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Katzy - Episode Fifteen


Katzy - Episode Fifteen

By Amah's Heart

"...are you insane? I'm sorry but this whole thing is a total madness. You came to ask me to lend you another money...again? What has gotten into you? Wait a second...what is it with you and your boss...I don't understand this whole thing anymore. You are going to the extreme Kat...
I have gone to Julie to ask for some money after Natasha threatens me again.

She said that she needed money to do something very urgent and the amount was ridiculous. I explained to her that I don't have money to give her but my explanation didn't go down well with her.

This was the third time that she will be asking for money.

She threatened to call Mrs Desmond who has traveled out of state and tell her what I have been fighting so hard to keep a secret.
I ignored her at first but she wouldn't let me rest.

Day after day she kept on pestering me and even started taking pictures and making videos whenever doctor Robert was around to treat Mr Desmond.
She was trying to gather enough evidence just in case I deny.

I finally told her I will get her the money.

Natasha asked me to hasten up with it or she will send the video to Mrs Desmond.

This was the reason I came to Julie to lend me some money but after explaining the whole thing to her hoping she will be very considerate but instead she flares up with annoyance.

....do you think after giving her the money this time she won't come back again? She has practically made you her money bank where she can always go and get money. She has strong evidence to nail you if you refuses her which is why I'm begining to think you are crazy. How long will you continue this way? Your job, your finance and even your career is at stake because of one man and yet you don't want to give up. Kat, I love the fact that you are trying to help this man but you have done your best. Atleast his health is improving, is high time you focus more on the job you are paid to do. You still have few days to take up the runway offer.... don't let it pass you by. God knows you have tried for this man so whatever comes after is none of your concerns. Go out there and make a name for yourself... this is what you have always wanted to do. The opportunity has presented itself in a platter of gold... please grab it now before regret steps in. I'm sorry but I don't have money to lend you. Forget about that man and start living your dream.

Julie maybe right but I have gone too far in helping Mr Desmond, I can't turn back now.

I will finish what I started, there's no stopping midway.

I will look for a way to raise money for Natasha.

When I got to the house, Natasha was at the door waiting.

"Your time is up... where's my money?

That was the first thing she asked me.

"I don't have It. You will have to be patient... money doesn't grow on trees, if it's so I could have plug and give to you.

I was about walking pass her to go inside she blocked my way.

"I need my money now or never. You aren't going anywhere until you hand my money to me.
She pushed me back with force I almost lose my balance.

"...i don't care if money grows on tree or not you must provide it today. Is been three days already. I have been nice enough is time for action. My money or you will have me and Mrs Desmond to contend with.

"Why are you acting as if you gave me money to keep for you? Leave the way Natasha. I don't want any trouble. I will give you your money but all I ask is time.
"I have been patient enough with you which is why you are begining to see me as fool. Oh Kay-se...I swear with my...my late mother's tomb, no... unfortunately my mother is still alive. But my great grandma is not....if you don't provide my money today and right here I will show you why my friends calls me iron Tasha. The way I will beat you Kay-se Lukas nobody will recognize you again. I will destroy the beautiful face you think you have... Mr Desmond and madam will see the real ugly side of you and at the end you will still pay me double of the money. If people ask why I beat you I will tell them that you are a thief, you stole my money and had refused to pay back. Trust me...I have Master degree in lyinology. After cooking up lies everyone will believe me...

I was still wondering why she sound so confident that she was going to beat me up.

I tried going inside again but she forcefully pushed me backward with a hard punch to my chin.

I gained my balance and that was when I realized that she was very serious about beating me up.

"Natasha, please leave the way. I don't want any trouble. I will give you the money but I need time to source for it. Let me go and attend to Mr Desmond...I beg of you.
She laughed out loud.

"My dear Kay-se you have not started begging yet. By the time I finish with you, your second name will be "sorry" Mrs Desmond is out and Mr Desmond is up there in his sitting room, he doesn't even have the legs or energy to save you. Sadly, nobody not even the other workers will save you from me today if you don't provide my money...

I Made another attempt to go inside but she forceful pushed me and sent me crashing on the ground.

I got up angrily, without thinking I pounced on her and with that anger I landed her double slap.
She tried to hit me back but another heavy slap from me sent her right to the ground.

But even on the ground I did not let go.

I have had enough of her trouble. She was succeeding in frustrating my life in that house.

I unleashed all the anger stored in me on her.

She was strong, even as I kicked her right on the ground she tried to grab my leg so that she can pull me down but I did not give her that chance.

It wasn't even time for me to think straight and reason the repercussions of my actions, all I was after was to unleash the whole anger on her.

The other staffs tried to separate us but I wasn't done with her yet.
It was when I punched her so hard and she released a painful screamed "my eyes... you have blinded me...my eyes"

That was the only time I felt she has had enough of the beating but her mouth kept on running like tap water.

"Kay-se I will show you what I'm made off. I will so deal with you. I'm sending those video and pictures of what you have been doing secretly to madam. I will tell her everything that you begged me to keep secrets. I will even tell her that you paid me not to expose you. Just get ready to kiss this job goodbye. You are so fired. You think Mr Desmond can protect you...I pity you. The man is disabled and can't do anything for you. You will really be sorry by the time I'm done with you...
 nonsense... fool like you....

She went on and on talking and calling me names after regaining her strength from the beating.
She has a little swollen in one side of her eyes.

I ignored her and went straight inside. Immediately I went into Mr Desmond sitting room, he asked.
"What is all the noise about. I have been hearing noises coming from outside. What's going on there?
I was quiet at first thinking of what to reply.

He repeated the question again.
"I got into a fight with one of the workers. It was not my intention but she was becoming a pain on my neck. She practically refuse to let me breath in peace.

I tried to explain and all he did was to stare at me.

"You got into a fight? I can bet with my last dime that you are not capable of killing an ant. This particular worker must have really provoked you into a fight. Well, so... what caused the rift?
"You wouldn't want to know sir. But i may not last long here and that worries me alot. I can't wait to see that all my efforts aren't in vain.

He asked to know why I said that but I ignored because I don't want further trouble.

After two days, I saw Natasha, her black eyes has swollen up She hissed at me as she walk pass.

Days turned into weeks, and Natasha did not give up threatening me but the only good part was that she stopped disturbing me for money
"I have sent the videos and pictures to madam, get ready to be fired when she returns. She will be coming back after a month. Two weeks has gone by... you better start counting your days in this house. I told you I will deal with you... just watch your back because you might not know what will hit you.

I was a little bothered about Natasha's threat but my goals was about to be accomplished.

Since Mrs Desmond traveled, doctor Robert comes everyday and spend more time attending to Mr Desmond.

He sometimes comes with other doctor specialized in different areas of medication.

Mr Desmond has gained access to his bank account.

He can now write a cheque without any help.

With the help of walking cane he was able to tour round the compound slow but steady.

Things he couldn't do before he was able to do it independently with the help of the full attention and care he was given by the medical experts.

Is just a week from now and Mrs Desmond will be back.

Maybe until then, I will enjoy my stay and be happy that Mr Desmond was gradually bouncing back to his full self.

His treatment bills kept rising but he doesn't mind, neither do I.
The money was to clear the accumulated bill wasn't a problem.

his wife used to be in full charge but that is also changing.

"Thank you Kay. I'm more happy than ever. I have lost all hope of ever getting better but look at me...I feel like a child. From sitting to crawling then standing and from moving one leg to two and more legs follows. I feel like a new wine... My wife will be so happy to have me back. I can't wait to have her in my arms again. I have almost forgotten what that feels like...

My smile almost gave way to a frown as he started talking about his wife. He was so fond of her that he had this childish smile plastered on his face as he talks about her while leaning on his walking cane and staring at her picture hanging on the wall.

Mrs Desmond was on a tour with Silas, and they have been gone for two months.

She was out there spending Mr Desmond money on her tour with Silas.

I don't know if I should also rejoice with Mr Desmond on how he went about fantasising over his cheating wife or I should pity him.
Natasha came at me again, running her mouth as usual.
"Mrs Desmond will be back soon. Remember your days here are numbered. You better start packing your baggages out of this house or I will gladly throw them out and set it all on fire at Mrs Desmond command. You think is by defeating me in a fight and giving me a black eye... you feel like a heroine. Wait until Mrs Desmond returns then I will show you how much power I possess. And after you are gone, Mr Desmond may find me attractive. I'm praying towards that already... don't be surprised when it happens. Rubbish...

Natasha is indeed crazy or posses.
Mr Desmond is busy looking forward to having his wife back, Mrs Desmond is busy touring and having fun with doctor Silas and also waiting for Mr Desmond to die so that she can take full charge with Silas. Natasha is busy planning on how to make Mr Desmond who hasn't fully recovered to find her attractive.
Everyone is planning one thing or the other except me.

I don't know what is next step for me.

I have lost the runway job, my dream of modeling is trashed.
I'm right in the centre of all this people. hoping it will not get messier than it is already.

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