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Greed-Episode 6


Greed-Episode 6

Written By Khalee

"Stop! Stop.. Jeremy ". Christy whined to her husband, who kept sucking her nape.

"C'mon sweetie, am sure you heard what the doctor said. He said we should do this often". Jeremy said flirtly as he kiss Christy's earlobe.

"Aww... Jeremy... Am tired".

"Tired? The last time, i checked. You not doing anything. Wait. Don't tell me, you did anything, that has to do with chores today ".
"I did not. But it seems you're forgetting something. Your daughter is very troublesome".

"Wait. Are you saying i have a troublesome daughter? My own queen? ".

Jeremy said pretending to be serious though he never joke with his four year old, Queen.

Christy giggled. "You know that's the truth".
"Really". Jeremy said as he got ontop of his wife, kissing her all over her body.

It been five years since they got married, they were both living in Spain untill Mr benny(Jeremy's dad) died few months back.
They had to come back to Nigeria, Jeremy had to come and take over Gleams Enterprises.

It hasn't been easy for him. But Christy and Mrs Helena was there for him.

Queen, their four year old daughter took after her grandfather. More of the reason, Jeremy doesn't joke with her.

Beyonce applied the final touch to her makeup. It been five years since she lost to her sister.

Everytime she remember that she was the first person that met Jeremy, makes her bitter. He's suppose to be her husband but Christy stole him.

The fact that Jeremy was the who employed her husband, makes her sad too.

Though Craig was heading one of Jeremy's company but Beyonce hasn't contented with that.

She should be the one, enjoying Jeremy's wealth not her younger sister. Christy stole her man.

Though she had gotten married to Craig and also have a four year old daughter for him, that doesn't mean, she can't execute her plans.

She stood up and checked herself out in the dressing mirror.

"This is the time to use what i have, to get what i want". She licked her bottom lip as she checked her dress.

She was dress to kill. The gown was short and skinny. Revealing her cleavage and same with her curves and big ass.

Beyonce kept gazing at Christy. She had come to visit with her daughter, Pricy.
"You've gain some weight, you know". Beyonce said as she took a bite on the apple, the maid had served.

"Actually, Am pregnant". Christy smiled.
"What?! ". Beyonce screamed out of jealousy and anger.

She saw the shock and confuse look on Christy's face and quickly made a joke out of it.

"You need to see your face. I was just over joyed. It a good news".

"You know, i dont usually have big bump, that why you did not know about it and am always wearing big clothes, this days". Christy smiled and caressed her stomach.
"Really, you're pregnant like this? ".

Christy chuckled and raise her dress up.
"Almost five months".

Beyonce gasped. "It doesn't look like five months".

"Mom, your phone is ringing". Queen shout as she ran into the living room with Christy's phone and Pricy behind.

Christy collected the phone and answered the call, while Queen went back to the second living room, where she was playing with Pricy.

"Hello darling.... Am fine... Your baby is kicking o... Hahaha.. So funny... Alright love... Take care.... I'll call you later..... Yeah, she's fine... Playing with her sister... Yeah, Priscilla..

Okay... Alright sweet... Love you more. Kisses". She said into the phone, and smiled after hanging up.

"You and your husband ehn, i go love oo". Beyonce said out of jealousy but it was a joke to Christy.

"Hahaha. It not Jeremy, it was his sister. Angelina. That's how we roll, she's just too much. I love her" Christy beamed.
"Oh.. Ange...

Beyonce was interrupted by the sound of the door. Jeremy walked in with his briefcase.

Beyonce was so happy to see him, that she adjusted her dress a bit.

"Hello here". Jeremy greeted.

Christy stood up and went to hug him, he gave her a peck on the cheek, just then Queen also ran in and they unlock from the hug.

Jeremy carried Queen up and kissed her forehead while Pricy smiled by Beyonce's side.

"Welcome daddy". Queen smiled revealing a teeth, which she had lost a tooth in front.

"Thanks moi precious. Daddy got you ice cream". Jeremy said as he settled beside Beyonce and carried Queen on his lap.

"Beyonce with the figure 8 shape, babe with the curves". Jeremy hailed Beyonce who was very happy, that Jeremy was complimenting her.

It was just a joke but Beyonce felt untop of the world. Definitely Jeremy still likes me. She thought.

"Am still here o". Christy joked.

"Common love, you're the queen of my life". Jeremy smiled.

"The ice cream, daddy". Queen pout.
He opened his briefcase and brought out two big bowls of ice cream, which was meant for Christy and Queen but Pricy was there.

"Here, one for you and the other for your sister".

"Wow. Thanks daddy". Queen beamed as she collected her own bowl of ice cream and got off Jeremy's lap.

"Thank you sir". Pricy beamed too, as she collected her own.

"I told you, my daddy is very very rich". Queen said childishly to Pricy as they went back to the other living room.

Beyonce did not take that for a joke, she was furious. And Jeremy wasn't even looking at her.

"Go in and shower, honey. Dinner is ready". Christy said to Jeremy.

Jeremy stood up. "I hope you did not prepare that yourself".

"I did not". Christy replied with an eyeroll.
Jeremy doesnt want her to stress herself with any chores.

"Alright, i'll just go shower now, sweetheart". He said as he blew Christy a kiss.

"Make sure, you join us for dinner, Beyonce". He said to Beyonce.

"Yeah... I will".

Jeremy winked at Christy before taking the stairs up while Christy blushed.

'What nonsense! What rubbish! I need to make Jeremy mine'. Beyonce thought as she clentched her fist.

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