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Greed-Episode 1


Greed-Episode 1

Written By Khalee

Beyonce emptied a bucket of pepper water on Ryan, who stood at the balcony.

"Aahhhhh.. Beyonce... My eyes! ". Ryan cried out in pain.

"Yes, that's what you get when you dont listen to people, I've been warning you countless time.

Not to come close to me, you bastard, silly nitwit, Mtcheew". Beyonce hissed and went into the bungalow.

Where she lives with her 22years old, sister who is in her final year in the university and her mother, who is a widow.

"Beyonce, what exactly is your problem?...

"Ryan is my problem. That bastard is the problem, i have. How can he expect me to date someone like him?

He's jobless, a chuch rat". Beyonce cut her mother off, angrily.

Her mom(Mrs Helena) took a deep breathe before speaking. "Dear daughter, you don't know what he might become in future.

You don't know what God is planning for him. He maybe nobody today but what about tomorrow?

You're also jobless like him. You were able to graduate with good grades but you haven't find any job. Be patience".

"No means No. Am jobless and you want me to date a jobless person, too? Am 25years old for Christ sake. Arggh". She yelled and left her mom in the living room to her room.

Beyonce has always have a high taste for expensive things, right from her secondary school days.

She dated rich school boys but despite her love for money, she isnt into fornication.

She lost her dad at the age of twenty. Her father was a very gentle man just like his wife, who is a trader.

Christy(Beyonce's sister) was the calm one, she is well mannered unlike Beyonce, who is very rude.

Though the two girls are very much pretty, Beyonce was the prettier one, black beauty with a figure 8 shape, just like her mom.
Christy on the other hand, is light skinned like her dad, she's slim with medium sized breast and small ass.

They were both born in Ghana, where they grew up a bit, untill seven years ago when they relocated back to Nigeria.

And about Ryan, is a jobless man. He's very good looking, tall and charming with a good character.

Beyonce met him at a wedding ceremony, where he happens to be the best man of the groom.

While Beyonce was just a guest. His charming look attracted Beyonce, that when he approached her.

She did not hesitate to give him, her contact details. He started visiting her, it was later that Beyonce discovered that he's jobless and everything changed.

Beyonce, her mom and Christy was walking on the road side, on their way to Mrs Helena provision shop, which is located two streets away.

It was more like a supermarket but not really. Mrs Helena's car had fault and that's why they have to trek to the shop.

"That reminds me, Mom. You won't believe what happened in my school last week ozi almost forgot to gist you guys ". Christy beamed.

"What happened, my love? ". Mrs Helena asked as she adjusted her wrapper.

"It about one 400 level student, whose birthday happened to be last week Wednesday. You need to see how ice cubes and other stuffs were threw at him".

"Ehnnn. That's not a new thing na". Beyonce interrupted.

"Haba wait... Let me at leat die before you bury me, stop being a kill joy, jawe". Christy sair a bit annoyed.

"Don't mind her, my dear. Continue". Mrs Helena chipped in.
"He died the following day, according to medical reports. He has cold". Christy said.

"Haa. Nawa oo. All because of birthday celebration. You children of nowadays. Nawa". Mrs Helena put in, as she dip her hand into her bag and brought the shop key.

She opened the door, they had a short prayer and start cleaning the shop.

"Fuck! I forgot my phone at home, i need to get it". Beyonce said and left the shop.

She got home, opened the door and went straight to her room, where her phone laid on the bed.
She reached for it and kept it in her bag. Left the room and proceeded to the kitchen, where she got two apples from the fridge and kept it in her bag before leaving the kitchen.

Once she was out of the living room, locked the door and the house, going to the shop.

She was almost at the shop when all of a sudden...


"Ahhhh.. What the fuck! ". Beyonce screamed as she saw her white skirt stained with muddy waters.
The car which splashed the muds on her, pulled up beside her and a tall, light skinned handsome man came out of it.

He rushed to her. "Am so sorry, dear. I didn't see the
"Yeah. Because you're blind, you asshole". Beyonce cut him off angrily.

"C'mon dear. That was rude".
"Oh really? You have some guts you know". Beyonce yelled, getting more pissed off.

"I can see you mad at me. Am so sorry sincerely, okay.. You know what? Get some of the muddy water and stain my white shirt.
So it will be tit for tat, huh? What do you think? ".

'Oh really? This fool doesn't know me, to think i won't '. Beyonce thought.

An idea pop on her mind and she let out a sly smile.

She sighted an old container of ice cream filled with dirty water and reached for it.

All those time, she was doing that. The man was lost staring at the big yummy ass untill Beyonce emptied the dirty water on his shirt and spat in his face, before walking away.

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