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Greed-Episode 4


Greed-Episode 4

Written By Khalee

Mrs Helena cleared her throat before speaking up. "Hmmm.. Ryan, do you love my daughter? ".

"Yes ma, i so much love Christy". Ryan replied sincerely, staring at Christy who sat opposite him, beside Mrs Helena.

"Are you aware, that she's carrying your child? ". Mrs Helena asked shocking the hell out of Ryan.

"What?! No. She didn't tell me anything". He turn to Christy. "Huh, Christy? ".

Christy couldn't look him in the face, as she play with the tip of her skirt like a teenage, who was nervous.

"Am so sorry, Ryan. I should've told you but i was scared, you wouldn't want a baby now because of the nature of your job.

Which I don't care about. All i want is you for who you are, not who you'll become ". Christy replied as a tear roll down her cheek.

Ryan stood up and went to kneel in front of Mrs Helena. "Please Mrs Helena, Allow me to take responsibility for your child and the child in her

I know am poor and may not be able to meet up with all her needs but i'll try my best not to let her suffer.

Please accept me, i love your daughter so much"
Mrs Helena pulled him up and made him sit beside her. "It okay, my son. Who am i to put asunder when God has join you both.

Or don't you know He has, by bringing a child between the two of you? All i ask of you now, is for you to take me to your parent since you said they're in the village"
"Thank you so much, MA. I'll do that. ". He stood up and went over to Christy."Christy ".

 He called softly and pulled her into his arm.
Beyonce couldn't stop crying when she entered Craig real home, where he lives with his mother and two younger brothers.

It was a two room apartment with old Television and old set of chairs. An old pot was at a corner of the living room with a cup placed on it.

It was the clay pot that was used in the olden days. Nothing like fridge or rug in the house, just the concrete floor.

Craig took her to one of the rooms, which he manage with his brothers. His family were not around. So Beyonce did not get a chance to know them.

"You know what? I can't do this. No. No". Beyonce said and burst into fresh tears.
"Am sorry for lying to you. For deceiving you, am so sorry. But believe me, i love you with all my heart.

Please don't leave my side, everything will be fine. Am a graduate, remember? So please, don't let go of me, please ". Craig said whilst crying as he held Beyonce's hand.

"Am so sorry but i can't do this. No way! I want a rich man for myself. You can't even care for me, talkless of when we have kids".

Beyonce withdrew her hand from his, pick up her bag and left the house.

Ryan pulled up the car by Christy's house. He knocked on the door and Beyonce opened then walk into the living room.

Ryan entered and shut the door behind before making himself comfortable in one of the chairs.

"Good morning, Beyonce".

"Morning Ryan, what should i get for you before we go on the journey to that junk village of yours? ". Beyonce said to him.

"C'mon big sis, when will you accept my man, huh? ". Christy who was coming out of the room, chipped in.

"Atleast am trying now". Beyonce smiled.
She had forgotten about Craig completely. It been a week since she had left his house, she blacklisted his number and always send him away, whenever he comes by.

"I don't still understand, why you don't want us to go with my mom's car and insist on your boss's". Christy pout.

"C'mon baby. You know i don't have the money to buy fuel into your mum's car but my boss has filled the tank of his car for me". He whispered to Christy.

But Beyonce heard and couldn't help but chuckle. 'Just imagine, the type of husband, my sister wants for herself'. She thought.
Soon. Mrs Helena came out of dressed and everyone got into the car .

"Baby, why are we taking this route na? This route leads to your boss house, if am correct". Christy said to Ryan, who focused on his driving.

"Am sorry dear, my boss promise to give me some money for my people in the village". Ryan replied shamefully.

Mrs Helena was busy playing LUDO game in her phone, so she didn't notice Beyonce, who was shaking her head in despise.

'Nonsense. I can't believe my sister really want to marry this type of man. He's just too poor. God, forbid". She thought and hissed.

Ryan drove into the mansion, everyone came out of the car and gaze at the giant house infront of them.

It was like a paradise. There were different cars in the compound, it was more like it was being sold there.

There were people in the same uniform and some on suit.

About five of the girls in uniform rush towards them and two men dressed in suit also joined them.

"Welcome sir". They bowed.

Mrs Helena and her children were surprised. 'What's going on'. They thought.

"Let's go inside, please". Ryan said to them.

"Ryan, whats going on?". Christy asked in confusion.

"Don't worry, okay? ". Ryan said as he entwined her fingers in his and led them into the house.

Immediately, they step in the house. Mrs Helena and her children couldn't hide the surprise look on their face.

The interior was so beautiful, like angels lived in the house. They were people in uniform and suits there too.

"You're welcome sir". They bowed to Ryan.

"Welcome ma, we've been expecting you". They bowed to Mrs Helena and her girls.

"Take them to the sitting room upstairs and make them comfortable". Ryan said to the workers before turning to Mrs helena and the girls.

"Don't be surprised or scared. This people are just workers. ".

"Ryan". Christy called softly with a worried look.

"I'll be with you shortly ". He kissed her forehead before taking the stairs up.

"Let's go, ma'am". The maids said.

"Please, what's going on? ". Mrs Helena asked.

"Am so sorry, ma. But Sir Jeremy gave us a strict order not to say anything to you". One of the maids responded.
"Alright, let's go girls". Mrs Helena said to her daughters.
They got to the living room, where they were made comfortable, the maids served then mixed fruits and drinks but they did not touch any.
"Mum". Beyonce shouted like someone who had seen a lion. She points at a big family frame.
In the frame were a white woman and a man sitted while their two children stood behind.
"Jesus! ". Christy screamed.

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