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Greed-Episode 5


Greed-Episode 5

Written By Khalee

"Jesus". Christy shouted when she saw Ryan in the family frame with a young white girl about 20 years
They both stood behind the man and the white woman. But one thing, Christy has on her mind right now is,
This person looks like Ryan, but he was different. He was richly dressed and had no eyeglasses like her Ryan.

No. It not him. But he looks like.

"Wait... That man looks familiar". Beyonce said in awe.

"That's Mr Benny, the owner of Gleams enterprises. The one, who married a spanish woman". Mrs Helena said and gasped.

"What's Ryan doing in the picture? ". Beyonce said, more like an rhetorical question.

They heard footsteps and turned to see Mr Benny, his wife and the white girl in the picture and Ryan.

'No. It not Ryan, he had no eyeglasses on and his dress is different, even his skin was glowing'. Christy thought.

"Mrs Helena". Mrs Benny smiled as she gave Mrs Helena a friendly hug.

"I've heard so much about you from Jeremy". She said when she had unlock from the hug.

"Who is Jeremy? ". Christy asked, her eyes fixed in Ryan
"Umm. Everyone should please, have a seat". Ryan said.

Christy couldn't stop looking at him. 'Where is Ryan?'.

Everyone had their seat then Jeremy stood up and came to the centre of the living room.

"I guess you're in the dark but am gonna shed some light". He said to Christy then sighed.

"Am Jeremy Benny, son of Mr & Mrs Benny, the heir of Gleams enterprises. And these are my family. My mom, Dad and younger sister.

I've always had a problem with girls because all they want is my money. Once they know am Jeremy Benny, they're all over me.

I met Beyonce in a wedding ceremony and approached her. It was after that i changed my lifestyle.

I left home and got a self con, changed my name and start a new life. She was surprised when we saw after the wedding.
She was like, How come? You were looking rich that day. I lied that my friend made me that way.

Everything changed. I tried all my best to make her mine, because i thought i was really inlove with her then.

But she saw me like a poor man. One day, i gave up and decide to let her know, who i was.

That was the reason, i took a day but i met Christy standing in the sun and gave her a lift home.

I called Beyonce and tried to explain to her, i told her, i wanted to tell her something but she did not give me a chance.

Instead, she called me a thief and made touts beat me up....

"What do you mean, Jeremy? ". Mrs Benny asked as she was about to stand up and go check her son but her husband held her back.

She sat down but with a worried look.
"It okay, mom. Am fine now". Jeremy said to his mom then continued his story.

"Christy stood by me, she helped me and did not leave my side. She accepted me like i presented myself.

Countless time, she gave me money when i told her, i was in need. She passed all my test which made me conclude she's my woman.

Not just any woman but my better half. The queen have been looking for".

Beyonce was sweating profusely despite that AC was working perfectly. She almost fainted. 'What have i done to myself? '. She thought.

Mrs Helena was surprised too but very happy for her daughter. Mr Benny is a famous man, very rich and his company had branches.

"Wow. That was an adventure ". Angelina smiled, revealing her cute dimples.

"But at the same time, it was risky". Mrs Benny said shaking her head negatively.

"The good thing is, my son is fine. He left alone but came back with an African Queen. Am so glad to meet you, my inlaws". Mr Benny smiled.

"Guess what? Apart from the fact that i brought my fiancee home. I brought something precious too.

She's carrying another Benny family member". Jeremy grinned.

"Wow". His family exclaimed.

Jeremy walk to Christy and went on a knee then brought out a small glittering box, he opened and brought out the diamond ring in it.

"Will you marry me? ".

Christy felt like she has been dreaming, she kept pinching herself but it reality. She can't just believe it.

This was too much.

"Let's go home". She said and burst into tears as she ran downstairs.

Beyonce held the pregnancy test kit with tears rolling down her cheek. She missed her period and Christy had advised her to get the kit.

Mrs Helena held her hand. "It okay, everything will be fine".

"No mom. Nothing is fine. Christy is getting married to a rich man soon and you want me to marry a poor man, huh? ".

"But you're pregnant for Craig". Christy chipped in as she entered the room.

"Yes, i may be pregnant but i can get rid of it". Beyonce said with confidence.

"Don't you dare! ". Christy warned.

"Are you out of your mind? ". Mrs Helena spoke angrily.

"You don't understand, he's very poor". Beyonce cried the more.

"But i told you, i'll tell Jeremy about it, please Sis". Christy cajoled.

"Okay. I'll marry him". Beyonce said accepting her fate.

"Wow. That's a good news, i love you so much". Craig said holding Beyonce hands.
"I love you too, Craig". Beyonce replied.
"More than you do, my precious darling". Craig added and went for her lips.

Everyone was dressed richly. The church was full of rich and famous people. It Christy and Jeremy's wedding.

Craig was present too. Jeremy had gotten him a job. Beyonce sat with him, watching her sister marrying Jeremy.

'That my man and i'll get him back'. She thought, clenching her fist.

Mrs Helena sat with Mrs benny, they were both smiling.

"Do you Jeremy Benny take miss Christiana as your lawfully wedded wife, to love, hold and cherish forever? ".

"Yes i do".

"And do you promise to be there for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in health and sickness, till death do your part? ".

"Yes i do".

"Do you Christiana Jerry, take Jeremy Benny as your lawfully wedded husband, to hold, cherish and love forever? ".

"Yes i do".

"And do you promise to be there, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in health and in sickness till death do your part? ".
"Yes i do".

They read the marriage vows and the pastor pronounce them as husband and wife.

"You may now kis.....

Jeremy interrupted the pastor as he raised Christy's veil up and crash his lips on hers.
Everyone roared in laughter at this, except for Beyonce. She was boiling in rage. That's suppose to be her wedding not her sister's.

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