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Greed-Episode 3


Greed-Episode 3

Written By Khalee

Two weeks later....

Beyonce sat opposite Craig. Craig was the guy who had splashed muds on her. She met him in a shopping mall, a week ago.

He payed for everything she bought, Beyonce got to know his name and find alot of interesting in him, after he payed for her stuffs.

They always hang out this days and Craig can't stop showering her money. Exactly what she wants.

Beyonce sat on the king sized bed and couldn't stop looking around. Both the interior and exterior of the mansion was mind blowing.

She's inlove with this guy, i mean. He's just the man of her dreams. She must do everything to be his.

'I have found the one'. She thought.
"Beyonce..... ". Craig called out when he noticed, she hasn't been listening to what he had been saying.

"Am so sorry dear. I was lost in thought, your mansion is just too beautiful, it like a paradise".

Craig smiled. "You've said that like ten times since you got here. C'mon listen to me now, please". He pout..

Beyonce blushed.

"So what i was saying is that, am inlove with you, Beyonce. I can't just stop thinking about you, ever since the first day i met you.

I know it quite sudden but seriously, i need you in my life. I want to make you mine. I want to spend the rest of my life with you".
"Isssh.... ". Beyonce shut him as she place one of her finger on his lip before replacing it with her mouth.

Ryan held Christy's hand, staring at her beautiful face. They'd become very close since the incident, Christy never left his side.

She's always there for him. He was living in a self con but that doesn't stop Christy's affection.

She has grown fond of him. Always thinking and looking forward to come to his place. She's inlove with him but doesn't wanna admit that.

Ryan, on the other hand, who was inlove with Beyonce had come to realize, it was just an infatuation.

God only use Beyonce to make him meet his better half, his own woman because everything, he seek in a woman was all in Christy.

Even though he hasn't confess to her, he knew he was inlove with her and nothing can stop him from marrying her.

They couldn't stop staring at eachother untill their heads started coming close and their lips crash on eachother's.

Mrs Helena stared at her children, they look different, something kept ringing in her head but she doesn't want to believe that.

"Am off to the shop". Mrs Helena said looking at the girls, who just maintained their position in the chair.

"Alright mom, take care". Beyonce respond, her eyes glued to the TV screen.

"You girls should not tell me, you're not going to the shop. That's what has been happening, this days". Mrs Helena yelled angrily.

"Mom, am so sorry but am weak to go to shop today, maybe you should just take Christy with you".

"Mom, maybe i will come later. Am so sorry, am not feeling too good, am so weak and fee..... ". She was interrupted with a sudden lump in her throat.

She ran off to the bathroom, throwing up.
"Mom, can you see that? Christy has malaria and am not feeling fine". Beyonce said.

Mrs Helena stood like a statue, she was gobsmacked.

"Oh lord, I hope it not what am thinking ". She thought and sighed leaving the house.
Christy walk out of the bathroom and pick her phone, she had missed calls, she click on it and it turn out to be. My Love.

Which is Ryan. She dial his number and he picked on the first ring.

"Hello love". She said into the phone as she made her way back to the sitting room, and settled on a couch close to her sister.

"What's up, baby? Been trying your number since".

"Yeah.. I left my phone in the room, while i sat in the living room, watching a movie with Beyonce, am sorry".

"Okay... How's your health now? ".

"Not better, i've thrown up thrice, this morning ". Christy replied, feeling nausea again.

"Baby, i think you should.....
"I have to go now, am feeling nausea again".
She said into the phone and hang up before running to the bathroom, to throw up again.

Beyonce had found out, Christy and Ryan are dating, even though she was angry that her sister, choose to be with a poor man.

She was unable to do anything to stop her sister. So she had no choice than to leave the two.

Beyonce alighted from the bike which carried her, she paid the bike man before before proceeding to Craig's mansion.

She has been calling him for days now and he hasn't been picking and checking up on her.

She knocked softly on the gate and it happened to be the gateman.

"Is Craig in? ". She asked adjusting her bag.
"Yes but....

"But what? Mtcheew! ". She hissed and went into the compound. She approached the house, and opened the door.

"Craig". Beyonce called out looking around.
"What? ". Craig whispered immediately he entered the living room.

"What're you doing here? ".

"I came to check on you since, i didn't see your brake light for the past one week now ".
"You should've just wait for me, instead of coming here". Craig whispered.

"What do you mean and why are you whispering? ". She asked about to settle in the sofa.

"Don't ". Craig screamed as he pulled her up.

"What's happening here? ".

Beyonce heard the voice and turned to see a pot bellied man, who is probably in his late 60's.

"Umm... Yes... Sir.. I... I... I". Craig was stuttering as he scratch his head.
"Sir, am his fiancee. I guess you're his father. Am beyonce and it nice to meet you sir ". Beyonce smiled.

The man turn to Craig who had start to sweat profusely.

"So it true... This is a what you do when am not in town. Because i took you like a son, you decide to spend lavishly, huh? ". The man yelled at Craig.

"What's going on? ". Beyonce quiered.

"Explain yourself, fool! ". The man shouted.
"Umm. Beyonce.. This is my boss, Mr Williams. The owner of everything, you've seen with me.

The truth is am just a driver but my boss gave me access to his house and cars". Craig explained lowly.

"Wha... What? ". Beyonce couldn't believe her ears, she ran out of the mansion immediately while Craig ran after her.

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