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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 2


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 2

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


I knew immediately what Mrs Ruby was talking about and I couldn't believe I was actually been sold.

I was so shocked when a guy decided to buy me for $1000.

"Charlotte go meet your new owner." She whispered into my ears as we were off the stage.

"Mrs Ruby, please don't sell me." I said sadly as tears threatened to roll down my cheeks.

"Shut up Charlotte. Do you think all these make over are for free? I am tired of feeding you. It is time for my reward." She said angrily.

She brought a travelling bag closer to me and I knew it contained my stuff.

"Please Aunt. I don't even know him." I said and she was about reply me when I heard the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my entire life.

"Hi." The voiced said. I was so tempted to look back and I did.

"Omg!! He is so cute!!! His hair was covering a part of his left eye." I thought staring at his face.

"Mr John, you made me so happy today." She said coming in between Mr john and I. He looks 28,He is really a Mister.

"Its nothing ma'am, but advertising her isn't polite at all. I did that because I didn't want her to fall into the wrong hands." He said sadly.

"At least you have bought her. And you have paid so, I don't care." She said nonchalantly.

"I didn't buy her." He said moving close to me. Mrs Ruby walked away leaving two of us.

"Hi" he said again smiling.

"Hi" I replied shyly.

"Let's leave here." He said smiling.

I nodded sadly and was about picking up the travelling bag before he stopped me.

"You won't be needing those." He said pushing it aside.

"They are my clothes." I replied looking at him.

"I know, we will get you new ones." He said and held me hands as we moved out of the club.

We walked outside until we stopped in front of a car.

"Wow! She is so beautiful!!." Another guy said coming down from the car in front of us.

"Davis c'mon act matured." Mr John said rolling his eyes.

"I am Davis." He said stretching his hand to me. He looked young too but older than Mr john in face and stature.

"Charlotte." I replied receiving his hand shyly.

"Please can we move now?" Mr john said entering the car. Davis entered into the car smiling.

I walked to the back of the car and was about entering when Mr John's voice stopped me.

"You are sitting at the front." He said coldly.

"The front??? What about me?" Davis said.

"You sitting at the back of course." He said with a final tone.

"Why??" He asked raising up his hand.

"Don't worry Mr John, I will sit at the back." I said calmly opening the door and entering the car.

"Mr John?" Davis said laughing loudly.

"You a mister Jonny!" He said laughing hard and I couldn't help but wonder why.
He shook his head and zoomed off to only God knows. I have finally become a man's property.

I knew they was something bad attached to the nice treatment Mrs Ruby gave me. She has never been nice to me.

I have been working as a maid ever since i lost my parents Ten years ago.

Mr John seems nice but I can't trust him just like that. Many of them have come to me sweetly but I later found out they were after my body.

Now I know guys are the same. Act cool this minute and the next act so cold and annoying.

    🍧 JOHN'S POV 🍧

We got to my mansion shortly and I zoomed in, parking my car in the garage. I came out of the car, so did Davis.
Shared on WhatsApp by martino.
I was about walking to open Charlotte's door when Davis opened it and stretching his hands to help her down.

"Ahhh" I sighed rolling my eyes. Davis is such a drama Knight.

"Thank you." She said smiling faintly. Tho it was obvious she wasn't happy about what Mrs Ruby did. I had to do that so she won't fall into the hands of miserable men.

She is too beautiful and curvy to be used anyhow. I need to ask what really brought her to the club in the first place. She doesn't look like the rest of the ladies.

She looked so innocent compared to the other ladies. One was even chewing gum like a bi**h.

I opened the door and walked in disgust remembering the last part of my thought.

"Welcome to our beautiful home." Davis said rolling happily. I looked at her and I saw she was lost staring at the building.

Well I don't expect nothing less. My house is one of the biggest in town. My parents are very rich and I am the only son, tho I have a naughty younger sister who lives with my parents.

"Sit." I finally spoke as she stared at me.

I walked slowly to the couch and sat on the couch carefully still surveying the structure of the house.

I sat opposite her, while Davis sat beside me and I knew he was so happy. He loves beautiful ladies so much.

"So Charlotte, what do you do?" I asked smiling slightly.

"Ehn..nn I worked as a cleaner in my Aunt Ruby's Club." She replied shyly as she fondled with her fingers.

"Wow, can you cook?" Davis asked cutting me off.

"Yes." She replied bowing slightly.

"Can you please not interrupt Davis." I said in frustration. He placed his index finger on his lips signifying he has kept his mouth shut.

"So Charlotte, how old are you?" I asked again watching her every reaction.

"19" she replied still bowing her head.

"Really...." Davis said but I shut him up with a deadly look.

"You are really 19?" I asked in surprise examining her body. She was too hot for her age. Her hips threatened to tear off the gown and her cleavages were killing.

"I am 19." She said and I couldn't help but wonder what a beautiful Lady like her was doing between prostitutes.

"Okay this is it. You will start working here as a maid, you clean the house, cook the dishes and the rest. And I will still pay you." I said staring at her.


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