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Katzy - Episode Seventeen


Katzy - Episode Seventeen

By Amah's Heart

...are you indirectly calling me a liar? How could you even accuse me of such thing.... have I ever given you any reason to do so? What has come over you.... I suppose to be the one getting mad at you here and not the opposite. I'm really not happy with you for allowing a common staff to manipulate you into disobeying your dear wife. Yes darling! do you know how that makes me feel? I strictly warned her about going against my orders and you know about this yet you allowed her brainwashed you into disobeying me...

Mr Desmond and his wife has been having misunderstanding for some days now.

Mr Desmond was obviously angry over something his wife did but his wife was trying to cover up the wrong with her own anger towards me.

I came to inform Mrs Desmond that Silas was around to see her and he was waiting at the lounge.

As I came closer i overheard the couple arguing, after listening for some time, I walked back to do other things ignoring Silas in the process..

I thought when he's tired of waiting he will go.

Silas on the other hand waited but when he didn't hear from me or see Erin he sent another staff to fetch me.

Silas mentioned that Mrs Desmond wasn't taking her calls or replying her messages which was why he came that mid morning to see her.

Since Mr Desmond was back on his feet, Silas services was no longer needed and Mr Desmond clearly asked him to stop coming to his house but he still came over with the pretense that he wanted to know if Mr Desmond was fully alright.

This was the second time he will be coming to the house after Mr Desmond asked him to stop coming.

He boldly drove in and did not come straight into the house instead he waited at the lounge like a visitor, I guess is to avoid being seen by Mr Desmond.
After waiting for sometime and no one attended to him, he asked the other staffs to fetch me.

When I came back he said.
"Please Kay, I really need to see Erin. Since yesterday she have not been taking my calls or replying my messages. I want to know what is really going on.

I frowned as I moved closer to him.

"Have you lost your mind? You really have the gut to come here to see another man's wife after you were asked to stop coming. Can't you see that Mrs Desmond loves her husband and doesn't want to continue the dirty affair with you. She does not want to have anything to do with you Silas. Call it quit now that you still have the chance. Mr Desmond is cuddling his wife right in his warm arm and she will not be seeing you again....

"Lies....all lies. That can never be true. Erin loves me and we must finish what we started. you don't know how far we have gone or how deep our relationship is.Nothing is going to stop us... not you, not Mr Desmond himself or a whole bunch of enemies like you..
Silas was indeed shameless to open his filthy mouth and talk such trash.

I began to clap for him.

"A round of applause to the most foolish speech I have ever heard. You have totally lost your mind. Why you are still standing here and uttering this rubbish? is because Mr Desmond probably doesn't know the whole nonsense you were doing with his wife even right under his nose?. You both wished him dead which was why you kept on injecting him with those silent killer drugs but I stepped in and spoilt your plan and I'm not stopping yet until you are gone for good. If Mr Desmond knows the full details of what you did...he will track you down, deal with you personally before handing you over to the police.... your licence as a medic will be ceased indefinitely. Please leave and don't come back here because Mrs Desmond is done with you. She won't be seeing you ever again. her loving husband is out of the wheelchair and stan....

I was still talking when I saw Mrs Desmond coming. Silas turned to me and said while fanning his ears with his palm.

"You talk too much, my ears are already aching. you can shut up now and go back to your duty, here comes my beautiful sweetheart...

She rushed up to him but did not allow him to touch her.

I stepped away and pretend to be going back inside but I didn't, instead I stood behind the wall so that I can hear everything they are saying.

"Silas, you are going to get me into more trouble. Please stop coming here as my husband warned. Give me time to sort out myself first and i will come and see you. You have to leave now before Desmond comes down and see you here... please.

Silas tried to move closer to her but she stopped him with the wave of her hand while urging him to leave.

"I really miss you sweetie. When will you come and see me... when exactly? You have to give me a specific time or I will come back here. Kay-se... the stupid inquisitive staff told me that you were being cuddled by your hopeless husband...I almost had heart attack. I'm happy to see your beautiful face again.

"You know how much I enjoyed being with you but I need time to handle things. My husband is upstairs, he is very careful with the stairs which was why he prefers the elevator but it's undergoing maintenance.... that is why he remains up. If not we would have both be in trouble if he sees you here. Please go my love...I will come to you instead when all this is over. Give me a little time... alright? As for Kay-se...I will deal with her personally. She has really stepped on my bad side. I swear, After dealing with her she will learn to stick her tongue were it belongs and focus on the Job she was paid to do. I'm just trying to get on Desmond good side first. He is angry with the amount of money that is missing in his account. Please still hold on to the money I transferred to your account. I may be in need of it soon. We have to think of another plan since the first one is obviously not going to work out. I have to go now my love...

She started rushing inside.

I can hear Mr Desmond calling her.

I went back up to listen as she entered the room.

"I just finished speaking with my account officer. Money is missing in all the account and is traced down to you. Alot of transfer and more was withdrawn. I don't understand. What's going on? I'm not after the squandering of money in the miscellaneous account which was in millions. all I cared to know is why you withdraw such a huge amount of money from my investment account. You took almost all the money in the emergency account and money is still missing in my personal account. Erin!.. how did you spend all this money? I asked you to pay off all my treatment bills and you told me there's no money for such expenses. My treatment bills are still pending. I told you to also give Kay some money... she used her personal savings to care for me while you were away. I do not take such huge kindness for granted. She did more than I expected.... an ordinary staff who isn't related to me in any way, I owe her a whole lot. All this I expected you to have taken care off but you didn't and yet money is disappearing without any understandable reasons. Your travel...I thought you were going to take care of my business affair with the foreign expertise but you didn't. My account officer has been able to track down were my credit card was used. Five star expensive hotels, fancy restaurants, and many other things. For three months Erin... you went about squandering money like as if it's plugged from tree. Double tickets to movies, show, operas and a whole lot more. I need you to start talking... explain to me how and with who all this money was spent...

I was still listening when someone suddenly spoke behind my ears, startling me.

"What are you doing here? Oh! You are eavesdropping on their conversation...

I quickly turned and behold the she devil herself, Natasha.

I ignored her and started walking away and she followed just as expected.

"... so you were eavesdropping on Madam's conversation with her husband? You are unbelievable Kay-se and I will make sure I expose you to them. Remember your days here are numbered... you are only making it more quicker and easy for everyone. I'm sick and tired of your stupid face in this hou...

She was still talking when I heard Mr Desmond's master bedroom opened

I and Natasha turned back almost at the same time and Mr Desmond came out followed by his wife who was trying to stop him from walking away.

"Darling calm down let me explain... you are overacting over this minor issue. Listen to me first... where are you going. Let me come along with you... darling please. Let's resolve this issue...

Mr Desmond removed the hand Erin placed on his body and continued walking away with his walking cane.

"You call this a minor issue... right? And I'm overreacting...? I need to go and clear my head.
Whenever I return you can start explaining. I really need to take a walk before I do something I will regret. Leave the way Erin...

Erin Left the way and Mr Desmond walked pass.

She rolled her eyes behind him.
I knew all that act was just a show off, she wasn't really sorry.

She looked straight at me and snapped a finger in the air which means she was going to deal with me.

Mr Desmond turned back to look at her but she quickly pretend to be in a pleading mood.
When Mr Desmond got to where I was standing with Natasha, he pause and said.

"Kay...are you busy? I need you to take a walk with me please...

I looked back at Erin and she was silently threatening me not to dare agree with him.

But I'm not scared of her anymore.
Mr Desmond obviously was heartbroken and needed to clear his mind.

it will be my pleasure to walk with him.

And with this thought I left. I noticed Natasha went to stand beside Erin.

She was saying something to her but I care less.

Erin and Silas took Mr Desmond for granted but they are in for a big shock.

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