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DILUTED Bullet 2- Last Chapter


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter27

Theme: Heartless Love



Diluted Bullet 2 with the subtitle Heartless Love is solely written & created by Oladele Pelumi aka P1, no part of this work should be tampered with or refurbished.
For any questions or inquiry about this book or all other stories written by the author, contact him
On Facebook with ‘Oladele Pelumi ‘
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& on WhatsApp ‘ 09038805214 ‘
A day before D-day

” I’ve gotten perfect plan to make sure everything ends tomorrow ” Toy dropped the message on the chatting platform Snap and Cyber just created.

It was swiftly develop so that they could discuss their plans on it.

When it comes to mask, one can’t be too careful.
They could have one way or the other gotten a way to listen to their conversation inside their safehouse, tho Snap and Cyber had did a thorough sweep of the house and discover nothing but they’re not still taking any chances, that’s why they came up with the idea of creating a chatting platform, just like Facebook, WhatsApp etc which can’t be hacked by anyone, even aliens doesn’t stand a chance against it and decided to go about their businesses on it.

They’re all inside the sitting room, not talking to each other but each facing his phone ready to chip in his or her mind.

” what’s that ” Ben asked .

” we can set a perfect trap to swallow everyone at once without leaving anyone ” Toy replied.

” what’s the plan ” Cyber asked.

” we’re gonna fish everyone out in the open in a single sweep ” Toy replied.

” we’re sure that they will be monitoring Ben’s parent’s closely since they’ve gotten hint that he might have made contact with them since he’s in Lagos ” Toy continued.

” yeah, I know, and that’s why I suggested that we go get them ” Ben replied.

” we’ll go get them but we have to use them as a bait ” Toy texted.

” what “! Ben exclaimed as he swiftly shot Toy a laser stare but swiftly avert his gaze .

” chill ” Toy swiftly texted.

” listen to the plan to the end first, didn’t that old cule teach you patience ” Toy added.

” go on ” Ben texted.

” we have to get Wisdom to trust you and add him to this conversation so that he can follow up on this conversation ” Toy texted.

” why ” Snap asked raising his gaze up a little to see if anyone felt awkward about the suggestion.

” he’s our best shot at getting to the president and that can only happen if he trust us ” Toy clarified.

” go on, he’s going to. ” Ben replied confidently.

” yeah, but we’re having only a problem left ” Toy pinpointed.

” what’s that ” Ben asked.

” we need one of our gadgets in the president’s room so that we can communicate with the president directly and counter whatever devices mask might have planted in his room ” Toy texted and Ben and Snap suddenly exchange glance smiling.

” we already have some of our gadgets in his room ” Snap texted.

” good, what you got? ” Toy asked.

” a m16 voice collector and Rian video collector ” Snap replied.

” cool ” Cyber texted.

” we can project ourselves from the Rian video collector ” he added.

” good, now Ben you’ve got to call him ” Toy texted.

” yeah, but don’t you think mask would have tapped everyone’s phone ” Ben replied.

” that’s why we’ve got two f-----g great hackers in the team ” Toy texted.

Snap and Cyber stood up at once to get their computers and started hitting on the keyboards like they’ve got an issue with it before.

” now make the call ” Cyber said after thirty seconds.

” here’s the footage of where he is now ” Snap showed Ben on his laptop.

” who’s this ” Wisdom asked as he picked the call .

” this is Ben, keep calm, you’ve got people watching you inside the cafeteria you’re eating beans and fried plantain now ” Ben said and Wisdom swiftly took a quick glance around.

” idiot, I said keep calm, not glance around, where’s your acting skill ” Ben said in an informal tone and Wisdom gave out a fake smile.

” what do you want ” Wisdom asked as he continued eating with a smile.

“Better, locate the rest room now and continue talking to me like you’re with a friend on phone ” Ben ordered.

” f--k you joor, since all this days, you just forgot me ” Wisdom said as he stood up from the table he was eating.

” now you’re talking ” Ben said.

” no, not at all, I’ve missed y’all, even thinking about coming to Canada next month ” Wisdom replied with a smile as he got closer to the restroom inside the cafeteria he’s eating.

The cafeteria was only meant for the David security team.

” now I’m in ” Wisdom said as he switch the tap on.

” so where’s Gina, hope she’s alright ” He asked.

” yeah, and if you want it to to be like that, you’ve got to deliver my message to the president, tho I’m going to also do that myself but you’ve got to let him trust me ” Ben replied him.

” are you sure we can trust him ” Mr David asked Wisdom after Ben has taken them over the plans.

” I think you can Sir, he love Gina and I’ve seen him risk his life to save her, and he said he’s ready to return her but we must clear the danger first, so it’s not a big deal to do that to get her back ” Wisdom replied.

” what do you think ” Mr David asked Mr Wealth.

” in my own opinion, I see sincerity in that young guy’s voice, I think we should trust him this once since we don’t have any choice than to do that ” Mr Wealth replied.

” alright, I’m gonna make the call, we leave discreetly in my private jet by 4 AM tomorrow ” Mr David finalized.

” I’ll also be going with you ” Mr Wealth said.

” no friend, you look frail this days, I think you should take leave to get check up, your son and I can handle it ” Mr David said to him.

” no, you need my experience and I can’t leave the two of you only to embark on this journey ” Mr Wealth objected.

” no friend, we’ve got experienced commandos that are gonna be waiting for us, so stay back and take care of your health ” Mr David countered.

” I insist, please let me go, it will be more safer ” Mr Wealth pleaded.

” alright, if you insist, see you before 4 AM tomorrow ” Mr David said.

” do you think they trust you ” Toy asked.

” they should, they’ve got no choice than to do that if they wanna get their girl back ” Ben replied.

” but I don’t think we need to add Wisdom to this conversation again ” Snap texted voicing out what’s hung unto his throat since Toy made mention of adding Wisdom.

” yeah, I think you’re right, now what’s the role of my parents in this ” Ben texted.

” Cyber, add them and forcefully route their phone to this site ” Toy ordered Cyber.

” on it ” Cyber replied as he got hold of his system.

” sorry all for the disruption, it’s Junior or Ben, anyone but I’ve got to pass an information to you all ” The first message that appeared on everyone’s phone screen as it automatically loaded the site.

” is this really Ben ” Mr Oladele replied Ben’s message

” yeah, I know momma is with you, don’t say anything, just concentrate on your phone, she’s also seeing this message ” Ben texted.

” alright, are you alright, what’s it son ” Mr Oladele asked.

” I’m fine, what about you, mom, Sandra and Gina, how y’all doing ” Ben asked.

” don’t ask of me, I’m not going to reply you ” Ben’s momma said.

” but you just did ” Ben replied with a smile emoji.

” we don’t have time now, we’re gonna see soon mom, Gina and Sandra, if you can see this, drop a thumb up ” Ben texted and both drop a thumb up at once.

” cool, get on Toy ” Ben added.

” hello all, I’m Toy and I’m here to assist Ben get you all to safety ” Toy texted.

” Toy! ” Gina texted with an exclamatory mark.

” get us to safety? ” Mr Oladele dropped with a confused countenance reeking from the text.

” it’s a long story Gina but don’t worry we’re both on the same page now ” Ben replied

” and dad, the bad people kind of know I contacted you, tho they’re not sure but I’ve got to get you to safety before they does and they’re monitoring all of you, phone, house, office, that’s why you’re not to utter any word till I ask you to do.” Ben added.

” alright, I’m with you ” Mr Oladele replied.

” everyone are going to leave the house tomorrow’s morning and meet with Snap at the place he’s gonna lead you to ” Toy started.

” we just need you to perform small drama, after we’re through with this conversation, Ben is gonna call you and take you through fake information’s about this mission but you’ve got to follow up and act along with him like you’ve got no idea about it before.
He’s gonna ask you to tell everyone to make sure they drop their phones and you only should hold yours but Sandra you must behave like a rebel and hold yours while everyone drop theirs, and call a number I drop to you when Snap wink to you inside the van and feign to be speaking to the security team, and you all must pretended as if you’re all angry with her and that’s all ” Toy explicated in details to them the details of the mission.

” do you think the mask are really gonna try and lay an ambush for them and kidnap them ” Ben asked after they’ve gotten everyone they just added to the conversation off the site.

” I’ve been in the mask for long to predict how they operate ” Toy replied.

“Snap and Cyber now pay attention to your roles ” Toy continued.

” after you’ve gotten everyone into the van, they’re gonna track Sandra’s phone and use it to place a bug in the van so you’ve got to converse in the van in a manner that won’t make them realize they’re gonna fall into the trap laid down for them because they’re all gonna come at you in thousands, every field agents they’ve got around ” Toy explicated.

” when Sandra make the call to Wisdom’s number and they send the empty security mini truck, blow it up so as to alert them that you’re already on your way and drive to the points I’m gonna show you on the map, but make sure you don’t leave any hint that you’re tricking them so you must make it look real ” Toy concluded

” nice plan but what are we going to be doing during the time Snap and Cyber are on their mission ” Ben asked.

” we’re going for the big fish, your precious badass ” Toy replied.

” won’t she go after my parents like the other agents ” Ben asked.

” she’s after you, so we’re gonna make her come for you ” Toy replied with a smirk.

” how ” Ben asked.

” we’re gonna add Wisdom to this conversation and inform him about you placing a call to him, the one we won’t cloak like the last one, you’re gonna give him fake address to meet you there, I’m sure your girl is gonna be listening and will be waiting for you there ” Toy replied.

” you said everything goes down tomorrow but we’re only apprehending their agents, how’s apprehending the agents bringing everything to end ” Snap asked.

” chill kid, after the commandos the president bring with him get the agents they’re able to get alive, their face are gonna be aired on the TV and their real informations which is inside the data you hacked from mask, their parents are gonna identify them and confirm the theory of the mask which you release on TV some days ago, this will cause clamor in the headquarter here in Lagos, all security are going to be down as they’re going to be ramped up with transferring the kids since all the kids are all there, that’s when Ben and I will bust there after we’ve successfully gotten hold of Precious, with those kid’s testimony and the agents that’s been apprehended, and Mr Charles confession which we’re gonna derive with truth serum and the data with us, we’re gonna destroy the mask ” Toy explicated his brilliant and awesome plan.

” wow ” Snap exclaimed.

” that’s experience speaking, thanks bro ” Ben texted.

” last thing Ben, I don’t trust that badass with the gun in her hand, we’re both wearing all the scaly bulletproof we’re able to get our hands on, you mustn’t mind the discomfort oy might cause, let see if that f-----g gun is potent enough to penetrate it ” Toy texted.

” I’m a f-----g b---h ” P2 said with a smile as she shot Ben thrice on his chest, making sure to target his heart and he fell down with a loud thud.

” I’m not taking chances love, heard you’re immortal ” P2 said with a smile as she aimed the gun at Ben’s head.

She had almost pull the trigger when Toy shot her a dart bullet containing some liquids which was supposed to make her sleep if it had penetrated her body but she held it few inches away from her chest as she raised her head up to see where it was from.

She saw Toy standing few meters away from her with a smile on his lip as he click on the small remote in his hand and the dart in her hand exploded releasing some gas.

She dropped to the ground at once as she inhale the gas.

” yes ” Toy said with a smile as he move closer to them.

He helped Ben whose memory has return to him up from the ground.

” wow, she shot me thrice ” Ben exclaimed as he saw the bullet holes inflicted on his leather jacket which he was wearing.

” yeah, she sure did and you would have been dead if not for the five scaly bulletproof you’re putting on ” Toy replied him dragging P2 up.

They didn’t take off their helmets because of the gas residue might still be in the atmosphere.

” let me go get her bike ” Ben said as he head to get her bike which she parked few the distance away from where they were.

Ben ignited it and rode it over to where Toy and unconscious P2 were standing with the support of Toy.

” I got her ” Ben said signifying to Toy that P2 is going to ride with him.

The tablet strapped to P2’s bike suddenly started ringing, Ben and Toy shot themselves a surprised stare before Ben unlock the tablet from the bike.

” it’s a video call ” Ben said to Toy.

” pick it, they’re going down soon, so it doesn’t matter now ” Toy said to Ben.

” alright ” Ben replied as he answered the call.

The face of a beautiful lady appear on the screen at once.

” who’re you and where’s the owner of this phone ” she asked Ben as she saw him.

” here’s the owner ” Ben said turning the phone to P2’s face.

” Katherina ” Toy said collecting the tablet from Ben’s hand as he drop P2 to the ground. .

” sorry ” Katherina { P2 instructor ” replied.

” it’s me, Toy, remember me ” Toy said as he swiftly unzip the jacket he had on, ripped his jacket off, as he started zipping down the scaly bulletprof he had on.

” here, see this ” Toy said showing her the tattoo on his chest.
It was a picture of her smiling when she was younger and it looked so real.

He swiftly took off his helmet and brought the tab to his face.

“Still don’t remember me ” he said as he made a gun shape with his hand and placed it on his head and made the sound of gunshot with his mouth

” I’m gonna kill you like that if you don’t marry me in future ” he added as he made the gunshot sound with his mouth.

” Toy ” Katherina said with a confused countenance as she watched Toy.

” yeah, Toy ” Toy replied.

” Toy ” she suddenly screamed out loudly.

” do you remember me now ” Toy asked.

” yes, I remember you ” Katherina said as tears had already started appearing on her face.

” rea ” Toy wasn’t able to complete his words before his eye shut and was about to fall

Ben swiftly collected the tablet in his hand before he dropped to the ground.

” Toy ” Katherina called from the other end.

” he’s now unconscious ” Ben replied her.

” what, why is he unconscious and why is P2 also unconscious ” She asked Ben.

” no, you’ve to answer the questions I have for you first, why are you able to remember Toy easily and P2 can’t remember me and why did the mask kept the two of you alive and make everyone believe you’re dead ” Ben asked.

” we’re not working for the mask, this is another organization closer to mask and I was able to remember him because they failed in wiping off my memory, that’s why I was trained to be an instructor instead of field agent, now what did you do to him ” Katherina asked.

” nothing, he inhaled the gas he shouldn’t have inhale because of you, he’s going to be alright ” Ben replied.

” and P2 ” Katherina asked.

” right here ” A feminine voice reply beside Ben.
Before Ben could make any movement, the tablet was already flying in the sky, with Ben following it, Ben landed on the bike behind him, as he went down with the bike while the tablet fell and scatter on the tiled road.

A flying knee cap was flying towards Ben as he looked exhausted on the bike on the ground, but Ben swiftly rolled away from the bike and did a Chinese get up while his attacker propelled herself upward without the support of any of her body.

” Precious ” Ben exclaimed seeing her.

The sedative used on her was supposed to keep her sleeping for at least an hour.

” hello handsome ” Precious said with a smile
” heard you’re tough, looks like that wasn’t a bluff and you f-----g need more than sleeping gas to keep me at bay ” Precious added laughing.

” precious, it’s me Ben, remember, we used to be friends ” Ben said trying to make Precious remember him.

” that’s why you betrayed me and make an attempt on my life right ” Precious said as she launched an attack towards Ben.

Ben was many steps behind her as her attacks were very calculative, brutal and fast, her skills were beyond ordinary, more like she was trained by ninjas.

Ben could only last two minutes before he was finally on the ground without registering a point on Precious tho he seemed to be on the lesser side and foolishly, he’s not attacking fully as he’s trying to get her to remind him, trying to speak during the fight.

Precious took out a knife, flipped it open.
She looked more mean now and ready to kill Ben.

Ben got up, folded his hand into a fist as he was the first to launch the attack this time.

Ben’s memory was occupied by the final match he had with Precious before she was announced death.
He was fighting more brutal now giving him chance against her but still below her.
This time Ben lasted more than three minute before he was on the ground and Precious followed him at once and stabbed him a little below his rib.
Ben stared at her as tears started dropping from his eye.

” you’re hurting me Precious ” he said so emotionally even tho the knife hasn’t been able to penetrate the scaly bulletproof he was wearing.

Precious on hearing this stopped for some seconds before she added more force to the knife as she insert it into the same spot she had inserted it earlier with more force and Ben could feel it breaking it way pass through the scaly bulletproof he was wearing.
He could have shove her off him but he was keen on trying to make Precious regain her memory because that’s the only thing that could save him or Toy should wake up. That’s the only two option he’s got.

” P1 love you ” he said as more emotional tears drop from his face.

” and you also love him to sacrifice your life for him ” Ben added staring deeply into her eyeball as she also stared at his with confusion all written all over her face.
Her hand suddenly went off from the knife as she suddenly seemed dumbfounded.

” Junior ” she uttered as she took off the helmet on Ben’s head.

” yeah, it’s me” Ben said shaking his head to affirm positive to her call.

” no, no ” she stuttered as she got down from his body as she stared at her glove covered hand.
Ben sigh deeply as he shut his eye.

Ben was surprised as he swiftly open his eye as he felt another person’s lip lock unto his.

He shut his eye back as he saw that it was Precious that was kissing him as tears rolled down her face.
Ben held her by her waist as he pulled her more closer to him as they kissed deeply.

Ben suddenly stopped her as he heard the sound of siren from a far distance.

” we’ve to leave now, the police and the fire service are already on their way here ” he said as a smile eluded his lip.
Precious got up and helped him up.

Ben place unconscious Toy behind him on Toy’s bike with him, ignited it and rode away while Precious followed behind him on her bike.

In the blink of an eye, masked men has already surrounded the van with their guns aiming at it.

A chopper with a big object beneath it suddenly started flying in the sky but closer to the ground.

All the mask agents that were surrounding the van all look up staring at it not knowing if it’s a threat or not.

When the chopper was directly above the van, the object that look like a big cover was de-attached from it beneath and it fell directly on the van acting as shield to it before missiles were released in torrents from the choppers and other choppers that made appearance.

After the uproar caused by the choppers, men in khaki started trooping out from different corners and a shoot out started happening.
Wisdom was among the men in khaki but he wasn’t wearing full khaki, just its trouser and a black top.

After twenty minutes of sporadic shootout between the two sides, tons were already on the ground dead, both from the khaki side and the men on mask.

When the mask men quantity has been reduced to minimal, the commandos changed their guns and brought ones out with laser, with the laser guns, they’re able to bring down the remaining masked men without having to kill them.
They’re all handcuffed and made to stand on a straight file

After the shooting has subsided, two choppers return, one with a thick rope, which was attached to the big shield covering the van, four ambulances had already arrive at the scene.

The chopper got the shield off the van, while the second landed, Mr David and Mr Wealth alighted from it as everyone stared at the van expecting a movement as everywhere was suddenly silent .

Snap kick the door of the driver side off and roll down from the van.

” wow, I’m still alive ” he said as noise suddenly erupted from the onlookers.

Wisdom and some commandos joined Snap as they help the remaining people out of the van.

Everyone was alright except Cyber who didn’t fasten his seatbelt.
He’s procured a fatal cut on his head and was bleeding profusely from it

He was swiftly rushed into one of the waiting ambulances.

” dad ” Gina screamed as she ran to her dad and fell into his embrace.

” are you alright ” Snap asked Sandra who looked worn out.

” yes ” Sandra replied hugging him tightly.

” where’s Ben ” Ben’s momma asked Mr Oladele as they both scan through the people present there.

By this time, the press from different TV and radio stations were already trooping in, in their company’s vehicles.

” where’s Ben ” Mrs Oladele asked separating Sandra and Snap.

” he’s taking care of other business Ma, oops, that remind me” Snap said scampering towards the van.

” hello, we’re all set here, it’s gonna be aired in the next ten minutes ” Snap said to the recipient of his call.

” okay, I’m also on my way back to the safehouse now, come get Charles there ” Ben replied him.

One of the agents on the ground wasn’t dead yet, as he took out a pistol and aimed it at Gina who was directly in front of the president as the president was checking her out with a hearty smile on his lip.

” no ” Mr Wealth screamed as he swiftly intercepted the bullet and got shot on his chest.

” nooooooo ” Wisdom screamed loudly as he empty all the bullet inside the gun he was holding into the skull of the agent.
He swiftly ran to meet his dad who was now lying on the ground gasping for breath with Gina and Mr David beside him.

” ambulance ” he screamed, crying as he held his hand.
Health personnels from one of the ambulances rolled a stretcher towards them and swiftly carry Mr Wealth on it and swiftly took him into one of the ambulances as he was swiftly diagnosed with first aid before the van took off with Wisdom inside it with his dad.


” wow, you’re cool ” Precious said with a wink after Ben swiftly took her over his plan to take down the mask.

” to see you planning to take down a great organization, I can’t be less proud of you ” Precious added hugging Ben tightly.

” you’re one of the factors that’s motivating me to do so ” Ben said with a smile as he disengaged the hug staring into her face.

” and I’m sorry and thankful, wanted to tell you that since all this days , tho I thought it’s impossible but you made it possible, so thank you again for staying alive ” Ben said with both his hands on Precious cheek as he carried on a hearty smile.

” it’s alright, what I did for you then, I did with joy and will do it again any time, any day, because you’re my life itself and I’m sorry I forgot about my life ” Precious replied him.

” please, if we find ourselves in such situation again, I’m going to appreciate it if you don’t sacrifice your life for mine, I can’t bear to lose you again ” Ben said holding her hand.

” I can’t promise that but I’m gonna make sure you’re not in a position which is gonna make me take such decision ” Precious said as she tried to kiss Ben.

” it’s time, I’ve got to finish all this now. ” Ben said, using that as an excuse to stand up.

” your partner has been knocked out and I think you’re gonna need extra hand ” Precious said standing up as she wrapped her hand around Ben’s neck as she slightly tilted herself upward and kissed Ben deeply.

” we’re not going to achieve anything today if you keep up with this ” Ben said humorously after dis-engaging the kiss after three minutes of kissing.

” then let get this shit rolling ” Precious said as she took her gloves from the mini table inside the sitting room.

Ben took the explosives they’ve gotten ready for the final mission, place them into his mission bag pack and some gadgets and back it.

He took all his favorite weapons and excessive bullets and grenades .

” need some ” Ben asked Precious pointing a pistol at her.

” this gat my back ” Precious said as she unsheat her gun from where she placed it and show it to Ben.

” sooth yourself ” Ben said with a smile as he swiftly got all he needed for the mission.

” here” Ben said giving Precious a small Bluetooth headset so that they can communicate with themselves through it.

” we’re almost there ” Ben informed Precious through the headset.

” I’m ready but isn’t that a vehicle assembling company I’m seeing at the point of the GPS you installed on my bike ” Precious asked with a perplexed tone.

” that’s a camouflage, the real deal is underneath the big industry you’re seeing and we’re eliminating everyone we see ” Ben replied her.

” get ready ” Ben informed her as they got closer to the main gate of the industry and launch two out of the missiles attached to the bike he’s riding.

It blew open the gate and killed all the agents posing as securities at the gate.

Ben and Precious rode inside through the burning gates.

It was a deadly scene as Precious and Ben without getting off the bike started shooting at the agents that rushed out to attack them wearing the company’s uniform.

With the aid of the loaded missiles, in the timeframe of ten minutes, countless of dead bodies were on the ground and fire had consumed half of the industry.

” this way ” Ben said to Precious as they alight the bike and led the way as he followed the map displaying on his wristwatch.

” here ” Ben said as he halt his movement and took out one of the explosives he’s got in his bag and a gadget looking like an handset .

Beside the spot they’re standing was a short pole that looked insignificant.

Ben moved closer to it, took out a screwdriver and unlock some screws on it, took out the cover placed on it , revealing a panel board which he attached the gadget in his hand to it with a chord and a minute countdown appeared on it.

He swiftly return to the spot Precious was standing, swiftly activated the explosive in his and placed it on the mark spot on the ground, grabbed Precious by her hand as they both ran away from there.

They’re still running when the big explosion occured shaking the ground vigorously.

After the explosion has subsided, Ben and Precious returned to the spot where they place the explosive on.

Ben took out a pen, hugged Precious tightly as he activated the pen, a laser light emerged from it.

He pointed it to the ground and used it to draw a big circle round them, the ground shook slightly and they both sank into the ground.

” welcome ” A voice said to them as they landed inside a room.

Ben swiftly turn and almost shot the person but swiftly curbed himself as he saw the person.

” I know you’re going to look for me first when you get here ” Goat said to Ben moving closer to them.

” Goat ” Precious said as she stared at him.

” It’s Spike, not Goat, that’s his agent’s name ” Ben whispered into Precious ear.

” P2 ” Goat called out surprised as he got closer to them.

” how is this possible, you should be dead ” Goat said with a confused countenance.

” well I’m not, I can’t be good to plant, I’m too deadly to be a manure ” Precious replied humorously.

” we’re gonna get back to that later but you’ve got to go now, I could only delay them a little by tampering with the transporters but the technical team are gonna get over it soon and they’re gonna get all those kids out if you don’t stop them now ” Goat informed the two of them.

Goat swiftly got hold of his weapons and they’ve started heading towards the exit before the door suddenly bursted open and bullets started spraying.

Goat swiftly pushed Ben and Precious away but couldn’t escape as his body suddenly turned into an abode for bullets.

He fell down on the ground with a loud thud.

Ben swiftly brought a grenade, unclipped it and rolled it towards the shooters.

After the grenade had detonated, he swiftly got up and started shooting sporadically.

When he’s sure none of the shooters were alive, he swiftly located Precious.

” Precious ” he screamed as he saw her lying on the ground.

” stop shouting, I’m not dead yet ” she said as she got up.

” you’re bleeding ” Ben said as he saw blood on the ground.

“Looks like I got marked ” she said viewing her leg where she had procured a bullet wound.

” go, I’m gonna meet up with you soon ” Precious said to Ben.

” I can’t leave you here ” Ben said trying to get her to stand up.

” and leave all those kids to get snuck away ” Precious said to him.

” I’m gonna join you soon, just have to take the bullet out, go I’m gonna meet you soon ” she added to Ben not showing an ounce of pain on her face.

” okay, see you later ” Ben said as he pecked her on her head before he left her.

Ben became more brutal, accurate and swift as he shot anyone that came to his sight as he head to the Transporters spot.

Most of all the agents inside the bunkers are always of lesser skills compared to field agents, so he had it easy for him to eliminate many without the use of combat.

Grenades and gun was all he depended on.

He’s study the blueprint of the bunker well enough to know every ambush point and all he had to do was bust everyone out with grenades.

Ben knew all ain’t right again when he got to the Transporters spot and met all the kids loaded into five Transporters and the last transporter was loaded with the significant agents.

On seeing Ben, Miss bull eye was the first to alight the Transporter filled with agents while the fourty nine agents sitting with her also alighted, all looking brutal even though they had mask on.

Ben on seeing them getting down swiftly took off his bag and and brought out some small objects from it, he activated it placed it on the ground, they suddenly grew legs like spiders and they all started heading towards the Transporters.

” hello P1,long time no see ” miss bull eye greeted Ben as all the agents all surrounded Ben, forming a big circle around him as they all pointed their guns at him

” I know you’re gonna be a black sheep the moment you got here when you’re still young ” Miss bull eye said as she moved closer to Ben.

” which cosmetics are you using, you still look exactly like you’re looking when we got here as a kid ” Ben said humorously as he slightly took a peak at the wristwatch on his wrist, checking the countdown of the explosives he’s installed into the bunker on his way there.

” and you still look like that weak kid who was lucky to be among the last living five, even had to sacrifice your love one in the process ” Miss bull eye replied with a wicked smile on her cheek.

” you’re f-----g to be blame for that, you placed innocent kids against themselves just to display how barbaric, you are, her death is on you, not me and I’m gonna make sure those kids ” he said pointing at the Transporters and feigning to be angry so that miss bull eye might think she’s already successful in getting at him with his emotion.

” doesn’t end like that ” he said with a despising stare.

” hahahahahaha ” Miss bull eye laughed hysterically.

” you getting lucky to still be alive right now must have gotten into your head ” Miss bull eye said still laughing.

” you should have been the one to die instead of my precious girl, she could have been the best thing to ever happen to this organization, but you killed her just like you’ve also gotten Spike killed by landing in his room ”

” I know you’re trying to buy time before they get the Transporters working, blab all you want, you’re not getting out of here alive ” Ben said interrupting Miss bull eye.

” looks like you’ve got some balls, let teach you some manners ” Miss bull eye said as she took out a whip from her back.
She straighten it as she made it sound vigorously.

She moved some steps backward as she made an attempt to hit Ben with the whip, Ben launch himself into the air as he avoided it.

She made other attempts but missed as Ben was swift to dodge all.

” looks like your face only, stayed younger but your skills didn’t ” Ben teased after many attempts from her without getting him.

This pissed her off as she brought out a pistol and without thinking it over, shot at Ben at once, Ben swiftly bent down, averting the bullet as it hit another agent, he brought out his two toys at once as he made sure to shoot ten agents on their legs in the time frame of ten seconds.

He slid Miss bull eye down, swiftly stood up and climbed on her back as he used it to propelled himself upward, with a flying kick, he took out the agent facing him, took him up at once as he used him as shield against the oncoming bullets.

The dead body of the agents was now useless as bullets started penetrating it but he was safe due to the scaly bulletproof he had on.

He made sure to get to a safe place, behind a pillar before he left the body.

They shot sporadically towards his direction and that made him to lay low.
He couldn’t reciprocate the shots and they’re closing in on him.

He’s already given up when he suddenly felt the shooting shifted from his direction.
He peeped out of his hiding place and saw the agents falling down, he sighted Precious in their midst fighting as she also make use of her gun at once.
She was fighting like she didn’t got shot on her leg.

He also joined the fight at once, weakening them with his fist while taking them down with his gun.

Within three minutes, everyone was already on the ground dead leaving only Precious and Ben standing.

” you still need me to clear after your shit till now ” Precious said humorously as they both stared at themselves breathing hard.

” but you’re not bad, I’ve been watching you since as you took them out, I’m proud of you ” she added with a thumb up.

” you’re wicked, what if they’ve killed me ” Ben replied humorously smiling.

” but I didn’t make them kill you and interfere at the right time ” Precious said as she moved closer to him.

” is that watch beeping ” Precious asked him as she noticed the wristwatch on his wrist beeping.

” what ” Ben exclaimed as he brought his face down to check it.

” f--k, run ” Ben screamed to Precious as they both ran towards the empty transporter. It was only remaining fifteen seconds to go before the explosives Ben had installed detonate.

” get us out now” Ben screamed at Snap over the Bluetooth headset in his ear as he followed behind Precious to the empty transporter.
The little crawling gadgets Ben activated earlier was meant to give Snap the ability to control the Transporters.

” roger that ” Snap replied.

Precious had already entered the Transporter , waiting for Ben to enter.

” noo ” Precious screamed as a whip suddenly wrap around Ben’s neck, Ben swiftly stretched his hand and Precious quickly got hold of it.

” where do you think you’re going ” Miss bull eye asked with a wicked smile as she held the whip tightly and Precious too held his hand making it a duel between the two of them on who’s getting him.

Ben was already gasping for breath as his face had already turned red.

Ben motioned for Precious to leave him and she did and he fell down hitting his head on the ground.

He swiftly brought out a knife from his pocket and cut the rope from his neck as Miss bull eye was already dragging him away from the Transporter, he flung the knife at Miss bull eye but she swiftly dodge it.
The Transporters ignited themselves and was already about to leave.

Ben swiftly got up but it was too late as he heard the beeping of his wristwatch stop.

He swiftly launched himself into the air as he tried to jump into the Transporter.

The explosion force pushed him into the Transporter making him crash hard against the metallic body of the Transporter.

It was a narrow escape for the kids as the Transporters sped out of the bunker through the Transporter route.




Good morning, this is Eve Omare on AM News on BBC this morning.
Here’s the headlines.

Three days after the exposure of the dangerous organization and their bad deeds, all the core members after Mr Charles, has all been apprehended.

The president as declare the next three days to mourn those whose lives were lost in the process of recovering his daughter, especially his friend, Mr Wealth who sacrificed his live for him.

Every parents whose kids were among the rescued kids has all lay claim on their kids with proof.

With the help of an hacker named Snap, every kid’s name and pictures that has lost their lives due to the barbaric acts of mask organization will be unveil tonight so as for parents to identify which kid is theirs.

The president in his recent speech has made a promise to root out any organization like the mask and bring them to justice.

Now the news in full.


” even if you take him out of the country, there’s nothing that can be done about it, he’s gonna wake up but not anytime soon ” Doctor Jude said to them.
Mr and Mrs Oladele and Gina had really been on the doctor’s neck concerning Ben’s health issue.

He was lucky to be semi alive as the explosion did left him half dead.according to the doctor, his brain too has already been deeply that his chance of him regaining his memory when he wake up is 10/100 and it was a miracle that he was still breathing .

The president after receiving all his money from Snap had pardon Ben and Snap, freeing them from any case for their previous crime and Snap has also been helpful to the president as the president has kept him by his side to take care of the issue of the mask.

” I’ve heard you doctor, please just try every thing in your capacity to make sure he wakes soon ” Mr Oladele said to the doctor as he comfort his wife.
Gina’s eye had lost it brilliance after days of restless tears.

She suddenly stood up from the chair she’s sitting on and ran out of the doctor’s office

She located Ben’s ward where he was sleeping peacefully and was surprised to meet another lady sitting beside him holding his hand

” who’re you ” she asked with a surprised expression.

” oh, you must be Gina, heard about you from Snap, I’m Precious, Ben’s childhood friend ” Precious said getting up as she clean the traces of tears on her face.

” I’m sorry, I didn’t not know he had a childhood friend ” Gina replied as she also got the tears on her face away.

” it’s alright, please make sure you take good care of him and his kid inside you ” Precious said to Gina.

” What, how did you know ” Gina asked with a surprise countenance.

” you don’t need to worry about that right now ” Precious replied.

” he’s a strong guy but I doubt he’s gonna wake up soon , him been alive is a great fight which he deserve an accolade for but I want you to please stay by his side always and whenever he wake up, tell him, his friend came over and he might not be able to see me for a long period of time ” Precious relay to Gina.

” just waiting for you to tell you this ” Precious said to Gina before she exit the ward before Gina could utter a word.

Gina sat beside Ben as tears rolled down from her eye as she stared at him.

” remembered your promise to me ” she asked holding his hand as more tears rolled down her eye

” you said you’re gonna come back to me, no matter what ” Gina said as she started sobbing now.

” I’m missing you along with your kid inside me” she added as she cried loudly as she’s been doing for days.

” wanted to make it a surprise for you, that’s why I didn’t tell you, we’re missing you here” Gina said crying more as she placed her head on his chest.

” it’s alright ” a voice suddenly said tapping Gina on her shoulder.
Gina startling stood up and was surprised to see Wisdom.

She fell into his embrace as she sobbed.

” he’s a great guy, I know he’s gonna wake up soon ” he added as he pat her on her back.

” thank you and I’m sorry for your dad ” Gina said still embracing him.

” you don’t have to be sorry, he’s only doing his duty and he also told me inside the ambulance that he has cancer of the brain, fourth level, which means he’s gonna die anytime soon, so you don’t have to blame yourself for his death ” Wisdom said to Gina as she freed her from his embrace as he wiped off the tears on her face.

” I’m here to withdraw his corpse from the mortuary, we’re leaving for Abuja tonight, take care of yourself and your dad ” Wisdom said to her before he exited the ward.

Two months later.

” you look more good on the hospital bed ” Snap teased laughing out loud.

” so you don’t want me to get well abi so that you can claim the title of the best hacker to yourself ” Cyber replied humorously.

” it’s okay like that na, but I’m gonna miss you and it was really nice working with you, hope we keep In touch when you get to USA ” Snap said to Cyber .

” we’re gonna keep in touch, and you’re also free to ask for my assistant whenever you need it ” Cyber replied Snap.

” even if it meant me taking the next flight here, I’m gonna get my ass on the plane ” Cyber added humorously.

” we’re gonna miss our flight ” Toy screamed at Cyber as he had gone with Katherina to secure their ticket.

“I’m coming ” Cyber screamed back.

” take care of Ben ” Cyber said to Sandra who was standing beside Snap as he hugged her.

” I’m going to do that ” Sandra replied him.

” farewell bro” he said hugging Snap too before he catch up with Toy and Katherina.

Twenty three months later

” hello dear ” Mr David greeted his daughter on the phone .

” grandpa ” Mirabel called out .

” oh, my cute girl, give her the phone ” Mr David said.

” hello grandpa ” Mirabel said as her momma gave her the phone.

” my cutie, how are you doing ” Mr David asked.

” fine ” Mirabel replied.

” how’s your mom and school ” Mr David asked.

” they’re fine ” she replied.

” That’s good, and be a good girl ” Mr David said.

” okay grandpa, and when are you going to visit us ” Mirabel asked.

” soon, you know your papa is always busy with the country’s welfare but I’m gonna find a way to visit you and your mom soon ” Mr David.

” okay grandpa and I’m very happy now, mom and I are on our way to visit my dad ” Mirabel said laughing .

” that’s good my cutie, tell your dad I said hi ” Mr David replied.

” okay grandpa ” Mirabel said.

” now give your mom the phone “Mr David said to Mirabel and she handed the phone to her mom.

” hello dad ” Gina said.

” hello dear, heard you’re on your way to the hospital ” Mr David said.

” nope, we’re already in the hospital ” Gina replied.

” you visit your husband from time to time but won’t visit your dad right ” Mr David said.

” so that I’m gonna visit and you’ll be advising me to get married to another person right ” Gina replied.

” I already told you I’m sorry for saying that then, just visit me with my cutie this weekend, I’m gonna send my private jet to pick you both , I’ve really missed you and Mirabel has also missed me” Mr David said.

” I’m gonna give it a thought, I’ve to hang up now, bye ” she said hanging the call.

She stretched her hand to take Mirabel off the hand of the nanny that was carrying her as the nanny and her securities stood in front of the ward’s door as Gina and Mirabel entered.

” hello my heartbeat ” she said as she stared at Ben with an hearty smile on her lip.

” say hi to daddy ” she said to Mirabel.

” hi daddy from me and grandpa ” Mirabel said waving at Ben.

Gina suddenly bursted into tears but swiftly clean her eye before Mirabel will join her.

” I’m really missing you Ben, it’s not easy been here without you, it’s becoming harder everyday to cope with you lying down here ” Gina said trying hard not to cry.

” ” how cool will it be for you to see your daughter now, you didn’t even get to know I was pregnant, I’m sure you’re gonna be surprised to see her ” she added with a sombre countenance trying hard not to cry.

” I know that mom and dad would have told you that Sandra and Snap will be tying the knot next month, you should be there not here ” Gina said staring at Ben.

” please remember your promise and come back to me soon, I love you ” she said as she swiftly got up to leave before she’s gonna start crying.

” tell your dad bye ” she said to Mirabel not looking at Ben again.

” bye daddy ” Mirabel said as her mom started leaving.

” mom, dad is looking at me ” Mirabel said as Ben opened his eye.

” what Gina asked surprised stopping on her track.

” dad’s staring at me ” Mirabel repeated.

The end.

Next Season

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