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Just A Dream - Final


Just A Dream - Final

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


We were back to ruling our kingdom thanks to Fernando. I had everything I needed and wanted except for the guards that kept following me everywhere I went.

In School, I began to gain the respect I never thought I could get. Fernando, Jackie and I were the reigning Trio.

"Mother I am off to the garden!" I yelled walking out of our massive mansion clothed in my royal apparel.

No doubt about it, I looked so beautiful.

I got to the garden and I loved the way the scent and fragrance of the flowers filled my nostrils
I bent to inhaling the scent of one when I heard a noise among the bushes. I looked up fearfully and was about running when I saw Fernando among the flowers.

"Did I scare you?" He said walking out of the bushes and heading to where I was.
"A little." I said laughing.

"You didn't see this in the dream?" He asked kissing the back of my palm.
"I saw this, but it wasn't this way. We were just getting to know each other." I replied giggling.

"How are you coping with the guards?" He asked as we walked in the garden.
"I hate been followed around by them." I said frustratingly.

"Royal life I tell you. Just so annoying." He replied laughing while I stared at him as he did.

"You made my dream come true Fernando." I said smiling.

"Oh don't start again Ross." He said laughing.
"Oh look!" He added pointing at a butterfly.

"Woah!" I said running to it.

"Can you catch it?" He asked coming behind me.

"Yes I can." I replied still running after it.

It landed on a flower and as I was about catching it, it flew back to where Fernando was perching on his head.

"Did this happen in the dream too?" He asked giggling.

"Yes it did happen. Stay calm." I said smiling

"Did you catch it in the dream?" He asked as soon as I got to his front.

"No." I replied jumping to catch it. But unfortunately it ended up flying away and I ended up falling to the ground With Fernando under me.

Our faces were at close range and we stared at each other for sometime.
"You look so beautiful." He whispered brushing my hair behind my ear.
"Thanks." I replied shyly.
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He moved my head to his and his lips landed on mine. I was shocked at first because in the dream we couldn't have the kiss

I later opened up for him letting him taste me very well.

He moved his hand up and down my back while I fondled with his hair.
"Hmmm hmmm!" Someone coughed behind us making us stop.

"Shit!" Fernando mumbled.
I looked back and I saw Jackie grinning.

"There was an interruption in the dream right?" He asked as we got up from the ground.

"Yes, but that wasn't you. And you even came late." I replied blushing really hard.
 "I should have stopped you right from the beginning." He said and we all bursted into laughter.

So that was the fulfilment of my dream.

I once thought it was "JUST A DREAM", But now it is obvious it isn't.

Always have dreams and believe in them

        THE END 

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