are the guys? " I asked.
"They will be late so we have a few hours to ourselves, what do you want to do? " Haven asked dropping the bags.

"I just want to sleep I'm exhausted." I mumbled under a yawn, Haven just shared me a genuine smile. "What? Is there something in my hair? " I asks he shakes his head.

"Let's go out for drinks." he picked up a coat.

"Didn't you guys say you're not supposed to drink outside? " I asked. "Yes, but we are in a mission we won't drink that much it's not like we have better things to do while we wait for the guys, it will be fun." he spills.

We were only going to get drinks and we won't drink that much.

"Okay....." I muttered. "Without the mask." he goes out and shut the door behind him, I sigh taking off my mask and took my own coat and went out to meet Haven leaning against the door.

"You're happy now.. " I rolled my eyes his smile was his only reply he locks our room, we both checked out of the hotel, I followed behind Haven we talked a bit until we started heading down a dim alley.

"This way..." he said confirming the route we were taking. He gazes at me noticing my expression. "Don't worry it's not as bad as it looks." he says trying to ease out my tension.

"How do you know that? " I asked.

"I lived most of my childhood here." he replied walking ahead of me, I followed suddenly intrigued by his reply. "No wonder you know everywhere here, you're a New York kid." I said as he chuckled. "You even noticed, some spent their New York, making new friends, living in great places, I spent it surviving all on my own, ever since I was a kid I was a little errand boy for drug traffickers, I never got caught until I was 18." he stopped on his words.

"What happened?? "

"I shot a man, that was the first time I picked a gun and killed somebody I didn't want to and still don't know how, the last thing I remember was running away from the scene until I met Colette, I was hiding behind a dumpster and she happened to come by me and fed me I was so traumatized from the event it took her a while to get me to talk and somehow I fell for her, I wish I didn't maybe I could still see her smile." he said and I stopped on my tracks.

"What happened to her? "

"She died getting during an abortion, she got pregnant during a night stand with her boss the bastard suggested she aborted the child or he'll fire her because of that I lost her... " he said the last part furiously clenching his fist tightly.

"I'm sorry about what happened to her." I said, he turned to look at me. "You kind of remind me of her." after that all I could hear was the beating of my heart and Havens icy stare on me, a smile worked up his lips. "We are almost there." he said resuming his steps, I followed thinking why do I feel some sort of dejavu.

We both walked in silence until we got to a metal door, Haven knocked on it there was an opening revealing a set of eyes.

"Cobra??? " a voice called it stared at me for a while. "Who's the chick.."

"A friend, are you going to let us in or are you going to interrogate me? " Haven spoke with authority suddenly I heard locks unlocking and the door slammed wide open.

"Welcome Cobra..." he said doing some sign, Haven nodded and took me by my hand and led me in as a few people gave him a nod.

We finally got to a room, there were people dancing Haven led me to the counter where they were serving drinks, he pulled out a blue Like coin showing it to the bartender and immediately the bartender led us to some kind of VIP section and left, there were different type of drinks and a few people eyeing us mostly Haven from the ladies.

"Drink? " he handed me a glass with champagne. I collected it in awe. "Cobra? Secret room, blue coin?? What exactly is going on? " I ask.

"A few years after Collete died, I led a gang I was nicknamed Cobra because I was easily unnoticed in the crowd and got away like a snake, this was where I met Erwin.." he said taking a sip of the wine. "And you formed the gang you are in now? " I ask taking a sip.

"Not quite, that's another story for another day perhaps." he said chugging down the last drink.

"And the blue coin ? " I asked as he looked at me. "It's like a black card, few people get to use it but it's given to specifically for powerful people mostly mafia families and underground lords and kingpin." he said.

"How did you get one ?" I asked.
"It's either you earn one or you steal one, I'll like to say maybe I earned it but the things I had to do to get it, I wouldn't call that earning." he said taking another sip. He looks at me with a sneer. "Drink..." he concluded while I drank anyways.

I looked over to see a few people taking a glance at me probably thinking I have a thing with Haven, from the looks of it.

A few girls confidently stride over to us making flirtatious remarks at Haven, he didn't pay attention at first not until they started pushing up their breath and bit their lips, this one girl just really slides her hand down in between her legs letting out a gross whimper.

"Are you drunk ?" Haven asks, I thought he was talking to the girls but all eyes were on me, I looked over to Haven who was waiting for my reply. "Not yet." I said still drinking slowly not feeling a bit tipsy at all.

"Let's dance then." the girls gawked in disbelief as Haven stood up and stretched his hands out to me, I didn't know if it was the drink or it was me but I felt all warm inside.

I slowly took his hand following behind, the girls hissed while Haven took me to the dance, the music was mostly a loud bass mostly with people swaying their hips back and forth along with the music.

We stopped and Haven faced me and pulled me close to him. "This isn't the type of dance for a song." he didn't mind but help my hand traced up his nape and trailed his hands down the side of my hip. "We don't have to follow the crowd, just relax." he advise. "But people are looking at us." I said counting the stares at us. "Perfect.." he said pulling me closer slowly dancing admist the loud song blasting in the back ground I don't know how the only thing I could hear at the moment was the sound of my heart beating, I was nervous.

"Don't be nervous." I was shocked how he knew, I heave a sigh of relief but suddenly a song came up (Rhianna Skin) it was a slow beat, I looked over to see a few people slowly moving their bodies, some girls were slowly giving a lap dance to some guys, I looked away back to Haven whose eyes was now locked in mine, I breathe to calm down.

"Are you sure you don't want a lap dance instead? " I asked getting weirdly weak.

"You want to give me a Lap dance? " he sneers at me and I blush. "No, I was talking about from those girls earlier, I don't even know how to do that with you if I tried."
 I said feeling wormy. "What makes you think I want a lap dance from them? " he chuckled out loud not minding how red I was in front of him.

"I don't know, they're not fake." I answer but he frowned. "Who says you're fake, I would take that lap dance from you instead." he smiled and I bowed my head a bit to hide my red face.

"You wish.." I chuckled easing up a bit until I stepped on Haven. "Sorry..." I apologized.

"It's okay..." he said as I stepped back, I could feel his stare on me but I looked elsewhere.

"Fuck it.." he hissed I looked over at him. "Let's get wasted." he pulls me over back to the VIP ordering all sort of drinks and washed me drink it all in admiration, I don't really know for sure I just ended up getting drunk in the end.

The next day, I woke up in a bed and this time with a confirmed hangover, I hissed in pain trying to recall what happened last night but the only thing I could remember was Haven and me drinking in the VIP section and some girls came over, I stopped thinking and shake my head from thinking so much about what happened.

I slowly came down from the bed to see my bags on the floor next to the bed, I head straight to the shower and tried to mellow down the hangover, soon I was done and did the exact remedy to take care of my hair.

I was combing my hair until my eyes landed on my contacts. "When did I take these off? " I question but shrugged, maybe I took them off after drinking, I slowly put them back on and changed into a crop top and shorts.

I heard a knock, I opened it to see Haven he quickly lost focus but then again breathes and looks me straight in the eye. "The guys are here, Erwin wants to eat your breakfast." he warned while I nodded. "I'll be there, thanks for yesterday If only I could remember what happened." I chuckled.

"You don't remember?? "

"I do it's just, after we went for a dance every thing was a blur, I hope I didn't do anything stupid or cause trouble." I said.

"Na, you were easy to contain I gave you a piggyback ride home." he explains until he hears his name being called. "I'll be with you guys soon." he left while I stayed a bit to apply a bit of lipgloss, I can't believe I'm using this shiny lip paste.

I left the room and came out to see the guys setting up and discussing, Darren was the first to give me a glance.

"Quinn??? " his expression made Erwin and Seth to turn and give me a glance.

To be continued

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