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Katzy - Episode Twenty-Two


Katzy - Episode Twenty-Two

By Amah's Heart

"I was worried about you...
He said while using the first aid kit to treat my wound.

"Why were you worried...?

I asked. His bold but soft hands caressed my skin.

I shivered more on how his hand makes me feel than on the pain from the wound.
He quickly apologized but didn't stop examining.

"When I didn't see or hear from you all through yesterday I became worried thinking you left angrily without saying goodbye. My words were harsh, I never meant any of what I said but I can't condemn Erin in front of you or give her reason to hurt you. I'm sorry if I hurt you in anyway...

There was a way he said every word that makes my heartbeat doubled up.

I could smell his nice cologne, his soft hand on my skin sent shiver all through my body.

I swallowed hard as I tried to concentrate.

As much as I hate to admit it, I was enjoying his closeness and wish he will examine my whole body not just my arm.

But suddenly he stood up and said.
"Done" is a minor bruise. It will heal up within days.

I know it was just a bruise but I wasn't expecting him to stop so soon.

He was putting away the first aid kit when I suddenly said without thinking.

"My shoulder aches. I guess the stone also hit me there.

I swallowed hard immediately the lies left my mouth.

He looked up at me and didn't speak immediately.

But later said slowly
"Will you like me to check...

I nodded without looking at him.

He stood and came to me. I felt happy because I was indirectly going to get a shoulder massage from him.

I love the feel of his hand and was hoping that the massage will last longer.

I tried to shift my cloth off shoulder so that he can do a fine job but he stopped me.
"No need for that Kay. Leave your dress the way it is. Point out the exact place you feel pain and i will check it out.

I touched my both shoulders but I realized that I was behaving childish and stupid so stopped myself.

"Is nothing much, I guess I just need to stretched my arm and I will be fine...
He paused

"Are sure you don't want me to...
I interrupted him

"Absolutely sir. Thanks!
He nodded. I wish he has insisted in going on with the shoulder massage.

If he has pushed further more I wouldn't have been able to say no.

He just went back arranging the first box kit and later put it away.

When he came back after putting the kit away he said as he sat down beside me.

"So, where did you went to yesterday?
"I went back home to inform my Dad that I was finally coming home. I can't bear the fact that you were going to fire me because of your wife. I was only looking out for your good which was my main offence, maybe I got carried away with my quest to gather enough proof so that you will know and understand that you are not really safe with your wife. But...I have questions. Why did you keep calm and did not expose Erin knowing the kind of person she is?...why do you watch them dig a grave for you without reacting... I really don't understand all of this. I was doing everything I can to make sure they don't succeed...I took so much risk just for that. Not knowing that you knew all this while but chose to remain quiet and not expose them. I'm happy for the fact you know and plays along with the whole thing but at the same time I'm yet to understand why you chose to be quiet and not expose them all...

He didn't respond immediately.

He stood up and walked to the window and stand there for sometime.

He later came back to sit down.

"I have always been afraid of losing Erin. I tried to please her by all means due to the kind of love I have for her. I just can't bear the thought of seeing her with another man. Before the accident that sent me to the wheelchair, I knew quiet well that she was having affair with her formal manager and she enjoys watching me get jealous. She takes his call right in my presence and reply back his flattery messages without a second thought but I refuse to let go of her. I was ready to fight anybody or anything that will stand in the way of my love for her. She told me that she wasn't ready to have children, it will reduce her beauty and make her less attractive. She wasn't ready to get her hands full with babies problem. I agreed to her wishes, I told her anytime she is ready I will be ready too. I can't force her to do what she doesn't want to. I doubled up her monetry allowances so that she won't see reason to leave me. I refused to even admit to the fact that she was seeing another man but Erin enjoys it when I'm angry or jealous. It was after the accident I knew I can't keep her. I became very angry with everything and it was in that state you came into my life and occupied my troubled soul with your beautiful presence. At a point in my life I began to think Erin truly loves me and wants me to get better but I later realized it was just an act. She brought you to distract me from her so that she can have the chance to do whatever she wants with her true lover. I was deeply hurt and still hurt that Erin could be this heartless. After I got out of the wheelchair and I checked my financial records I couldn't believe my eyes. She has been spending my money lavishly on Silas too. I just wanted to make sure I'm strong enough physically and emotionally before making any decisions. I'm ready now because the mare sight of her disgust me. I want out of this death trap called marriage before I loose my remaining sanity. My lawyer has gotten the divorce papers ready and not just that, She and Silas are going to be put behind bars for being a threat to my life. I will give you the honor to do whatever pleases you with Natasha...I guess that's the real name of the staff that threw rock at you. It takes me time to make decisions such as this but when i finally decides, I don't go back to my words. When I make decisions they are final. That was why it took me so long to finally decide on what exactly I want to do with her. I have evidence to nail her but I'm still having an inner battle...

I quickly spoke out.

"I also have strong proof that will be very useful. Please allow me to play it.
He was quiet again but later urge me to go ahead.

I played it for him, he listened quietly without words or even looking up.

His head remain bent, he later asked me to stop the record but I insisted that he listened to the end.

My whole efforts can't be in vain.

He was quiet all and never said a word.
As the record ended he looked up and I can see tears circled in his eyes.

I try to say a comforting words to him but he waved a hand ordering me to stop.
He stood up and started walking round the place.

"What in God's name was my offence. Why do she hate me so much to the point of wanting me dead. Why...why will Erin do this to me with no remorse. I also have records of her, I could have installed camera but I may pass out watching her with another man which was why I hide unsuspected recording gadget in the house and also trackers in her car and even in her handbag. I have not been able to listen to a full record of her because my heart can't take it not until now...

It breaks my heart to watch him battle with his emotions.

He was indeed broken and couldn't hide it.
I wish I'm lucky to have a man that sincerely loves me the way Mr Desmond loves his wife.

I remain quiet as he walked to the window, stood there for sometime and later came to sat down.

He looked at the recording gadget which was lying on a table.

He grabbed it with force and threw it angrily towards the wall but instead it felt to a cushion.

I was shocked. I rushed and picked up the gadget.

I examine the body and it was so still intact.
"Thanks goodness"

I exclaimed.

He turned to me and said.

"Can you leave me for sometime? I'm not in the right frame of mind and I hate the fact that you are seeing me like a crazy person. I want to be alone for now... please.

I nodded, as I quietly picked up the gadget and left.

If I know things will turn out this way I wouldn't have encouraged him to listen to the record.

I went back to my quarters and waited until the third day noon before he called me to come over.

He is probably angry with me and I was ready to apologies for talking him into listening to his Jezebel of a wife betrayal speech.

I didn't see Natasha anywhere around.
Which was unlike her. Natasha enjoys taunting me with her talk but she wasn't any where seen.

As I got inside, I saw Mr Desmond well dressed.

He smiled at me as I greeted.

"Is a beautiful day, go and get dress please. We're going out to one of those fancy restaurant. We will be having lunch and dinner out today.

I smiled but not fully because i know Natasha will inform madam and she may want to start coming back which will spoil lots of plans.

I couldn't help it so I asked.

"Where is Natasha. I haven't seen her all day. She will see us going out and may likely inform madam.

I said while trying not to look at how cute he was looking in his fine outfit.

"I sent her on a long errand. She won't be back until tomorrow morning.

He suddenly laughed out and looked even more handsome.

I don't understand what he meant by long errand.

I don't even care to know, all that matters to me is that I will be spending quality time with Mr Desmond without any interruption.

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