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Just A Dream - Episode 9


Just A Dream - Episode 9

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


"No one knows that." Fernando replied sighing.

"I think I will very soon." I replied staring into space.

"How?" Jackie asked.

"Don't worry Jackie. I will get to the root of all these." I said and all they did was stare at me.

"Almost home time." Fernando said looking at his wristwatch.

"Have you forgotten we are going to my house for the assignment?" I said narrowing my eyes.

"Come on, I didn't forget." He replied smiling.

"And your guards? Won't you be needing them?" Jackie asked.

"I won't, I am old enough to work around all by myself." He replied boastfully.

"If you say so. You just have to be careful, people like you shouldn't be found walking on the streets." Jackie added before standing up.

"Thanks dude." He said shaking his hand.

"Make this one very memorable." He said winking at us before walking away.

I began to pack my stuffs, ready to go home and ask some things I am so confused about.

Fernando also did the same and so we walked out of the classroom holding each other's hand. Ignoring the murmurings of the students.

We got to the street and we kept smiling and stealing glances of each other.

"Are you sure we didn't do more than just playing around?" He asked making me look at him.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Like kissing. Because if we didn't do that in the dream, it will surely happen soon." He said and I blushed instantly.

"That may..." I said but he stopped me with a kiss on my lips.

My eyed widened and he went ahead to hold my neck kissing me deeply right on the street. My eyes closed automatically and I opened up for him.

"Can't you wait till you get home? You will be all over the social media soon." I heard Jackie say making me laugh and disengage.

"You are so fast dude!" Jackie said hitting his chest.

"I know what I want so I grab it." He answered making me smile.

"You need to make haste, you can't linger around the street." Jackie said and we nodded.

"Thanks Jackie." We chorused walking down the street.

"You live around here?" Fernando asked Jackie.

"Yes, tho I will take a turning to the right." He answered.

"Really? My house is at the left, how come I didn't notice?" I asked smiling.

"Have you forgotten you don't talk to anyone, it is possible you don't notice me at all." He said and Fernando looked at Me again.

"Bye guys." He said as soon as we got to the turning.

"Bye." We answered waving at him.

We moved to my house, still holding hands. I saw mother outside watering our small garden.

"My house is not worth a Prince." I said sadly.
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"Don't talk like that Rosslyn, I am totally fine. Staying close to you is more than enough." He said while I nodded.

"Thank you." I replied.

We got closer and Mother raised her head up to look at us.

"Mother." I said walking to her and kissing her. She didn't answer me, she kept staring at Fernando.

"Hi Ma'am." He greeted smiling.

"Hi." She replied looking at me.

"Come in." She added walking Into the house, while I nodded to Fernando.

We both walked in to the house while mother waited for us in the living room.
"Rosslyn can I talk to you?" She asked as soon as I got close to her.

"Okay." I answered feeling nervous again.


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