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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter26b


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter26b

Theme: Heartless Love



•••• The previous day ••••

” I think you should stay behind dad, you’re not feeling too good to embark on this journey ” Wisdom told his dad after he kept on insisting on following Wisdom and the President to Lagos.

After Wisdom received the anonymous call from a snitch as he called himself, informing him of Gina’s location with visual proof he sent to Wisdom’s phone, asking for the reward placed on her.
The caller did well in snitching the time he always see her and the location he’s been seeing her of recent.

Wisdom informed the president and his dad and they planned to travel in the midnight, unannounced to anyone as the president has placed a secret call to Lagos state governor { Mr Popoola Olamilekan} asking him to get him as many commandos he can lay his hand on before eight in the morning.
The president had decided to go in his private jet in order to get to Lagos as early as possible.

It was a brief meeting between the three only, the president had advised Mr Wealth to stay behind but he insisted on going and now Wisdom was also trying to convince him to stay but he won’t listen as he was keen on going.

” no son, in this stage, you need my experience and I’m not allowing you to place yourself in danger again so I’m going, go and sleep, you know we’re living before 4 in the morning, so get some rest before then ” Mr Wealth replied his son as he feign to be reading a big novel in his hand.

When Mr Wealth doesn’t want to talk more or get disturbed, he always take his big novel which funnily, he’s not finished reading it since ten years ago which he’s bought it and pretend to be reading it.

” okay, dad, see you in the morning ” Wisdom said before he exited his dad’s office.

••••••• D day ••••••

” she’s already behind me ” Toy said to Ben over the Bluetooth headset in his ear.

” what “! Ben exclaimed.

” then who’s at my back ” Ben asked with a confused countenance.

” wow, she’s smart ” Toy said with a smile.

” she’s neither the two, she’s somewhere watching us closely to know who she’s gonna chase after ” Toy added confidently.

” wow, she never disappoint me ” Ben said.

” that’s why you said we should use mask before placing the helmet on our head ” Ben asked.

” yeah, you got it, now we’re gonna switch to plan b, meet me at the marked junction on the map ” Toy informed Ben.

” alright, what’s the speed limit? ” Ben asked

” seventy five kilometers per hour, and make sure, you’ve got that pen I gave you this morning in your hand, once we pass beside each other, drop it ” Toy said to Ben as he increased his speed and deviate from the route he was taken as his chaser also did the same.

” f--k” Ben exclaimed as the rider behind started shooting at him.

He increased his speed, and change to another route, taking to his right corner, he took to a local untiled road,.
The road was filled with sand and stones, and this diminish the speed of his bike but the advantage of this road was that many locals were present so the rider behind him couldn’t shoot again as he also tried to catch up with Ben .

” why are you going on the opposite direction to the position I asked us to meet ” Toy asked Ben.

” new development, looks like she’s detected the plan and recognize me, ” Ben replied Toy.

” the rider behind me is shooting at me, looks like, we’re gonna go with plan c” Ben said to Toy.

” f--k ” Ben exclaimed as he swiftly jump down from his bike and the missile the rider behind launched at him hit his bike and its exploded.

Everywhere suddenly rumbled up as everyone started running helter-skelter for their lives.
Ben swiftly mingled with them, took of his helmet and mask, as the agent behind him stopped his bike as he swiftly try to decipher Ben out of the crowds running helter-skelter for their lives.

A muffled gunshot was suddenly heard and the agent on the bike fell down from the bike holding his leg.

Ben appeared from among the crowd, took the agent’s helmet off as he shot him on his head..

” threat taken care of ” Ben informed Toy as he took the agent’s bike up and hop it as he locked his helmet back to his head .

” same here, already eliminated the idiot here too ” Toy replied.

” I’ve been trying to get in touch with Snap and Cyber but couldn’t do that ” Toy informed Ben.

” what could be happening over there ” Ben asked with a concerned expression.

” they should be able to sort themselves out, hope you’ve gotten another ride ” Toy asked.

” yeah, I’m going to link its GPS with yours now ” Ben said as he swiftly connect Toy’s bike GPS with his own so that they could both know their location.

” done ” Ben said after he’s successfully connected the GPS.

” do you think the plan c is going to be effective ” Ben asked.

” yeah, just make sure no matter what happens, you’re always on the west axis, she’s gonna appear soon, and I’m already on my way towards your route ” Toy replied Ben.

” make it snappy, I think she’s already here ” Ben said to Toy as he ignited the agent’s bike he’s on.

” instinct ” Toy asked.

” yeah, and long distance hearing ” Ben replied with a smile before he hung the call.

Everywhere was already empty as everyone had already ran away for safety.

Empty stalls and shops could be seen vividly while the agent’s dead body lies on the road and Ben’s burning bike lies on the road too.

Ben rode out of the local road making sure he’s taking to the route on the west axis.


” what’s your phone doing with you, thought I asked everyone to drop their phones ” Mr Oladele asked angrily.

” now it’s gonna get messy ” Cyber said with a calmed voice

” are we in danger ” Mr Oladele asked Snap trying to sound manly tho he s----d at it as his hands were trembling.

” we’re gonna be alright if you all can compose yourself, it’s gonna be over soon and all the van’s glass are bullet proof and its body has anti bomb resilient, all you just have to do is comport yourself ” Snap replied him before he took his position at the driver’s side.

” deactivate the automatic mode ” Snap ordered no one.

” manual mode activated ” a robotic voice said from the speakers inside the van.

” are you ready ” Snap asked Cyber.

” yeep, let’s do this ” Cyber replied with a joystick connected to the PC in his front, firmly held in his hand.

” let’s do this ” Snap said as he ignited the van.

The rider in front of the other riders in front of the van already had his hand folded in the air signifying to the agents behind him to ready their weapons .

” now ” Snap said as he launched two missiles out of the van.

The riders in front were swift to detect it as they swiftly made way for it, and the missile hit the oncoming security vehicle which Sandra had called earlier.

It started raining bullets from above as Cyber was swift to launch into action and Snap too started making use of the ammo of the van, the agents too weren’t taking it low as they also shot sporadically at the van

” jesus, jesus ” Mr Oladele was repeating furiously as he had his eye shot while Ben’s momma and Sandra were already screaming.
Gina’s expression was blank as she seemed to be used to such life.

Snap on seeing a clear front nosed the van out of the area, crushing the riders that refused to get out of its way as they shot at the van.

The bikes followed after them at once releasing tons of bullet at them but Cyber was also reciprocating their good deed with his drone flying in the air.

The drones was kinda less effective because of the shield helmet amd bulletproof they had on but the grenade launcher did rounds on some of them.

” I’ve been taken down ” Cyber informed Snap as his two drones were both gun down by the agents.

” f--k ” Snap exclaimed as he released oil from the van.
Only one of the riders fell for the trick as his bike slid off the road and crashed against a building, the rest bent their bikes, using it to create way amidst the oil to sail through.

” we’ve to get out of this place ” Cyber screamed at Snap as tons of bullet were hitting the van and he knew the van’s potency against the bullets is gonna wear out soon.

” casualties is going to be more if we don’t contain this inside here ” Snap replied.

” and we’re all going to die ” Cyber screamed at him angrily. Cyber’s words procured a high lamentation from the Oladele family as Mr Oladele’s pants was already wet as he screamed “Jesus ” more loudly .

Just then, the sound of siren could be heard from long distance.

” this is bad ” Cyber said referring to the siren.

” we’ve to get out of here ” he screamed at Snap.

Snap swiftly pulled at the break, changed the gear, and tuned the steering to the last point as the van suddenly raised itself to the right side tyres, making a loud screech sound as he cornered to the next turn directly beside him.

Cyber swiftly grab his PC in order not to lose it as everything inside the fell down.

They could see the main entrance in their front, the securities securing it, on seeing the sporadic shooting occurring all took to their heels at once leaving their post.

Finally they’re out of banana island, running through ikoyi.

” something is odd ” Cyber said taking notice of what is happening as he hacked through some stuffs on his PC.

” what could that be ” Snap asked trying hard to control the van.

” it looks like we’re following their plans, after we’ve gotten out of the island, their shooting has dec ” Cyber wasn’t able finish his statement when an oncoming truck suddenly hit the van, Snap tried hard to control it but it was too late as the van somersaulted off the road for six times before it finally stopped.

In the blink of an eye, masked men has already surrounded it with their guns aiming at it.


” I don’t see this plan working, I think I’ve to save my life at this point instead of trying to capture her ” Ben informed Toy as P2 wouldn’t take it easy with him.

After getting off the local road, it has been a battle of survival as P2 has been chasing after him like Toy had predicted.

But what they didn’t predicted was that P2 always have a plan she calls anti-plan.
It was simple but complicated, chase and disturb him till whatever plan he’s got becomes a shamble to him and get him worn out with the aid of her toys which she got in place.

Two skateboards that has bomb placed them, the bike’s he’s riding on has been connected with the skateboard as it was also her plan for Ben to get on the bike by making him lose his.

He mustn’t stop the bike or else the skateboards will catch up with him and he get exploded alongside the bike, and he couldn’t turn to face her headon because doing that is also a smooth sail to heaven because he will be meeting with the skateboards first before getting to her as she was riding behind him, few distance away from the skateboards.

” we’ve got to do this, this is our last shot at getting her, you can do it ” Toy encouraged him.

” yeah, but staying on the west axis is also hard, now I’ve got to make a turn to the pedestrian road and this might get more dangerous ” Ben said staring into the side mirror to check his distance between him and the skateboards which he’s tried many attempt to get off, like tricking them to get crush by an ongoing or oncoming car but none work as the skateboards has high magnetic force placed in them which pulled them away from metals.

P2 wasn’t stressing herself, all she did was just ride behind in a cool manner, not shooting or stressing herself to overtake Ben, she’s sure he’s got nowhere to escape to.

” we’re gonna meet soon, just make sure you stay on that axis ” Toy replied Ben.

” have you been able to get to Cyber and Snap ” Ben asked.

” nope, if I’ve been able to, they would have disconnected those motherfuckers off your back” Toy replied.

” feck ” Ben exclaimed as he swiftly controlled the bike off the road, crashing into parked vehicles at the side of the road.

He’s been carried away with his conversation with Toy that he failed to notice the zebra crossing signboard on the side of the road.
He’s almost crashed into the kids that were crossing the road before he had to swiftly control the bike off the road and crashed into the parked vehicles.

Ben swiftly got up, swiftly limping from the bike as the skateboards were coming directly at it.

It was a massive explosion as all the vehicles parked there also shared from the explosion.

The impact of the first explosion pulled Ben off into the air, he landed on the tiled road with a loud thud and crack sound indicating he’s broken some bones in his body.

P2 got off her bike, took out a stick candy from her pocket, took off its cover and placed it in her mouth as she brought out her 94 inch caliber roller skit as she walked glamorously towards Ben with a smile embedded on her cheek.

Ben struggled to get up as his leg looked all bruised up and the helmet he had on already had a little crack on it. If it hadn’t been a shield helmet, it would have cracked and Ben’s head could have been really damaged due to the impact at which he hit the ground.

Inside his ear was that high pitch tone again, he couldn’t hear anything as he finally struggle to be on his feet.

He saw P2 coming towards him with a gun in her hand.

His memory was all messed up or else, he would have brought out his gun and try to escape.

He stared at P2 with an innocent face as she pointed her gun at him.

” I’m a f-----g b---h ” P2 said with a smile as she shot Ben thrice on his chest, making sure to target his heart and he fell down with a loud thud.

To be continue…

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