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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 6


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 6

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


I walked to the kitchen barefooted, I was so scared of been chased out by Mr John's fiancée. She is kinda harsh but she is beautiful.

I never thought Mr John would have a fiancée. Tho I am sure he is old enough, I wasn't expecting someone like her. She is kinda annoying.

The food I prepared was ready but I didn't know if I should serve it already since Mr John and Davis are yet to be back.

I walked out of the kitchen and peeped to look into the living room to see Mr John's fiancée sleeping.

I walked into my room and sat on the bed tiredly, It was 2pm already.The time is flying very fast.

I laid on my bed to have a nap, and I was at the edge of sleeping deeply when I heard some voices in the living room.

"Mr john?" I thought happily jumping out of my bed.

I ran out of my room happily to see Mr John kissing his fiancée. I had a kind of unexplainable feeling. Mr John deserves a nicer lady not her.

"Charlotte are you okay? He is your boss." My inner mind said and I nodded in agreement.

I stood on the stairs watching them. I saw Davis beside them smiling as usual.

"I missed you." The Lady said happily disengaging from the kiss.

"I miss you too Angelica." He replied smiling." So she is Angelica. " I thought still looking at them.

"So you didn't miss me." Davis said but Miss Angelica ignored him talking to Mr John.

"Davis please don't start." Mr John said laughing. He is really happy to see her.

"I guess I will go meet someone that missed me." Davis said walking towards the stairs.

I ran to my room in haste jumping on my bed and pretending to be asleep. I heard a knock on the door as expected.

I stood up and moved to the door to open it. I met Davis at the door smiling widely.

"Hi." He said smiling.

"Hi, come in." I said smiling as I opened the door wider for him to come in.

"How was your day at home all alone?" He asked as soon as he got inside my room.

"It was nice. The house was neat before, so cleaning wasn't that hard." I said smiling.

"That is John for you. He loves cleaning." He replied smiling.

"I am really grateful for the gift You and Mr John got me. I wasn't expecting that much." I said shyly.

"I? I didn't even know when he ordered it." He said laughing.

"Huh? Even the underwear?" I asked shockingly.

"Yeah." He said nodding.

"How come he knows so much about these things?" I asked myself aloud.

"Angelica is a model, most times they go out to get stuffs like that." He said smiling while I kept a "ohhhh" look.

"Don't be surprised, John is very nice." He added.

"I see that, Mr john is an angel sent to me." I said smiling.

"Enough of this Mr john okay? He is John, you are making him look 30." He said standing up.

"Isn't he 30?" I thought biting my lower lip.

"I am off. Just came to greet you, and lest I forget. The aroma from that kitchen is killing please come serve the food quick." He said and left the room.

I smiled still thinking about Mr John's kindness. So he actually bought me those underwears.

        JOHN'S POV

I sat in the living room with Angelica and she kept talking and talking. She didn't even give me the chance to freshen up nor rest.

I nodded to everything she was saying but I wasn't really listening. My mind was with Charlotte.

Immediately Davis left this place, I knew he was heading to Charlotte's room. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid or else, I am going to skin him alive.

"Baby are you even listening?" Angelica said holding my hand.

"Oh yes. I am" I replied nodding.

"I said why are you still allowing Davis to stay here?" She asked.

"C'mon, he is my best friend. He keeps my company since you have decided not to have time for me." I said sadly.

"It is not like that baby. You know my job is a very busy one." She said pouting her mouth.

"Hmm I understand." I said looking at the floor and then I saw my slippers that was given to Charlotte close to Angelica.

"What is that doing here?" I asked pointing at my slippers.

"Oh thank you for reminding me. That maid of yours wore it." She said rolling her eyes.

"Her name is Charlotte, and what is wrong with her wearing it?" I asked.

"Baby, she has no right to wear your stuffs. She is your maid, moreover I don't like her. Send her away." She said angrily.

"Angelica she is human also. And for me to send her away because of you, that can never happen." I said in a final tone.

"John, seriously." She said looking at me sadly.

"Yes, I have had enough of your troubles. Don't start another one, I gave her the slippers myself." I said looking away from her.

"Mr John, the food is served." Charlotte said from the dinning room. I looked back to look at her and Oh geez she was on fire.

The red top and white trousers was so good on her. Her hips were killing in them, I stared at her speechlessly.

Then I remembered I was with Angelica. I looked at her and I saw her staring at Charlotte in anger.

"Thank you. You can go." I said smiling while she nodded and left. I looked away trying so hard not to look at her backside.


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