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Just A Dream - Semi Final


Just A Dream - Semi Final

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.



I woke up very early rushing to father's chamber.

"Dad wake up! It is today." I said tapping him.

"Fernando, it is still very early." He said stretching.

"The good news broken very early in the morning is the best father." I said smiling.

"Okay. Go wake up your mother." He said sighing.

I ran out of the room and headed to mother's.

"Mother!! Wake up, it is today." I said barging into her room.

"I am awake already. I know you didn't sleep throughout the night. All you did was thinking about it right." She said smiling.

"Exactly mother. I can't wait to brake the good news to her. She will be so happy." I said happily.

"Is your father up?"

"Yes Mother, he is. I already woke him up." I said happily.

"Okay. Go prepare, I will be with you inna bit." She said and I ran out of the chamber.

I will !make your dream come to pass my love. I will make sure we are back in that garden playing with butterflies.

I prepared as soon as possible and headed to the living room where father and mother were waiting already.

"Let's go." Father said and I nodded happily.

The guards helped us open the car door and we hopped in. I sat In front of the driver telling him what way to pass since he wasn't the same person that took me from her house.

We got to her house in no time and I came down first. I looked at the house and I saw her in front of the house watering the garden.

"Rosslyn." I called making her look at me.

Her eyes widened as she saw our cars parked in front of her. She wanted to run inside the house but I stopped her.

"Rosslyn please don't be scared." I said holding her hands and pulling her to me.

"Who are these people?" She asked fearfully.

"My parents." I replied calmly.

"Your what? What are they doing here? Did you hear our conversation? Did..." She asked making me kiss her.

Her eyes widened as i did.

"Calm down Rosslyn, everything is taking a good change." I whispered staring into her eyes.

She nodded looking at my parents.

"Hi dear." Mother said moving close to us.

"Good day ma'am." She replied bowing slightly.

"Who are those Rosslyn?" Her !mother asked from inside the house.

"Come in." She said walking into the house. I looked at Father and he nodded.
We walked into the house and stood in the living room.

"Rosslyn....." Her mother called but when she saw us I could see shock on her face.

"Vera." My mother called sadly.

"What are you doing here?" She asked pulling Rosslyn to herself.

"We mean no harm Vera." Father said calmly.

"Please go away, we don't have anything to offer you." She said tearily.

"Mrs Edwards, we are here to return not take." I said.

"Return what?" I heard a masculine voice from the kitchen.

A man came out, looking so much like Rosslyn.

"Edwards." Father called.

"King Young." He replied angrily.

"We are so sorry for what happened years back." Mother said pleadingly.

"We are not angry. We are doing just fine." He replied pulling his family to himself.

"Edwards I am sincerely sorry and that is why I am here to give back to you, what is rightfully yours." Father said smiling.

"Yes, we are here to give back the kingdom." Mother added smiling.

"The kingdom? Back to us?" Rosslyn asked with her eyes widened.

"Yes Ross." I replied smiling

"I don't need it so you can take your leave now." Her Father said angrily.

"Please Edwards. Let me do this. I admit I was once selfish, please." Father pleaded

"Father please receive the offer. I have always dreamed of been a princess, please." Rosslyn begged.

"They are sorry Edward." Her mother also added.

"How sure am I that this isn't another set up." He said looking at father.

"I promise their is nothing like that." He replied.

"Say yes Father." Rosslyn said.

"Okay yes." He said smiling and we all smiled in relieve.

"Thank you so much." Rosslyn said running to hug me, while we all hugged each other in love.


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