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Katzy - Episode Sixteen


Katzy - Episode Sixteen

By Amah's Heart

As everyone looks forward to Mrs Desmond coming back I was not so excited about it.

Mr Desmond was planning to surprise his wife with his "new self" but I doubt if she will be happy over that
I was already getting irritated with the way he was anticipating for her return.

Erin doesn't care about him. She was out there, some Faraway city with Silas and having the best of her life.

She care less if he was dead or alive.

Erin wanted him to vanish so that she can finally live large and be in charge with her lover.

It angers me to see Mr Desmond getting all excited about her.
I quickly spoke to him, just to warn him beforehand.

"You really think Mrs Desmond will be so happy to see you walk again? I don't want to spoil the enthusiasm but I do care to know where exactly she has been for almost three months now leaving you at the mercy of domestic staffs and no particular doctor for constant check up. If not for the risk I took and the medical doctors were brought in... you would have still be helpless in that wheelchair waiting for her to return and Silas will continue with his annoying check up...

He smiled as he walks closer to me with the help of his cane.

"You sound angry, what is the problem Kay? I love my wife and I know she loves me too. She probably asked Silas to stop coming because she will be away and won't be able to monitor Silas treatment. I'm really happy and you should be happy for me. I can't wait for Erin to return this weekend. I want to plan a surprised party to welcome her back and I will baffle her with my new self. She will be so happy. I just can't wait to see excitement written all over her when she sees me. Well, if you really want to know where Erin travelled to I will tell you. She is on the road for over two months trying to make sure that my oil mill company abroad is functioning fine because the foreign expertise that were hired to do so aren't really doing a good job. My dear wife couldn't fold her hands and watch my hard built firm collapse, she decided to see to it that everything is put rightly in place. Before she traveled, she explained all this to me and I'm really proud of the woman I married. You should also be looking forward to having her back. Be happy for me atleast... you initiated all this and I owe you a whole lot. Is time to reap... please let's rejoice together. I will ask my wife to pay off all the medical bills pending and you can name whatever we owe you and it will be duly paid. My wife won't be mad at you once she finds out that your kind quest brought me to my feet. You don't have anything to worry about Kay...I promise you.

Maybe I should just hope everything goes down well
I really wish Mrs Desmond can stop her affair with Silas and understand the fact that her husband truly loves her.

I was making a cup of coffee for Mr Desmond when Natasha came to meet me.

I was already fed up and tired of her pestering and threats. I got ready for her.

"Kay-se, I was very kind and refused to hang your sins round your neck despite you fought me and gave me a black eye. I did not send any pics or videos to Mrs Desmond. I was only waiting for her to return back then I will show it to her and gladly watch her kick you out but even if she does not...I know you will still be out of here, is just a matter of time. Mr Desmond is gradually recovering it means your work here is done. So get ready to say goodbye.

"I don't intend to work here for the rest of my life Natasha. I definitely know that someday I will leave and I'm glad that all my efforts were successful. Seeing Mr Desmond happy and walking again is consolation enough. I should be rejoicing and not give a care to whatever you are cooking up in your sleeve. Is high time you let me be. Stop pestering me Natasha. Is really time you stop troubling me. I don't care anymore and not afraid if you tell Mrs Desmond or not. I used to be which was why I kept on responding to your blackmail but you can do whatever you like and i won't be moved.

After speaking to her, I did
Lnot give her the chance to talk, I quickly walk away.

During the weekend Mrs Desmond returned back with Silas.

Mr Desmond planned a surprise party to welcome his wife.

But it appears that she wasn't so impressed with the surprise party.

She was obviously surprise to see her husband on his feet but her facial expressions was filled with disappointment. The fake smile she wore was decisive to others but I wasn't deceive at all.

As the merriment was going on, Silas gently walked up to me with his untouched drink.

"While we were away, what exactly happened? How come Mr Desmond is out of the wheelchair and standing on his two feet? Don't tell me you have something to do with this...

He said it to me like a whisper while leaning closer to my ear.
I whispered back to him
"While you were touring round the city with his wife... miracle took place. Is unfortunate that you couldn't witness it. A man that you personally confirmed can never get out of the wheelchair did not only get out but he is walking on his two legs... wow. That's one of the highest miracle that I have ever seen.

", Don't play with my intelligence Kay... I'm not a fool. You initiated all of this...your zealousness is always to go against Erin's strict order. I bet your end in this house is nearer than you can imagine. Erin will not spare you and I will make sure she doesn't. Desmond wasn't supposed to Walk...I mean I'm his doctor and I was working tirelessly for him only for you to encourage him into getting another doctor to treat him. You have chewed more than you can swallow this time and i will make sure you get choked.

He expected me to start shivering but I wasn't even scared of his threats.

"Listen Silas, you don't scare me... And I'm not moved by your threats. Your only anger is because I spoilt your plan. You are shamelessly manipulating Mrs Desmond into your arms knowing quiet well that she's a married woman...

He didn't even allow me to finish, he quickly interrupted.

"Erin loves me. She is too good for a man on a wheelchair. She deserves better and I'm far better than what she used to have. We are going to be together whether you or Mr Desmond likes it or not. Is the end of story and any body that tries to stop us will regret it. Get that into your empty skull...
He quickly walks away after saying this.

I'm left to wonder if he also loves Mrs Desmond because he clearly stated that Erin loves him but he did not say if he loves her or not.
Deep down I know Silas was after the money and properties and does not have real love for Erin.

Is very unfortunate Mr Desmond have to share his dear wife with a man like Silas but that will be ending soon now that he is back to his feet .

With the way things are going, I hope there won't be more trouble because Silas doesn't look like he is ready to step aside for Mr Desmond who clearly loves his wife to take over.

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