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Greed-Episode 2


Greed-Episode 2

Written By Khalee

Beyonce got home and went straight to her room. She had a shower and changed to a short skinny gown which brought out all her curves.

She prepared noodles and ate before leaving the house.

"What took you so long, Beyonce? ". Mrs Helena asked, immediately Beyonce got to the shop.

"Mom. It one silly nitwit who splashed mud water on me, while i was coming back after getting my phone. So i had to go back"

"Wow. You mean someone bears a silly nitwit as a name and intentionally splashed mud water on you?". Christy joked arousing Beyonce's anger.

"Christy, be warned. Mom, warn your daughter. Seriously, i don't like how she talks to me. Am not her mate, three years aren't a joke oo". Beyonce yelled holding her ear to Christy.

Immediately, Christy continued what she was doing on her phone while Beyonce stood up to get a pack of cookies from the shop's store.

She noticed there was none, so she left the store, coming into the shop. While coming, her mom Mrs Helena noticed her dress.

She allowed Beyonce to settle down in the chair before speaking.

"Beyonce, how many time, do i have to warn you about all this short skinny dresses you wear?

I hate them. You wouldn't want me to burn them o. So don't tempt me to"..

"Mom, don't even try that because i won't take it lightly. Common Mom, take a look at my shape".

She stood up and turn her back at Mrs Helena. "How can i hide this big blessing and morever, those dresses are what trending now".

Christy just finished her exams for the day, she stood outside the school gate, looking for bike to take her home.

She has stood there for almost 30minutes and yet she couldn't find any, despite the fact that, there were many bikes but there were many students too and it a sunny day. Sun was scorching her already.

A range rover pulled up by her side, the driver lowered the tilted glass, then it appears to be Ryan.
"Hi Christy". Ryan smiled.

"What's up, Ryan? Got a new job? ".

Ryan being a calm man, came out of the car and opened the car door for Christy.

"Hop in, i guess you're going home".

Christy entered the car and sat comfortably, Ryan shut the car door and went back to the driver's seat.

He starts the car and got on the road.

"Like you asked earlier, Yes. I got a new job, the man is quite rich and spends 80% of his time with his family oversea".

"Wow, am happy for you. I hope the salary is a bit, okay for you?".

"Not really but atleast it better than being jobless and am glad, i can send things home for my family"..

"That good, yo......

Christy was interrupted by her phone, she smiled when she saw the caller. Precious Mom.

"Hello mummy.... Yes ma.... Okay ma.... Yes, i just left the school... Nope...It a car.... Ryan.... I'll explain when i get home...Am on my way... Okay, no problem... Bye".

She ended the call and turn to see Ryan staring at her. Their eyes lock for ten seconds untill a loud voice cursed the driver of the car.

"Is this how to drive? Oloshi...
Bastard.. You better, go and die in your village".

"Umm... Sorry about that.... I'll just alight at the shop, please". Christy said as she sighted the shop in a distance..

Ryan got to the shop and pulled up. Christy thanked him and came out of the car, she got in the shop and met Mrs Helena and Beyonce, busy with customers.

"Afternoon Mom, afternoon Sis". She greeted as she drop her bag, to assist them.

"Welcome love". Mrs Helena answered.

Beyonce being an arrogant human did not bother to reply.

Ryan came out of the car and proceeded to the shop.

"Good afternoon, ma".

"Afternoon son".

"You left your purse". He said to Christy as he hand the purse over to her.

Ryan turn to Beyonce. "Hi bey.....
"Don't you dare". Beyonce cut him off..

"Thanks for the ride and for my purse, Ryan". Christy chipped in, feeling bad about her sister's behavior towards Ryan.

"You better don't thank him and thank God, that He saved you from being use for ritual.Wonder shall never end oo.

You're also trying to prove, you're a good man, when you're not. And that car outside, whoever owns it, must've trusted you alot.

Unknowingly, you're a thief. I really pity the person. Nonsense, stupid human being. No, i mean animal". Beyonce hissed and walk out of the shop.

"Beyonce.. Wait... I want to tell you something". Ryan ran after her.

Once he got to her, Beyonce started shouting. "Theif.. Theif oooo... Theif... Help... Thief.. ".

Immediately the touts around came out of nowhere.

"He's the theif oooo.. He's the one". Beyonce points at Ryan.

The boys launched at him, not giving him a chance to explain.

"Haaa. Beyonce... What have you done? ". Mrs Helena shouts as she came out of the shop.

"Stop stop... He's not a thief". Christy cried but the boys continued to beat Ryan.

Beyonce notice he was bleeding already, from the effect of beating.
"Stop.... I've found my money".

The boys stopped beating Ryan and left him. He was finding it difficult to breathe.

Christy rushed to him. "Ryan... Ryan... Are you there.. Ryan?? ". She screamed and burst into tears for the poor man.

"Haaa. Beyonce! You're nothing but a devil. A devil! Let's get him to the hospital, Christy ". Mrs Helena said and they helped the slim Ryan up.

Mrs Helena drove with full speed to the hospital while, Christy sat at the back with Ryan, weeping.

Beyonce hissed aloud and went back into the shop. She wasn't moved a bit. She's heartless and she knows and concurs to that.

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