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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 3


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 3

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


"You will still pay me?" I asked surprisingly.

"Yes, so your work is just to do the cleaning and cook the meals." He said resting his back on the couch's back rest.

"Thank you so much." I said happily , tho I still felt sad about all that was going on.
"What if he is just using this to get to your body?" My inner mind said making me unhappy.

I shifted my gaze to Davis and I saw him grinning widely. He winked at me and I couldn't help but smile.

"I will show you around the house." Mr John said standing up. I nodded and stood up but I fell back to the chair, my legs were hurting. The heels isn't my thing.

"Are you okay?" Mr John and Davis asked at the same time.

"I am fine. I just need to get my legs off these hells." I said removing the heels.

As I did I felt the gaze of the men all over me and I couldn't help but feel nervous. Won't they end up wanting my body like other guys do?

"I am done." I said standing any looking at them. I saw Mr John staring at my b**bs and, Davis was staring at my hips and grinning stupidly.

I stood looking at them and bowed my head slightly wishing they could stop staring at me.

"Here, where this." Davis said stretching a guys slippers to me.

"Thanks." I replied collecting it. This will be of great help, I wore it and it looked nice and felt comfortable. Tho it was big, it was beautiful on my leg.

"Let's go." I heard Mr John say and I felt so happy. At least they won't be able to stare at my seductive body if i walk behind them.

I nodded looking up and Mr John started moving while I trailed behind him.

"Davis stay here. I need to talk to her privately." He said without looking back.

"Why?? You want to do that stuff hun?" Davis said giggling.

"What stuff?? Hope it is not what I am thinking?" I thought walking behind my new owner.

I felt uncomfortable walking in the gown and I kept pulling it up to cover my boobs. It was so exposing and I knew my owner lusts over it.

We got to the kitchen and we both went in. I was still battling with my gown when I heard him speak up.

"This is the kitchen like you know." He said looking back abruptly catching me battling with the gown.

I quickly stopped what I was doing and nodded like I was listening. He looked at me with a narrowed eye before nodding.

We left the kitchen and headed for the stairs. He was in front of me and I was so happy he was, can't imagine him coming behind me. He will surely look at my a**.

"Why did you agree to it?" He said stopping my thoughts.

"Agree to what?" I asked staring at his back.

"To be in that club, among those girls." He added without looking back at me.

"I didn't agree to any of it." I said as we got to the top floor.

"Then why did you do it? You look to innocent and fragile. You are even having problems with the gown you wearing." He said turning to look at me.

"I.. I" I stammered trying to talk but his gaze couldn't make me talk. He had a countenance I couldn't phantom.

"You can talk to me Charlotte." He said calmly.

"Okay." I said nodding sadly.

"Come with me." He said walking away. I followed him until we got to a swimming pool. It had beautiful lights around it, I loved it so much. He is really rich.

    🍧 JOHN'S POV 🍧

I led her to the chairs close to the pool. It was getting dark already and the light around the pool gave the place a wonderful view.

"Sit." I said tapping a chair close to where I sat. She sat and I couldn't help but stare at her for a while.

"You are beautiful." I said smiling slightly.

"Huh?" She said raising up her head.

"Yeah.. You are beautiful. I wish i told you first but that naughty friend of mine spoiled everything." I said
"Thank you." She replied smiling slightly, she kept her head low hiding her face from me.
"Is that how you are?" I asked again staring at her.

"How?" She asked looking at me.

"Always shy, bowing your head and trying not to look into my face." I said. She nodded looking away making me laugh. That is cute.

"So Charlotte, tell me your story." I said facing her properly so I could see her face properly.

"Mr John, my life is a mess." She said sighing heavily.

"First of all, I am not Mr John. I am John, John Walker." I said smiling.

"It won't be easy to call you that. You are way older than me and you are now my boss." She said shyly.

"Hmm smart." I said nodding my head.

"Thank you sir." She answered.

"Arrrrgghhhh, whatever. So tell me your story, I am eager to hear it." I said seriously.
I heard her sigh heavily before raising her head to meet mine.

"My parents died the day I was born. My father had an accident that took his life when he helped my mother get my stuffs from our house. My mother died that very day after hearing about it." She said and I saw tears roll down her cheeks.

"I am so sorry Charlotte." I said sadly.

"Its okay, it is my fate. Since then my Aunt Ruby adopted me, I grew to know her as I guardian tho she made it clear she isn't my real mother.

When I was older, she made me do all the house chores and feed me only once saying she wasn't monetarily buoyant.

When I was 11, I started working in the club house as a cleaner. Each passing day I wished I had died with my parent.

I knew Aunt Ruby sells ladies to men for cash but I never knew she would think of doing that to me , her sisters daughter.

She said guys likes girls like me especially the ones that are yet to be touched, so she dressed me up and brought me to the podium, and then you bought me and I here." She said sadly cleaning her tears off her face.

"Wow, that is so sad." I said pitifully.

"Can I ask you are question?" She said looking at me.

"Yes Charlotte." I said nodding.

"Why did you buy me at the price? I mean there were lot of more beautiful girls amongst us." She said looking right into my eyes.

"Charlotte I saw a difference in you. You looked pure, I couldn't let you fall into any bad hands and lastly, I was engrossed by your beauty. You were the most beautiful." I said smiling and I saw her blush slightly.

"Thank you Sir." She said smiling.

"John!" I said rolling my eyes.

"John." She replied shyly.

"You go and rest for tomorrows work. I will walk you to your room." I said standing up. She nodded standing up too.

"My slippers looks nice on you." I said before leading the way.


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