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Just A Dream - Episode 11


Just A Dream - Episode 11

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


I heard every single thing Rosslyn's mother told her and I couldn't help but feel hatred for father.
I left the house before they could come out.

I walked down the street putting on my phone.

I put a call across my guard and driver telling him to come pick me up.
"I need to talk some senses to Father."

"Rosslyn should be a princess, not a girl striving to survive. My Father put them in that situation and he has to fix it."

"What did he gain having someone else's kingdom to himself."

My driver stopped in front of me and my guards rushed down to open up the door for me.

I hopped in thinking about the quarrel that is going to happen between Father and I.

We drove home and the guards kept stealing glances of me.

"My Prince are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?" My head guard asked.

"No thanks. Tell the driver to speed up." I said coldly and they did exactly the same
The pace increased and we got to the palace soon.

They opened the door for me and I came down. They wanted to carry my bag but I refused. I headed inside the house burning in fury.

"Father!!!" I yelled throwing my school bag on the floor.

"Fernando? Are you okay?" He answered from the dinning table.

"Is it true you claimed the throne of King Edwards?" I asked in anger.

"What? Who told you that?" He asked in shock.

"Father that doesn't matter. Tell me the truth." I barked.

"That was a long time ago." He replied.

"Dad, they are out there striving to life all because of your greed. Our kingdom is big enough, why did you take theirs?" I asked as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Fernando don't you dare yell at me! You know nothing about this, so stay out of it!" He yelled.

"Father I won't. Because the one I love is from the same family you sent parking." I said weakly.

"You are in love?" He asked surprised.

"Yes I am! For the very first time."

"Please Father give them their kingdom."

"We have the money already. These people don't look okay, please give them back." I said falling on my kneels in tears.

"Fernando." Mother called running out of only heaven knows.

"Mother please tell father to given them back their kingdom." I mumbled in tears.
"Young what is he talking about?" Mother asked raising me up.

"He wants me to give back the kingdom that was taking from Edwards." He said.

"My Lord. You know I already told you this, we don't need this kingdom, we are even short of management."

"Let us give them back." Mother said and I felt happy to have a backup.

"Okay fine. But how do we find them? Will he even listen to me?" Father asked sadly.

"I know where they are. And I know they will certainly hear you." I said happily.
"Okay then. I guess I can rest now." He said sighing.

"One more thing father, Promise you won't hurt anyone where we get there." I said in a pleading tone.

"Of course not. We are not going to kindle more fire, but to quench." He said and I jumped happily.

"Thank you Father!! Can we go today? Like right now?" I asked happily.

"Come on Fernando, I got things to do. Let us make it tomorrow." He said.

"Perfect! Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad." I said.

"Anything for you son." Mother replied while father nodded.

"I will be in my room." I said running to where I threw my bag.

"A great surprise coming up for you Rosslyn."

"All part of your dream was true after all." I thought jumping happily on my bed.


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