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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 45


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 45

Theme : The village Girl


Alex and I stood by Ella's door waiting.

The door opened and a sad looking Ella showed up. Her face was pale and her eyes was puffy, it has bags below. She must've been crying. What have you done, Tiwa?

"Evening". She force a small smile then look at Alex direction.

"May I come in please? ". I asked in a plea tone.

"Yeah sure, please do". She made the door wider and we went in.
Wow. Her house was in apple pie.Her living room was little but holds a sofa and a couch.

In the middle of the room lies a love shape rug with cupid heart patterns all over it and on top of that lies a small glass table, which has a flower vase on it and a remote control and a coaster.

At the fourth wall has a flat screen TV. The room has everything, a living should have. It was breathtaking.

Alex settled in the couch. Ella turn to me. "Please sit, i'll be back". Then she dash into one of the rooms.

I couldn't sit so I just stood. "Come on, Mrs Laura. Sit". Alex said but i ignored.

Ella came back with a plate containing two glasses of what looks like orange drink. She gave one to Alex and then she turn to me and offered me the other.

"Ella, I need to talk to you please".

"But you should Atleast drink something. Please, it your first time here". Ella persuaded.

"What brought me here is more important, Ella".

"Come on, you're not suppose to reject the first thing, I offered. ". She said pouting at me.

"Common, Mrs Laura. Take it". Alex said and I collected the glass, took it to my mouth and gulped everything.

"Can we talk now? ".

She smiled. "Sure, i'll be right back". She collected the glass and went back into the room she entered earlier. That should be her kitchen, I guess.

I turn to Alex. His eyes was on the Tv. What? It wasn't ON when we came. Stupid boy, he's already feeling at home.

I found myself smiling. Wait... Why am I smiling? Stop it Tiwalade.

"Let's go". Ella broke into my thought and I followed her into a room. Wow.

Everything about this girl is so special. Her room is so breathtaking.

"Please sit". She gestured me to the stool at her dressing table and she went to sit on the bed.
I ignored the stool and went to sit with her.

Justin walked in and embraced Ella in a long hug that seem like forever to me.

I've explained and apologized to Ella. Fortunately it went well and now it settled.

It kinda feel awkward watching this two lovers.

"Umm, we should go now. Mr Alex". I said.

"So soon. Why? Let me prepare dinner please. I'm a very fast cook and a good one. You can ask Justin". Ella said as she disengage from the hug.

Really.. Did she expect me to keep watching their romance.

"We can do that, some other time. I gat some stuffs to do at home". I said whist smiling.

"Yeah you should go now". Justin grinned and Ella hit him playfully.
"Alright love birds. See you later". Alex said as he stood up.

"Yeah yeah. Catch you two later". Justin grinned. Stupid boy.

Alex and I got to his car and he opened the car door for me. He had insist we come in his car.
"Why are you doing the gentle man show now? ".

"Common Mrs Laura".

I smiled and got into the car, he shut the door and got in the driver's seat.

He start the car's engine and zoom off then start driving slow.

"Mr Alex".

"Yeah Mrs Laura".

"Why are you driving slowly? ". Yeah he was driving like a snail.
"Sorry, am not feeling too good".

"Oh oh". I took my hand to his head to feel his temperature. It was normal. "Mr Alex".

I glared at him. "Your temperature is okay".

"Of course. Because am fine". He grinned.

I hit him playfully. "Stupid boy".
"Boy? Am a man".

"Indeed". I chuckeld and he focus on his driving.

"Mr Alex".

"Yeah Mrs Laura".

"Can you park there? ". I said pointing at an ice cream shop.

"Huh? Did I do anything wrong? Okay am gonna drive fast. Very fast now".

"Nah Nah. Thats an ice cream shop and am craving for it".

He heaved a sigh of relieve and pulled up in front of the shop. I wanted to open the door but he held me back.

"Don't worry. Just tell me the flavor you want".

My eyes fell on his hand which was on mine and he took it off immediately..

"Uh. Uh. Am sorry". With that he remove his hands.

"Get me a chocolate flavor. Bill on you".

"Sure, how many do you want? ".

I chuckled. "Come on, Mr Alex. Just a cup"..

"Alright i'll be right back". He opened the car door and headed to the shop.

Why is he acting so nice? A whole Alex. The same person who maltreated me.

He soon came back and got in the car. He hand over a carrier bag to me, I collected it and opened it to see two big bowls of ice cream ".

"Wow. Thank you, Mr Alex".

"Come on Mrs Laura. It my duty anyways, so it nothing". He flash me a smile then started the car and we continued the drive to my house.

"Mr Alex"..

"Yeah, Mrs Laura ".

"Why are you being nice to me? ". He glance at me then face the road again.

"Is it because of the divorce?". Still he did not talk.

"Listen Mr Alex. It won't change anything seriously. Let's free ourselves". I added but he did not spare me a glance but wore a sad face.

We got to my house and he wanted to drive in but I stopped him.

"Dont worry, Mr Alex. Thanks for the drive, accompanying me and for the ice cream".

"Yeah sweet dreams". He muttered. I got out of his car and he drove off.

I stared at his car till it was out of sight. I gulped. I feel bad, he's trying to make up with me but I don't know.

Maybe I should still think about the divorce and watch him for a while.

I stared into Justin eyes. Am so glad he came back. I love him so much. This past few days has been hell without him.

I just forced myself to ignore him. It wasn't easy at all. Am already addicted to him.

"I'll be right back, Ella". He said and went into the kitchen. He came back with two glass of orange drink.

He gave me one and took the other. I sipped slowly.

"You see Ella. Just like I said, I wanted to play you but I got stuck. I don't wanna ever lose you in my life.

Am so addicted to you. You know how much I love you, right? So don't ever think i'll leave your side".

"Thank you so much, Justin. I love you too very much". I said and drank everything in my glass, i almost swallowed something.
I felt it with my tongue. Metal. How come?

"Are you okay? ". Justin asked.
I spat it out in my palm. What? A ring? Why? From where?. It disappeared from my palm and I look up to see Justin on a knee with the ring.

What? Is it what am thinking?
"Whenever I think about you, I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do.

When I think of the future, I like to picture us as two trees planted side by side, our roots growing together more firmly as the years go and our children sprouting like seedlings around.

Ella... You deserve the best. Someone who will back up without limits. Let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you be mine? ".

Oh my God. "Yes yes yes". I screamed. He slip the ring on my finger and we hugged tight. I pulled out of the hug. "I love you, Justin".

"I love you most, Ella".

"Listen. I want you to know, you saying Yes means we're getting married soon. I won't want my lady to be lord of the rings and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you".

I giggled. "Well.. I have a good news for you".

"Good news? Bring it on, please".
I smiled and played with fingers. "Your sperm is growing in me".
"Hollup Ella, I don't get. Are you kidding right now? Break it down to the last core".

"Nah. Am pregnant. Am carrying our child". I reached for the test result on the mantel piece and hand it to him.

He went through it. An a wow came out of his mouth.

With all the strength in him, he carried me up and swung me around then he drop me.
"Am so happy, am gonna be a father. Wow. Yes! ". He exulted, pumping in his fist in the air in delight.

"Thank you so much, Ella, thank you". He said and kissed my forehead.

I just blushed. He turn me around and hug me from behind.

"Let's get that big ass of yours in the bedroom. We need to top it".

I giggled. "I hope you're ready? Cos am gonna exhaust you tonight. I've missed your touch".

"How about we get to the field first? Then see who is gonna exhaust who".

"Right away, prince charming".

He kiss my nape and we went into the bedroom.

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