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Just A Dream - Episode 12


Just A Dream - Episode 12

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


I walked out of mother's room wearing a fake smile on my face. I can't let Fernando know about any of these.

I promised mother already.

"I am sorry...." I said but kept shut when I couldn't find him where he was earlier.

"Fernando." I called but I got no response. I ran outside to search for him.

"Maybe he was beginning to get bored "

I got outside and called his name again but I couldn't find him.

"Oh no!!! Did he hear us?" I thought rushing into the house.

"Rosslyn where is he?" Mother asked walking out of the room.

"I don't know. I can't find him." I said fearfully.

"Calm down Rosslyn. Maybe he just felt so bored and decided to go on a stroll, or better still headed home already." She said sitting on the couch.

"No mother. I know Fernando well, he would have told me or written a note to tell me. He can't just leave like that." I said convincingly.

"Rosslyn don't get worked up okay?" She said.

"What if he heard our conversation? " I asked fearfully.

"OMG!!" She exclaimed.

"Shit." I said holding my head in fear.

"No he didn't. I am sure he didn't, Rosslyn relax." She said hugging me.

"I am so scared." I mumbled.

"You will be fine." She said patting my back.

"I am home!!!" Father yelled suddenly making us flinch.

"Father you scared us." I said breathing hard.

"Scared you? This isn't the first time I am doing this." He said kissing our cheeks.

"I know. But this isn't the right time Edwards." Mother said while I slumped on the couch.

"What is going on?" Father asked nervously.

"I came home with King Young's son, unknowing to me." I said.

"What? How did you get to know about him?" He asked angrily.

"I told her Edwards. She is old enough to know who she really is." Mother said sighing.

"Okay. So what is the big deal?" He asked.

"I told her the story while he was right here in the living room." Mother said.

"What!! Why would you do that? Couldn't you just wait till he is gone?" He asked angrily.

"She forced me to say it!" Mother yelled back feeling frustrated already.

"This isn't helping matters!" I yelled angrily.

"Oh God this is not good." He said pacing in front of us.

"Father, Mother. Please let's calm down, nothing bad is going to happen." I said boldly.

"I pray." Mother said sitting on the couch.

"We will see at school and then we trash the whole thing out, nothing to worry about." I added.

"We need to move." Father said.

"Why?" Mother and I asked.

"Because if he knows we are here, he will think I am after the kingdom and I am not! I am happy this way." He said and I felt so sorry for him.

"Father we are not moving because of him!! We are not after his the f**king Kingdom! We are not running away because we don't even have the money to!" I smacked standing up.

"Rosslyn is correct. If they face us then we will make it clear that we are not interested in ruling anymore." Mother said and I nodded.

"Mama." My younger brother called in a sleepy tone.

"Our voices woke him up." Mother said walking to the children's room.

"Father please don't let us move. I finally saw a stable education with a cheap bill. I can't afford to lose that." I said.

"Okay. But if I see something awkward we are leaving this place for good." He said standing up and walking inside.

"Gezz! This is so hard." I mumbled resting my head on the couch.


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