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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 46


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 46

Theme : The village Girl


I brushed my teeth and took my bath. Dress up in a suit. It Wednesday and am going to work.

I reached for my phone. It 7:30am already. I dial my mother inlaw's number. Have been calling her this past few days.

"Hello ma".

"Good morning".

"Morning Mummy, how was your night? ".

"It was going well untill you ruined it".

"ma? So-sorry. So sorry ma. I never knew you still in bed. You always up around 6:30am".

Yes I know when she sleeps and wake now.

"Yes, you're right. I've been sick since yesterday".

"Sick? You did not tell me anything when I called yesterday morning".
"It started last night".

"Oh oh sorry ma. Hope you're better now? ".

"Yes a bit better. Son". Wait did I hear correctly. She just called me son. Wow.

"You should take something and go see the chemist, please".

"I'll do that after this call".

"I'll send you money before going to work, ma".

"Thank you so much".

"Common Mummy, it nothing".
"Aledis abi Alesin. What is your name? ".

I chuckled. "It Alex, ma".

"Do you think doing all this will make my daughter not divorce you? ".

I suddenly felt a pain in my chest. "Ma? ".

"Yes na. I know everything you're doing now is because you want my daughter back. Despite everything you did to her". I couldn't say a word. "Alesin? ".

"Yes ma, am here".

She laughed. Why is she laughing now?. "Am just playing with you. I've forgiven you already".

I smiled. Geez.. This woman won't kill me. Hahaha

"Listen, If you really want me to accept you fully. Wait I've forgiven you o. Just that i'm giving you this condition because I need it"

"No problem ma, go ahead".

"I want you to help me bring Tiwa to the village. We're all missing her here and she's insisting on December. Please thats the only thing I want now. It a favour".

How am I gonna do that? I've not even been able to win her back talkless of taking her to the village.

"Is that what you want? ".

"Yes please".

"Then count it done".

"Until you do it. I can't now".

"Mummy, don't worry. I will. Just trust me on this".

"Tor. I'll believe in you then".
"Yes mummy, please do".

"I should cut the call now, so you won't go late to work".

"Alright ma. My regards to Daddy and my little brother. Ayomide".
"No problem, son. Make sure you eat something before going to work o".

"Sure ma, I will".

"Tor. Bye bye o".

She disconnects the call. Wow I feel so happy. She now likes me and even care. Thank God.

But wait.. Talking about Tiwa. I just made a promise.

How do I take her to the village? I can't possibly drag her. No way. What am I gonna do now?

"Laura! Wake up! Laura".

I rolled onto my back. Justin, dressed and ready to go to work, stood over me with a steaming cup of tea.

The early morning sun streamed into the room with dazzling brightness. "Hey".

"Morning sleepy coconut head. Drink this and than you can get ready for work. I don't wanna go late".

I took the tea from him. "Thank you, soon to be daddy".

He grinned. "You can say that again". I sipped the tea.

"You're such a dirty girl". I heard Justin say and I look up at him.
"What do you mean? ".

"I offered you a tea and you couldn't brush first".

"You're crazy Justin, why did you bring it in the first place then". I took another sip and my eyes went over to the wallclock and I almost spill the tea.

"What the fuck! Olamide, it almost 8am. Why didn't you wake me earlier? ".

He shrugged. "I don't wanna disturb you. Catch you later". He blew me a kiss and left.

Geez.. Such a stupid loving boy.

I dropped the cup on the bedside table and reached for my phone. An unread message from Alex.

Am not surprised. It routine. Always texting me before I sleep and when I wake.

I opened the message and smile. Alex.

Can't you stop being loving? His messages always make me blush.

I left the message and drop my phone. Wait... What's today's date? Yesterday was 8.Today is July 9?
I took my phone again and I confirmed it. It really July 9.my birthday.

Wow. Happy birthday Tiwalade. Long live and prosperity. But come to think of it. Justin did not wish me a happy birthday. Does that mean he forgot?

I pick my phone and went through my messages. Wow. Feyi did not forget me though.

And even my little brother, Ayomide did not forget me too.
A call came in, I click the green button and place it on my ear.

"Happy Birthday to you.×4.

We wish you long live and prosperity ".

They screamed into the phone and I smiled.

"Happy Birthday Bestie".

"Happy birthday Big sis".

I heard Feyi and Ayomide scream. They are together.

"Thank you so much dearies, i really do appreciate".

"It nothing, you're the best".

"Thank you once again. I'll give you guys a call later. Am kinda late for work now".

"Alright birthday girl. Take care. Kisses".

I smiled and aborted the call. Atleast some people still remembers. Those jerks. Arrrgh
I drag myself out of the bed to the bathroom, had my bath, dress up and left for work.

It wasnt even like it my birthday.
 I feel bad. Not even Ella wish me. How will she know anyways?
But some employees wished and present gifts to me, so she Atleast saw them.

I kept checking my phone for a message or call from Alex but nothing.Even Justin.

Wait.. Don't they get any notification from Facebook. Gosh. Why am I feeling bad about it anyways.

I kept checkmy phone, soon I switch it off. It so annoying.

Everything went normal. At exactly 7:00pm, I left work. On Norms, I do close around 5:00pm but I just felt I should stay behind.

I feel so bad. Why will Alex forget his wife's birthday despite all the sweet good morning and goodnight text.

Yeah I know, He might not know considering our past together but he should've find out, one way or the other.

Gosh.. He's not even man enough.I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I wipe it angrily.

Mtcheew why am I feeling bad about his text or call?

Justin also forget but for Christ sake, am Alex's wife. Geez...

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