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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 4


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 4

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


"Bianca, get me the eye liner!! I told you not to take it, you are so annoying." I yelled from my room.

"Angelica calm down, don't bite me!!" My younger sister bianca yelled back.

"Geez, she is so annoying." I thought combing my hair.

"Here take it, don't eat me raw." Bianca said barging into the room angrily. She dropped it on front of me and turned to go but I stopped her.

"Bianca." I called pouting my mouth.

"What!!" She yelled back.

"My Darling sister, I am sorry for getting you angry." I said standing up and standing in front of her.

"What do you want? I know you want me to do something that is why you are remorseful." She said rolling her eyes.

"As my sweet makeup artist. Can you please do some make over on my face? I am going to see John today, I want to look nice." I replied smiling.

"I knew it!" She replied nodding.

"Thank you." I said happily sitting in front of my mirror.

I have been a relationship with John for almost 3 years now. He has been a darling to me.

He loves me and I love him more, tho I almost spoilt our relationship by sleeping with one of his workers in his company.

I was caught and he almost killed me. He hates seeing me with another man and I love a jealous man like him.

My parents agree totally to our relationship, so did his parents. We should have gotten married but he said he still needed some time.

I can't wait for him to finally make me his official wife.

"Done!" Bianca said coldly. That is how she is, she is an introvert. I opened my eyes to look at myself in the mirror.

"Wow. Bianca, you did a great job. I look so beautiful." I said happily. Been a model and then having a makeup artist as a sister is the best thing you can ever ask of.

"Whatever, I am off." She replied walking out of the room.

I didn't even mind her, I went to my closet and brought out the new gown I bought with some of the clothes I was to wear for my upcoming photoshoot.

It was a wine short armless gown, I wore it and stood in front of my standing mirror. My hips and b**bs were so evident in the cloth and I loved it.

"John is going to trip when he sees me." I thought happily. I wore my silver coloured shoe and carried my silver bag.

I walked in front of the mirror swaying my butts and I loved what I saw. I was a cry hot cake.

I walked out of my room majestically, cat walking like I have always been doing.

"Dad! Mom! I am off to Johns house." I yelled to them anywhere they were. I walked out before they could reply.

I brought out my car keys and pressed them and the car door opened automatically. I sat in my car and zoomed off to John's.


I woke up by the buzz of the alarm in my room the next day. I got up from my bed and walked to the toilet to bath.

I was giving a night wear by Mr John yesterday night because I didn't have one. I was sure it was for a guy, either for him or Davis.

I took my bath in the bath tub, I loved the way the warm water made me feel. I laid inside the tub for like 10 minutes before scrubbing my body.

I came out of the bathroom to the dress up, then I remembered I had no stuffs in the house apart from my expensive gown.

I wore my gown and walked to the door. I opened the door to see some bags in front of me.

"What are these?" I thought bending to see it. There was a paper on it and I picked it up to read it.


He is kinda nice. I carried the bags inside my room happily to check out the clothes.

I started opening them and I saw different type of beautiful dresses and shoes. They were very lovely, that even had their labels on them.

I wore the clothes and shoes and they suit me well. How come he knows my size? Even if he guessed the clothes, what about the shoes?

I removed my exposing gown and wore a red top and white trousers from the clothes he bought for me.

The red top suit me well, and the trousers packed up my excess a** making it look small.

There was another small bags in the big bags. "What can be here?" I thought smiling.

I opened the first bag to see a cream, roll on and perfume. Wow, I didn't see that coming.

I opened the perfume and smelt it, it was smelling nice, so was the roll on. I tried the cream on my body and it was mild on my skin.

"How those Mr John know all these?" I thought in amusement. I eagerly opened the last bag and I was shocked when I saw the contents.

"Panties and bras?" I said in shock. I saw a paper in the bag after bringing out all the underwear in bag.

"DAVIS FORCED ME TO GET IT" I read in laughter. They are kinda funny, I sized the bra and they were my exact size." Is Davis that good?" I thought smiling.

I arranged all my gifts in my closet and I stared at them happily. I have never had a closet to call mine.

I walked out of my room to start my daily activity. I got to the kitchen to see everywhere neat, tho we didn't eat last night, I didn't expect it to be this neat.

"Impressive" I said nodding. I moved in and opened the refrigerator to see it fully stocked with food ingredients.

I smiled as I pictured the food I was going to prepare in my head. Let's suprise Mr john and Davis." I said happily.


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