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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 47


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 47

Theme : The village Girl


I killed my car engine and got out of the car then shut the door. I brought out my phone from the bag then switch it on to check whether i had any message but none. Geez. I put it in my jacket pocket.

So Justin forgot my birthday, huh? No problem. But Alex own pained me more. I kept hissing as I got to my door and opened up.

Holy Molly.. Why is everywhere dark like this? I reached for my phone inside my bag to Atleast use the flashlight but I couldn't find it.

I just kept the phone in this bag few minutes ago. Mtcheew. I move gently and slowly to avoid pumping into anything. Trying to reach where the switch was.

I switch it on and immediately remember I had put the phone in my jacket pocket. Silly Tiwa. I chuckled and turned. I flinched immediately.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you Tiwa!
Happy Birthday To you!
We wish you many happy returns on your day, long life and prosperity!

Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray!

I gasp and covered my mouth with my palm. I couldn't believe my eyes.

The living room was full. Rotimi and his Wife. Taiwo! Wow. It been ages. The other guy that was staring at me, the day I resumed work. What's his name again? Lewis. Yeah Lewis

Justin, Ella, Alex, some colleagues and OMG not excluding Alex's parents. I thought my birthday was just gonna go like that but it a lie. People are gathered here for me.

"Mom, Dad". I exclaimed and gave them a warm hug. I went over to everybody hugging them and lastly. Alex.


"Happy Birthday Gorgeous".

I smiled. "You love surprises, dont you? ".

"You owe me a hug.Don't tell me am the only one,you not gonna hug".

I smiled and went into his open arms. This actually the first time, we're hugging.
Wait... I feel different... My heartbeats... Am feeling somehow. It felt as if I was with someone, am connected to. Someone I needed. Someone,I shouldn't leave. What's happening to me?.

Someone cleared his or her throat and I unlock from the hug. I kinda felt a bit embarrassed cos I realize we've hugged for long.

"Come make a wish, so you can cut the cake".

A cake? I look down at the glass table and OMG. A big beautiful Cake with strawberry all over it. It looks so yummy.I gelt myself drooling.

"Happy Birthday Gorgeous". Was written on it. I know it Alex's doing. I look at his direction and he winked at me.

I blushed. What else have I not notice in this room? I look around the living room. To behold a beautiful sight. Balloons and cute flowers. It was well decorated.

"Can you please come and blow the candle, make a wish and cut your cake? I've been drooling ". Justin said and Ella gave him a girly punch..
I move to the cake and bent a little. Time to make a wish. Seriously this the best birthday, have ever had.

"This new year, I pray it should come with sea of blessings from heaven. I pray that my life be filled with prosperity. Let there be good hope and infinite love. Thank you lord for sparing my life and....

"Laura, blow this thing na. Shuu". I heard Justin whined and I blew the candle.

I cut the cake and Justin was the first person that came to me. I took a bite from the cake and moaned. It so yummy.

"Thank you so much everybody. Most especially my husband and my father and mother inlaw. This the best birthday have ever had. I thought my day was just gonna pass by like norm days but you guys made it. Am so glad.

"I'll like someone to have a bite before everybody, may I please? ".

"Yeah". Everybody chorused. I saw Alex grinning. Sorry dear but i'll burst your bubbles. "Mrs Stella Philips". I announced.
Everybody was surprised, they clapped. I cut a little portion and took it to her.

"Thank you so much Tiwa. For honoring me". She said and opened her mouth and I stuffed it in.

"Let's pop the champagne and rock this place!! ". Justin screamed.

Alex and I walk slowly and finally got to the pool. We sat and had our legs in it. I told him to let's go out for a while. Everyone was still inside.

"Thanks for making my day. I thought you forgot or did not know about it, anyways".
"Of course not, I knew it a year ago when I was going through the stuffs you left behind".

"Oh". I mouthed. Yeah I only took some of my stuffs when I left the house. Not everything. Gosh.. I don't wanna remember the old ugly times.

Silence troop in. All we could hear was the laughter coming from the living room. It kinda feel awkward.

"Umm. Mr Alex".

"Yeah Mrs Laura".

"How about we do something crazy tonight".

"Something crazy? ".

"like what? ".

"Let's sneak out".

"Sneak out? ".

"Yeah please.... ". I reply shaking him by the arm.

"Okay let's go but the key is inside ".
"Car key? ".


"Nah. Come on. We're going to trek".

"What?! ". He half screamed and I frowned. "Sorry.

I haven't done that before".

"Yeah. Just forget it". I said and stood up leaving the pool.

"Hey wait". I stopped on my track without looking back.

"Let's go".

"Wow really". He nodded and hugged him but quickly disengage from the hug. I don't wanna experience that strange feelings again.

We tiptoed to the gate like teenage lovers.
"Madam. Are you going somewhere? ". The gateman asked.


"We wanna check something outside". Alex said saving me cos I don't even know the lie to make up. He opened the gate and we walk out.

"How about we do something? ".

"Like what? ".

"Let's run! ".

"What?!! ".
"Common Mr Alex. I told you in the first place that it a crazy stuff. Stop being a dickehead. Geez.. ".

"Am sorry. Come on".

"Then catch me if you can". I said and ran off while he ran after me.

He soon catch up with me. Both of us panting. "I've never done something like this before".

"That means you never had fun growing up".

"You can say that again. Being an only child arent funny. My mum always want me by her side".

"Wow thats an ice cream shop over there". I beamed pointing at a shop across the road.
"Yeah let's go grab some".

"Oh oh. I only have my phone here. My purse arent here". I said sadly.

"I have my wallet here". He grinned.
"Wow. You're not a dickhead after all". I chuckled.

"Let's cross then".

"Cross to the other side? ". He half screamed.

Oh God.. "What again, Mr Alex? ".

" Am sorry but i've never done that before. Let's just wait for a cab".

I ignored him. Grab his hand and made sure there was no car then we both walk to the other side with him clunging unto me.
We entered the shop and i release his hands when I realized have been holding him for long.

We approached a vacant table, he brought the chair out for me and I sat down.

"I'll be right back". He said and left.

The ice cream shop is nice. I must say. Very beautiful. There were few people in it. Mostly teenage lovers and just two grown up adult like Alex and I.

"Here we go". I look up to see Alex. He settled beside me.

"Awwn. What flavor is this? ".

"Vanilla and strawberry".

"How do you know what am craving for? Have you start reading minds? ".
He chuckled and I admire his cute smile. What's going on with me. "I just guess".
We ate our ice cream gisting about silly things like our childhood. I kept stealing from his cup cos it was melting and he was eating slowly.

"Can't you stop stealing mine? You have yours. Geez". He whined and I chuckled.
I tried to steal from his cup again and he caught my hand making my spoon leave a stain on his cheek.

I chuckled. "Now you're looking like Santa".
"What? ".

"Just shut up and let me help you get it off. Mummy's boy".

"Am no Mummy's boy. I've told you countless time".

"Can you stop being a jerk and let me get it off".

"Nah. I'll just do it myself". He said and wipe his face making it come close to his mouth.

I couldn't help but laugh hard. People around look at our direction and soon face their business.

"And why are you laughing now? It your mess anyways. So clean it". He said more like an order.

"Oh really. Now you're sounding bossy. You just said you'd do it yourself. Then do please". I said and face my cup. I look up at him and saw him staring at me.

He rolled his eyes. "Okay do it".

"Do it?. Just like that".

"What? What else do you want me to say. Okay. Please ma, Mrs Laura clean it".
"Good boy. Now you're talking".

"I just told you to stop calling me a boy".
"You still wanna argue, right? Okay".

"Nah. Just do it now".

"Untill you accept you're a boy".
"Seriously. Do you realise i'll soon turn thirty two? ".

I shrugged. "Who cares? ".

"Arrgh. Okay. Am a boy".

"Say Alex is a boy".

"Alex is a boy".

I giggled. I took my thumb to his face and wipe it off. Like magic, my thumb move to his lips. They so soft. What will it feel like tasting them? I've never had a proper kiss before.

I found my head moving closer to his. Our heads were coming closer and our face was just inches apart. Our nose touched.

"Grriinhg". My phone suddenly rang. I withdraw and pick up my phone. "It Justin. We should go now".

"Umm yeah". We stood up and left the shop. We were both silent, walking slowly and then crossed the road.

Wait. What the hell almost happened? We almost kissed. What? What if Justin did not call?.What's the chemistry between us? Geez.. Tiwa... But I kinda wished we kiss though. Why?

"Mrs Laura". I heard Alex call breaking into my thought.


"We home".

I look up and it was true. We outside my gate already"wow so soon".


I was about to knock when he held me back. I turned and face him.

"Can you close your eye for a while? ".

"Huh? Okay". I did and few seconds, I heard his footsteps as he came closer.I felt something cold on me. "You can open your eyes".

I open my eyes and my hand travel to my neck. Wow. A pendulum necklace.
"Happy Birthday. Once again". He said and all I could do was smile.

"Thank you". I muttered. I wanna kiss him but how do I tell him? Just how?

My face went closer to his and I gave him a light kiss. A kiss that was like a peck. Then I withdraw. I don't know what to do anyways.
I couldn't look into his face. "Umm have never kissed before,So I don't know what to......

I was cut off as his lips crashed on mine. He held my face with one hand and the other on my waist and deepen the kiss.

Wow we're really doing this.

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