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Only You - Chapter Eighteen


Only You - Chapter Eighteen

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

'You don't have to do this.' Darren's voice sang loud and clear in my head, I shake my head trying to think about something else other than our conversation.

I sat down at the passenger seat with my mask up and capped too. Haven was on the wheels, he kept checking up on me with the rearview mirror.

"Should we make a stop? " he asks I shake my head thinking why the hell did I accept this mission in the first place. Oh yeah I remember, Seth was being a dick and I let my anger get the best of me.

'What the fuck is wrong with you? ' my thoughts chorused in my head, I shrink back into my seat taking deep breaths, Haven made a stop at a gas station.

"Let's get something for the road before we get to Maria's." he insisted I just nodded stuck to my seat with no intention of getting down, a young man who was on his own with his headphones passed my window, I pushed my cap down the more having my head bent down, I sneaked a peak of him he was wearing a blue flannel shirt and jeans, a bag swung across his shoulder, he was so engrossed in his music he didn't pay attention to an upcoming pole.
Haven noticed my smile "Let's go say hi to him." I looked back at him in awe, I shook my head. "Come on.." he insisted but I denied.

"Okay fine, I guess I'll get down myself." he said, I didn't spare him a look he got down like he said I heaved a sigh of relief but didn't expect him to be next to my window, he quickly opened the car and drags me out.

"Kidnap..." I screamed getting attention from unwanted passer by. Haven shuts the door of the car, succeeding in getting me out of the car.

"Are you crazy I could get exposed..." I gave him a punch he rolled his eyes. "Yeah right." he sarcastically replied, he takes off my cap, my long brunette hair was let down it was messy he slowly took his smooth it with his hands.

"We are going to Maria's not a prison cell lighten up." he worded his hand still held my head. "How could you just tell me to lighten up, this mission is important what if I screw up ?" I whispered under my breath, he let's go my head and looks at the guy with a blue flannel shirt and earphones.

"I wonder if the snacks here are good? " he says and walks off to meet the guy, I quickly followed him from behind.

The guy was busy going through his phone he noticed us walking towards him, he took of his earphones. "Hey, are the snacks any good? " Haven asks.

"I don't know anything about that.." his eyes darted at me, I hid behind Haven he looked back at Haven. "Is she your sister? " the guy asks.

Haven turned to share me a look. "Yes, she's shy." he said and a wide grin appeared on the boys face. "Thought as much, you guys seem really close." he said.

"Could you escort her to probably buy snacks, I need to take care of something with our ride if you don't mind... " Haven insisted.

"Nothing..." because I could complete my statement, Haven pulled me from behind him and pushed me in front of the

"Her name is Quinn..."

"No I'm not.." I half yelled. "That's a pretty name, my name is Manfred shall we? " he insisted.

I looked back at Haven, he was really letting me go shopping for snacks with a stranger who now knows my name. "Wait I can't..." I spoke up. "Of course she can here's some cash, take your time." Haven whispered and looked down at me. "What are you doing? " I growled at him.

"You'll be fine.." he whispered leaving me with Manfred, I still had my mask on so maybe it wasn't a bad thing.

I followed him in to the mini mart at the gas station, we checked different aisle before we got to the snacks, I started picking the ones I liked while he stared at me the whole time.

I looked up to catch him staring at me. "What?" I raised my voice a bit. "Nothing.." he looked away.
"Do you have some kind of allergies? " he asks.

"Allergies? " I echoed.

"Why are you wearing a mask in the car you were wearing a hat until your brother dragged you out, if I didn't know better I would have thought you were a vampire." he chuckles and I smile but he didn't know anything about it.

"What are you doing here You didn't have to help me scavage for snacks." I changed the topic. "It's complicated but I could say I'm on the run.." He smiled. "On the run? " I gasped.

"You would not get it, I don't want you involved." he said as I stepped back. "I'm not a criminal, it's just family problems trust me I don't want anything to do with my family." I gasped.

Could he be the missing Cunningham.

His phone rings, he looks down at it but ignore it. "Let's get this wrapped." he spoke softly I just nodded while he paid instead of letting me pay. The snacks were bagged and handed over to me, we both got out of the gas station we stopped at the exit.

"You didn't have to pay but thank you." I said not looking over to see his expression.

"No worries I better start going it was nice knowing you Quinn.." he says turning his back on me.
"Wait." I yelled and he stops and turns to look at me. "Me and my brother can take you to your destination, we can help you." I say but he shakes his head.

"I don't need your help, I'm fine on my own maybe we'll meet each other again." he smiles at me. "I better start going, also do me a favor and forget you ever met me." he said and quickly leaves.
I stood in my spot lost in my thoughts and what he just requested, I resumed on my steps and walk over to Haven who was in the car, he unlocks it making it easy for me to get in.

"What is with your face? " he asks but I just shrugged. "Did you get his number? " Haven tease.

"He was in a hurry." that was my only reply.

"Then let's get over to Maria before the guys find out we are not there." I didn't reply, my head was bent down but it wasn't because I wanted to hide, this time it was exhaustion.

My body slouched back and forth while Haven drove until we got to Maria's.

The mission was actually in New York but we had to stop at Denver so Maria could give me a make over so I won't be recognizable at the mean time.

Haven sat down at the living room while Maria blabbed about how she could tweak up my looks, I was scared she spoke to me like I'm some project.

"Maybe we should get your eye brows shaved or better yet waxed." I quickly got up.

"You know what I change my mind I don't want to do this anymore." I face palmed myself, she stared at me giving me the chills.

"But the guys..."

"I don't care what the guys think, it's just a mission not a beauty pageant I'm not getting my brows waxed for something I could probably die of. I'm not even sure if I made the right choice putting everything at risk and volunteering." I tried holding back my tears the pressure was already eating me up, I have to pull a fake character and not mess up like the last one at the underground club.
"Okay let's just start simple, how about we start with your hair." she says.

"Did you even hear what I said? " I spoke up.

"I don't care, you volunteer for this and if the guys didn't trust you they wouldn't put up with your crap and let you do this, so I'm gonna ask again what do you want to do with your hair it's your look." she says I turn over to the mirror..

'You know you'll look pretty if you had it dyed'

'What's wrong with the color of my hair? '.

'Everything, I don't like it.'

'Well I don't care if you give shit about it, I like my hair brunette.'
I recalled my conversation with Erwin a few days ago and then I remembered when I wanted to cut my hair shoulder length so bad but Terry didn't let me, he said he liked my long brunette hair, it made me look like a doll he controlled.

"I want it chopped shoulder length and dyed." I mummered, Maria took up her scissors.

"Are you sure about this? " she asks holding her scissors up.

"Yes..." I confirmed, she put down the scissors picking my hair in a fold. "Which color do you want it dyed? " she asked.

"I don't really know." I replied, she nodded and puts her own hair in a bun.

"How about blue? " I furrowed my brows.

"Blue??..." I echoed. "Yes blue, it's represent calmness, sensitivity, stability, beauty intelligence and confidence it's also the new sexy and by the way it will bring out your eyes if I say so myself.." she says as we both looked in the mirror. "You think blue is a good idea? " I asked.

"If you don't like it we could always dye it pink and if that fails we'll shave your head." she spoke in a serious tone.

"Blue, I pick blue.." I panicked and she sneers at me. "If you say so..." she says as she started first by cutting my hair up to shoulder length, my heart kept beating thinking I've made a stupid decision.

Later she led me to the bathroom where she helped dye my hair, I could see the color of blue wash down the bath tub while she carefully dye my hair.

I had to wait for a few hours before it dried on it's own, during the process Maria did my nails, it was nice she took an interest even though I didn't ask her.

"I've always wanted a sister to do this with, I'm glad I got to do it with you." she spoke up.

"Do you have a sister? " she asks.
"No, I have a Calvin and a Mandy." we both made eye contact, she sneers at me. "A what?"

"I was an only child, I did grow up with my best friend he was closer than a brother to me, he's Calvin, Mandy is my best friend she was like a sister we both had a lot in common and hated my cousin but we never actually did this a lot." I said as she puts my hand out.

"Guess this makes us sisters then, it's nice to finally do this with someone even though it won't be often." she says and takes my other hand.

"Do you like the guys? " she asks.
"What? "

"Do you like the guys? They like you that's why they trust you to keep their secret and chose you for this mission I'll do anything for them to trust me with a mission."
"Why would you want that? The mission they go on are dangerous." I asked
"Maybe it's an obsession or addiction but I bet it's exciting if you don't get caught, those guys had my back times without number it'll be nice to have theirs too plus they're hot." she kept her smile at the end.

"Who do you like? " I asks she stiffened a bit but breathes and let's out a chuckle. "What do you mean by that? "

"You do like one of them? Who is it? " I question, she let's go of my hand.

She picks up an electric fan to dry my hand, she looks back at me still holding the fan directly to my nails.

"Time to take off the towel." she insisted slowly taking off my towel from my head, she puts away the towel and picks up a curling iron.

"I'm going to set the heat to medium, your hair could pull off straight." she feels my hair and suddenly starts straightening my hair on by one like a pro.

How is she good at all these stuff ??

My nails dried, I wiggled them admiring the beauty, I hate painting my nails so it felt new.
"Voila..." she says putting away the curling iron.

She picks me up and leads me to her mirror, my eyes were shut, Maria wants my eyes closed so I could open my eyes to a new me.

"Now you can open your eyes." she whispers and slowly I opened my eyes to see myself but a different girl or should I say a different look, I moved closer to the mirror and tears stroll down my cheek slowly.

Maria notice. "You don't like it? " she asks worried. "It's not that bad, but if you don't like it..." before she could complete her sentence I pulled her into a hug sobbing loudly.

"I'm sorry you don't like it Quinn, is it because of the length?? " she asks. "We can add extensions.." she words. "I love it, thank you..." I managed to sobbed. "You're welcome.." she pats me in the back almost breaking into a sob. "Now stop crying mascara ain't cheap." she advised as we both pulled away from the hug.

We both heard a knock. "Come in.." Maria says, Haven walks in his eyes were focused on his phone. "Are you guys okay? I heard sobbing and I decided to check.." Haven looks up to see me, his reaction was priceless.

"So how do you like Quinn's new look? " his phone escaped from his grasp, he didn't take his eyes off me, he came to his senses running his fingers through his hair.

"You look hot..." he speaks up honestly, I blushed but put my head down. "Maria you really out done yourself I'm impressed." Haven says she blushes way harder than me and just giggled uncontrollably. "You really think so? " she ask.

"Yeah, we should Involve you in missions, this is really good." Haven says.

"Wait till the whole gang sees her." Maria chuckles starting a conversation with Haven.
I was ready for my mission and this time I'm not screwing up.

To be continued

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