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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 49


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 49

Theme : The village Girl


As early as 6:00am. I was out of the house. I hurried to the water factory. I need to go early so as to purchase it. If I should go late, I won't meet up.

I lost Basil two weeks ago. I wasn't able to bring up money to buy him blood and pay his hospital bills and his father wasn't ready to give him blood.

Alfred totally ignore me. He only spend his N15,000 salary on Yemi. They both made my life hell. I can't leave the house. Where will I go?

My parent wants me back but there's no way am going back. My younger sister got married to a millionaire few weeks ago.
The guy was poor when he and my sister started dating. I disturbed my sister to leave him him because he was poor but they were inseparable. Lots of time, I poured soapy water on the guy.

It was later I met Alex and he got me an apartment and I left my parent's house. Now they want me to come back. No way. That's shameful!

How do I face the guy? It better to hide myself in Alfred's place than going back to them. I don't even have a phone again. It was stolen in the market while I was Hawking sachet water.

I got to the water factory and luckily, I wasnt late so I got two bags then I went back home. Once it 8:00am i'll go and hawk in the street.

I do help people wash their clothes and I get paid. That's how am living now. Once I was home, I drop the bags and went into the bathroom.

To my surprise. There was no water again. All the buckets were empty. I filled each bucket last night. I know it Yemi's doing.

I made my way to the kitchen and fetch water to the bathroom to bath. After bathing, I hurried to the parlor when I remember I had drop the bread I bought last night somewhere in the parlor.

I wasn't surprise to see the leather were I kept the bread. Not even a loaf was left in the leather.

I burst into tears. I know I've sinned but am paying in thousand wraps. This is too much for me. Am pregnant for God sake.
I heard footsteps and look up to see Alfred. "Good morning o".

I cleaned my face with my wrapper.
"Morning Alfred.Can you please dash me N500? I need to buy some medicines".

"Well i only have N200 to dash you but Yemi's clothes dirty and much. You know she can't wash cos she's close to delivery. If you can wash them, I can give you N1000".

My eyes grew wide. N1000. I can't remember the last time I own a thousand.

"Yes I will. Right away". I hurried into their room.

Yemi was snoring heavily and was drooling on the bed. I saw a heap of clothes piled up at the corner.

Please don't tell me, this is what Alfred wanna pay a thousand for, it more than that.

Atleast N2000. Her pants and bras were included and stinks.

"Yeah. Thats it". I heard Alfred say as he entered.

"Can't you Atleast add N500?It much".
"Forget it. I'll find someone else to do it".
"No No. I'll do it, please".

He hand over a thousand Note to me and I thank him and took the clothes out to wash.

I tasted the tea and I must say it so sweet. That's how ladies love it, right?

They love sweet things. I had instructed the maids to vacate the kitchen because I wanna mkar breakfast for my wife.

This my first time cooking though. Did I just said cook? Sorry preparing something.
Yeah. Am not cooking. Am just making tea.

I saw something and tasted it. It should be ginger. Yeah ginger. I add little to our cups and I tasted it. Why is it like this?

I took the spoon and add three spoonful. Yeah thats it. Am gonna prove to Tiwa, that am a great cook.

I took a love shaped tray and put the cups in it with bread loaves and a Jam. Then I proceeded upstairs.

Mehn.... Last night was awesome. I mean very very awesome. Am still shock at last night revelation though. I never thought she could be a virgin.

I've always seen her like a village slut but she proved me wrong last night.

I drop the tray on the bedside table and sat at the edge of the king sized bed.

"Hey beautiful". I whispered into her ears and she stirred.

She opened her eyes slowly then yawned. "Hey hubby, good morning".

"How was your night? ".

"It was sweet, yours? ".

"It was the best ever".

She glance over at the tray on the bedside table. I smiled.

"Breakfast in bed. Sweetie".

"Awwn you're so romantic". She said and kissed me passionately.

Our lips locked for long then I pulled out.
"Enough with the kiss please. Am all yours. Let's eat,I made you a special breakfast".

"Alex. Are you sure it not a poison? You've never cooked. I doubt if you can even boil water for tea".

"Common. It nice. Why not give it a trial".

"Okay but can I Atleast change into something else? ".

"Yeah check my closet".

She climbed out of the bed with the duvet around her covering her body. I stared at the bloodstain on the bed and let out a smile.

My Dad is the best after all. He deserve a big hug.

"How do I look? ". I heard Tiwa say and I turn to see her in one of my shirt and short.
The shirt was big on her and stopped close to her waist.

I burst out laughing. "Seriously, why didn't you settle for something better? ".

"Nah. I love this. It your favorite I guess. Your cologne is all over it. Am sorry to say this but it mine now. I will give it back when it stop smelling you".

"And i'll be glad to take it back cos it will be smelling you then". I winked.

She blushed. "Umm Honey ".

Wait... Did she just call me that?
"Yeah My Queen".

"Where is the divorce paper? ". She suddenly let put the bomb. My face drop and my heart was racing.

"W.. W.. Eh.. Why? ". I stuttered.

"Because you need to sign it now". She replied with a serious face.

I stood up and walk up to her. "Tiwa. Am sorry, please don't do this".

"Alex! The papers now!! ".

I felt bad. Am I really gonna give her? I went to the drawer, opened it and brought out envelope. I sighed and gave it to her.
"And pen? ".

I gulped. I was sweating seriously. I move to the drawer and brought out a pen.

She can't possibly force me to sign it. Am never gonna sign it.

"Tiwa please... Don't do this to me". I pleaded and went on my knees.

She ignored me and brought out the paper from the envelope.The envelope fell on the floor.

She glance through it then stare back at me. She held it at the tip and tore it to the last core.

"I got you". She burst into laughs.
I huffed. "That was so close, Tiwa".

I stood under the shower enjoying the coolness of the cold water on my skin. I smiled as I recall what she did earlier.

God.... I love Tiwa so much and I can't wait to make her mine finally.

I felt something soft on my bare skin. And it gave me goosebumps. I turned and saw Tiwa unclad smiling at me.

I lick my lips and gulp down. I can't get enough of her. "I love you Tiwa".

"I love you too, Alex".

I cupped her cheeks and our lips lock.

I fold my clothes into my suitcase. And my stuffs too. I was packing them. My husband will be coming to pick me up soon. Said we're moving to our new home.

My stomach grumbled and I felt the need to use the toilet. I pick my phone and went in.
Gosh... This the third time. Wait... What did I eat? OMG!! Alex!

Immediately my phone rang. I press the answer button and place it on my ear.
"My Queen".

"Alex, what the fuck did you put in the tea? ".

"Umm. I thought it was ginger. Janet said it tu.... ".His voice trailed off and I heard him groaning.

"Are you there? ".

"My Queen. I think am gonna purge out my intestine soon".

I burst out into laughs and immediately stop when I felt another one coming. I held onto the toilet.

"Alex, you're so dead. I swear".

"I love you, My Queen".

"I love you more, My King".

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