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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 48


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 48

Theme : The village Girl


I couldn't stop grinning. It been days since Tiwa's birthday. We've been seeing eachother. Spending evenings together and kissing.

I've changed my house interior because Tiwa said, it do remind of the past. I've bought a new house.

A mansion to be precise.So we can live together there even though I haven't tell her about it.

Gosh.. I pray she doesn't talk about the divorce again. Am so addicted to her now. I love you Tiwa. Queen of my life.

"Hey man". Someone screamed breaking into my thought and jolting me back to myself.

I turn to see Rotimi and Lewis standing before me. They took their seat opposite me.

"When did you guys got here? ".
"How will you know when you were grinning like a fool. We've been standing here for almost five minutes now. You did not even notice our presence". Lewis said.
"Oh..... Sorry about that".

"Wait Alex.. Are we missing something? ". Rotimi asked leaning forward.

"Come on. No". I replied then remember how Tiwa had stole a kiss from me on her birthday.

I burst out laughing hard.I found my friends staring at me. "Sorry guys".

A maid came over and served them snack and drink.

"Wait o. Rotimi it seems you not noticing what am seeing". Lewis said.

I arched an eyebrow. "What? ".

"Is Tiwa, arent it? ". Lewis winked.

I blushed smiling. Rotimi hit me softly. "I said it".

"Common guys. How you".

"We're fine". Lewis grinned. I've not seen him like this in a long time.

"Lewis. What am I missing? ".

"Well... Why don't we start from you".
"You already know".

"No thats not it. We need full details".

I smiled. "Well... Well... Tiwa bad I have been spending evenings together".

"Wow". They chorused. "Does that mean, no divorce again? ".

"I don't know yet. She hasn't talk about it. But Umm... We've been kissing".

"Oh my gee...... ".

"Thats it man. Your woman is back". Rotimi added.

"So tell us about yours, Lewis".

"Umm.. Well.. It Fiona. She's been visiting with our son for a week now.Thought it just about our son untill we started going on dates.

She visited three days ago, after I left Tiwa's birthday. Actually. Umm we did it and even last night too. Am never gonna cheat on her again. Ever".

"Wow". Rotimi and I mouthed.
"Well.. I also have a good news". Rotimi said and we stare at him. "Taiwo is carrying another baby".

"Oh my God". We rejoiced.

"This call for celebration, guys!! ".

I couldn't stop smiling. Well it about my husband. We've been going on dates, enjoying the evenings together. I can't deny that am inlove with him.

We've been kissing too. Yeah he's my husband anyways.

"Tiwalade!!! ". Someone half yelled and I flinched. It was Justin.

"Justin, you almost killed me".

"For Christ sake. I've been standing here for minuted and you did not even notice my.....

"Grriiiing". My phone rang interrupting him.I shut my eyes as I reach for my phone.

Praying silently that it Alex. I've been waiting for his call and stupid network messages have been coming.

I opened one eye and look at the screen. "Wow!! ". I jumped up in happiness.

"It Alex. It Alex!!! ".

" Hello..... Yeah... What?? He's sick... Oh my God. I'll be there in few minutes".

I hung up and wore the flip flops at the corner in the sitting room, which actually belong to my maid.

I ran out of the house ignoring Justin who was calling after me.It was Juliet that called with Alex phone.One of his maids. Said Alex is sick.

I rush into the house. Everything look okay. She said Alex was seriously I took the stairs and opened his door. Were you expecting me to knock on my husband's door?

I entered and saw him laying on the bed, shivering under the blanket.

"Oh my God, Alex". I got into the bed and felt his temperature with the back of my hand.

It was normal. I glared at him. "Alex".
"Taddaaa! ".

"Are you kidding me? ".

"I was missing you, so I had to make up a lie". He pouted.

"Silly boy. You almost killed me. I drove like a mad woman to this boy. It was even Chi's flip flops that I wore. You're such a silly boy".

I tweaked his nose and pick a pillow and threw it at him. He pick one of the pillows and threw at mean and we started pillow fight.

He made me win and i sat on him tickling him. Thank fully it worked. I don't like people who tickles don't work on. Just like Justin.

"Stop Mrs Laura. Please..... ". We were both chuckling. He soon turn me over in a position he was between my legs.

We stared at eachother's eye and our lips lock in a passionate kiss. I wrapped my hand around his neck and our kiss became wild.

He was kissing all over my face down to my nape. Building up new feelings I haven't felt in my life. It felt so good.

I reach to lift my top but before I had the chance to, his arms make their way down.
Leaving a trail of goosebumps and stop at my stomach, underneath my top.

He kissed me in the middle of my stomach close to my boobs.

I was enjoying every bit of it. My heart race at the same time.

He takes the bottom of my top in his hands and guides it over my shoulder and my head.

His eyes not leaving mine. He went for my bra and unhook it making my boobs fall.
My heart was racing as his hands went down to my skirt, which he pull down and I was just in my G string.

He brought his lips to mine again. I felt his hand on my waist and boom. He pulls my pant off. His lips not leaving mine.

He pulled out of the kiss and I open my eyes to see him unclad. When the fuck did he undress? My eyes went down to his waist down to his... OMG..

My eyes grew wide when I saw his dick. It was big.It kinda scare me. It gonna hurt real bad.

This the first time, I was seeing an unclad guy and he was seeing me naked too.

He came between my legs again, I could feel his dick on my bare skin as he kiss me. He unlock the kiss and went for my boobs.

Sucking onto one and fuddling the other. I was moaning loud. The feelings were sweet.
He move down to my stomach and I did not want him to stop.

He suddenly stop and I couldn't feel him again. I opened my eyes to see him staring at the burn on my stomach.

"Alex". I called softly.

"Am so sorry". His voice was full of pain.
"Common it bygone".

"But it still right here. I feel bad seeing this. I've hurt you too much".

"Alex please, it bygone. Let's deal with the future. Mind you, you keeping me hang here".

He smiled a little. "Sorry Mrs Laura".

"Stop it , Keep it informal". We both chuckle and his mouth went back to my body.

I felt something soft in me and I realise it was his tongue boring into my V.

He was giving me a head. It feel awesome and I enjoy every bit of it.

Is this how he always do to Nora. The thought of that made me feel jealous.

I did not feel him again and he came back to me and our lips lock. Making me taste myself.

I felt something hard at the entrance of my V and I flinched opening my eyes.

"Tiwa. Are you a virgin? ". Shock was written all over his face. I nodded.

"Shit! ". He cursed and left my body and laid beside me ruffling his hair.

"What happened? ".

"Wait... You're a virgin. Like you've been a virgin throughout.... What am I even saying... You're a virgin, Tiwa". He kept ruffling his hair.

"Yeah". I replied and bite my bottom lip. Is it a bad thing?

"Oh God... I never knew. Gosh... I... I don't even know what to say".

"Alex please. Let's do it. I want you real bad right now".

"Tiwa. Am sorry but am not sure I can do this. I've never been with a virgin before. I don't know how to go about it without hurting you.

My whole life, I've always been having wild and rough sex... I don't know... I don't want to see you on pain. I.....

"So now it a crime to be a virgin, huh? You're gonna leave me like this, right? ". I asked raising my voice in annoyance.

Don't blame me. Am so horny right now.
"Tiwa... It not like that, I really don't wanna hurt you".

"It fine. No problem. I'll just go get someone do it then". I said faking to stand up. I know he's gonna hold me back.

Which husband will allow such?

And he did pull me back. "Common Tiwa". I went for his lips and we resumed our kiss.
I felt him at my entrance and I gulped.

"Come on Alex". I begged even though my heart was racing fast.

"Don't worry. I'll go easy on you".I felt him about to thrust in and I grip on his hand.
"I love you". He whispered and he push his way in.

"Ouch". I cried and try to push me off but he was stronger. I grip onto him tighter as I felt him inside me.

Then he started thrusting in and out of me gently. It was so painful. I felt tears roll down from my eyes down to my ears.

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